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EH-20171012-60171-USA – Epidemic Hazard – USA – North-America

Oct 12th 2017, 04:29

Parents in a New Jersey school district are demanding answers over worries their high school is making them sick. From respiratory issues to rashes, student have been coming down with all kinds of symptoms. CBS2’s Jessica Layton was there as school board members were in their respective hot steads Wednesday night, forced to face fired up moms and dadss. "This is so damn frustrating," one concerned father said. "We don’t know where to turn. Would somebody take responsibility that something went wrong?" The parents say anyone would be passionate too if they were worried about their children’s …

CC-20171012-60170-USA – Climate Change – USA – North-America

Oct 12th 2017, 04:22

About a year ago, Tununak opened a $19 million, state-of-the-art airport. But now, local airlines are refusing to fly there. The village’s shifting permafrost is buckling the runway, and both Ravn Alaska and Grant Aviation say that it’s too dangerous for pilots to land on it safely. According to Gordon Tester, Tununak’s school principal, the airport has been effectively shut down since last Thursday. Community members weren’t really told what was happening. "We were calling the airlines [and] asking when the next plane was coming in," Tester said. "And they just said they’re not landing …

BH-20171012-60169-USA – Biological Hazard – USA – North-America

Oct 12th 2017, 04:17

A coyote has tested positive for rabies after biting a man in Marion County. The man told health officials the coyote walked up to him, sniffed him and then bit him on the leg. It happened at a farm in the Gervais area. The man and another person shot the coyote and then sought treatment for the bite wound. Marion County Environmental Health workers responded to the scene and collected the coyote for testing. Test results received Tuesday from the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory confirmed rabies in the animal. The man who was bit was treated with a rabies post-exposure prophylaxis, …

VE-20171012-60168-RUS – Volcano Eruption – Russia [Asia] – Asia

Oct 12th 2017, 04:03

Mt Shiveluch has erupted many times in the past year. In June, The Siberian Times reported nearby villagers were being provided with gauze masks to protect them from hazardous ash falling due to Mt Shiveluch’s eruption. It is Mt Shinmoedake’s first eruption since 2011. Volcanic tremors in the area have intensified since late September, prompting Japan’s Meteorological Agency to raise the alert to level three and restrict entry. Ash has been falling in three cities and some small towns, but no injuries have been reported so far.

VIV-20171012-60167-USA – Vehicle Incident – USA – North-America

Oct 12th 2017, 03:56

A C-130 aircraft made an emergency landing at Bradley International Airport on Wednesday afternoon. According to the Connecticut National Guard, the aircraft had an issue with smoke in the cockpit about five minutes after takeoff. The smoke prompted the aircraft to immediately return to Bradley Air National Guard. The C-130 aircraft made a safe landing, the Connecticut National Guard said. State firefighters said 103rd Airlift Wing and Bradley International Airport fire departments responded to the scene. There were five crew members on board, however, no injuries were reported. The cause …

CC-20171012-60166-GTM – Climate Change – Guatemala – Central-America

Oct 12th 2017, 03:53

Shuffling through the acres of robust green bushes, plucking off the ripe red coffee beans and filling bucket after bucket was what Miguel Pol Suy did best. He didn’t earn much in his rural Guatemalan town, but it was enough to buy maize and oil. He could feed his growing family. "Before, where we lived we could work and support our families," says Pol Suy. Then the weather began to change. Too much rain one year and then no rain the next. The coffee plantation owners told Pol Suy and other workers not to come back. "The harvests turned bad. The farm owners couldn’t grow coffee anymore and …

WF-20171012-60165-USA – Forest / Wild Fire – USA – North-America

Oct 12th 2017, 03:48

Firefighters facing a resurgence of high winds on Wednesday struggled to halt wildfires that have killed at least 23 people, destroyed 3,500 structures and left hundreds missing in chaotic evacuations across northern California’s wine country. Nearly two dozen blazes spanning eight counties have charred around 170,000 acres (68,797 hectares). Flames erupted on Sunday night when gale force winds toppled power lines across the region, possibly igniting one of the deadliest wildfire outbreaks in California history. Flames were spread rapidly by hot, dry "Diablo" winds – similar to Southern …

VIV-20171012-60164-JPN – Vehicle Incident – Japan – Asia

Oct 12th 2017, 03:38

A US military transport helicopter made an emergency landing and burst into flames near a training area in Okinawa Prefecture, southernmost Japan, Wednesday afternoon. None of the seven crew members or residents were injured, according to the local fire department and others. The crash occurred at a pasture outside the US military’s Camp Gonsalves training area in the village of Higashi around 5:15 p.m. (8:15 a.m. GMT), according to the Defense Ministry and others. The US Marine Corps in Okinawa said a CH-53E helicopter made an emergency landing after catching fire and that the cause of the …

FL-20171012-60163-IND – Flood – India – Asia

Oct 12th 2017, 03:33

Downpour in Polavaram in West Godavari district rendered around 200 people homeless. Itukalakota, a tiny village near the Polavaram Right Main Canal delivery point in Polavaram Mandal, bore the brunt of heavy rain on Wednesday. Many poor people live in the village have lost their utensils, aadhar, pattadar passbooks and ration cards. On account of heavy rain in the mandal, water is overflowing on the Kothuru Causeway, the only way to the tribal villages. Due to the floods, 19 tribal villages were cut off from the mainland. The crop in 600 acres of land at Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme …

BH-20171012-60162-USA – Biological Hazard – USA – North-America

Oct 12th 2017, 03:28

Otter Creek was impacted by a manure spill that killed 1,300 fish, including brown and brook trout, on Oct. 4, but there are encouraging signs a week later. Department of Natural Resources Conservation Warden Shawna Stringham monitored the stream all weekend after the spill. She said she saw hundreds of fish swimming in the trout stream Sunday. Otter Creek is a tributary of the Kickapoo River, and fish in the Kickapoo were not affected, according to the DNR. The DNR measured, took photos and froze all of the dead fish pulled from Otter Creek. "Our trout streams, because they are spring-fed, …

EX-20171012-60161-USA – Explosion – USA – North-America

Oct 12th 2017, 03:26

Multiple people have been hospitalized Wednesday afternoon, including one person who was air-lifted to Portland, after a chemical explosion in Detroit, Maine. Police, fire, and emergency officials were called to North Agriculture Sales around 1 p.m. in response to the explosion. The explosion caused a fire, which has since been put out. Authorities say the explosion was caused by sulfur dust being ignited. The conditions of the victims who were hospitalized are unknown at this time.

AC-20171011-60160-KEN – Technological Disaster – Kenya – Africa

Oct 11th 2017, 18:09

Five people have been confirmed dead and 27 reported missing after a four-storey building at Membe area in Kisii town, collapsed Wednesday morning. The building, which was still under construction, collapsed at around 8.30 am. According to Julius Tinega, the director of the Disaster Management team in Kisii, many were pulled out of the building and rushed to hospital where they are recuperating. Rescue operations are still underway though they are being hampered by heavy rains pounding the area. Kenya Defence Forces rescue team has arrived at the scene with their state of the art machinery to …

EH-20171011-60159-FJI – Epidemic Hazard – Fiji – Pacific Ocean – East

Oct 11th 2017, 18:02

Fiji confirmed on Wednesday a typhoid outbreak in one of the islands in the Lomaiviti Group, one of the 14 provinces in the South Pacific Island state. The Ministry of Health said in a statement that 13 patients who were diagnosed with typhoid on Moturiki Island have been treated with the required medical care and the Public Health Team continued to monitor the situation. In consultation with the community, mass gatherings have been temporarily suspended in the hot spot areas as a preventative measure. The ministry said the health team has taken prompt action to assist the communities in …

ST-20171011-60158-VNM – Extreme Weather – Vietnam – Asia

Oct 11th 2017, 16:38

Floods triggered by a tropical depression in Vietnam have killed 15 people and left eight others missing, officials said Wednesday. The storm hit central Vietnam on Tuesday, bringing heavy rain to the region and to parts of northern Vietnam. Eight people, including two children, were killed in central Nghe An province, disaster official Nguyen Thi Kim Dung said. Provincial officials said three people died and five others were missing in the northern province of Yen Bai. In Thanh Hoa province, north of Nghe An, two people were killed and three others were missing. Disaster officials said two …

EX-20171011-60157-TUR – Explosion – Turkey – Asia

Oct 11th 2017, 13:39

Turkey’s state-run news agency says four people have died in an explosion at an oil refinery in Izmir. Anadolu Agency said the blast occurred on Wednesday during maintenance work on a product tank at the Tupras oil refinery, killing four workers and injuring two others. Bayram Yilmaz, the governor for the Aliaga district in Izmir province, western Turkey, said that the blast occurred during work on a naphtha gas tank that had been out of use for a long time and confirmed that the explosion was an accident caused by gas pressure in a boiler. Dogan private news agency reported that Yilmaz said …

FF-20171011-60156-IDN – Flash Flood – Indonesia – Indonesian Archipelago

Oct 11th 2017, 13:34

Flash floods submerged four villages in Sumpiuh Sub-district, Banyumas District, Central Java Province, on Wednesday, as a dike of the Reja River burst. The dike burst at 6:30 a.m. local time, and floods submerged the villages of Karanggedang, Karangpucung, Kemiri, and Nusadadi, Kusworo, head of the Banyumas disaster mitigation office, noted. Several rescuers have been deployed to help the flood victims, he added. In Karanggedang, at least 50 houses were flooded. Farming areas were also affected by the flooding. A landslide hit Watuagung Village in Tambak Sub-district, Banyumas, on the same …

CID-20171011-60155-USA – Critical Infrastructure Disruption – USA – North-America

Oct 11th 2017, 05:02

AEP-SWEPCO says service has been restored to the more than 11,200 customers impacted by 15 power outages Tuesday in Shreveport. Most were reported at 3:01 p.m. The utility estimated that most service would be restored by 6:30 p.m. that day. An outage in the Broadmoor and Fern Avenue areas impacted 12.600 customers, AEP-SWEPCO spokesman Scott McCloud said. "About 10 to 12 circuits began coming back on slowly after 3:10 p.m." On a related note, AEP-SWEPCO has tree trimming scheduled in Shreveport’s Shreve Island neighborhood. The utility will hold an open house from 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday in the …

EH-20171011-60154-NGA – Epidemic Hazard – Nigeria – Africa

Oct 11th 2017, 03:43

The Plateau State government on Tuesday confirmed a suspected case of Lassa fever in the state. The commissioner of health, Kuden Kamshak, a medical doctor said the infected persons had been quarantined. "Currently, there is a case of Lassa fever in Tudunwada, here in Jos, but the infected persons have been quarantined alongside with his brother. The said person also has symptoms of yellow fever," he said. He added that "the entire family of the patient had been put under surveillance for the next 21 days." The health commissioner made the disclosure Tuesday in Jos, in an interview with …

VI-20171011-60153-MEX – Vehicle Accident – Mexico – North-America

Oct 11th 2017, 03:39

At least six people were killed and 68 others wounded Tuesday when a bus transporting workers from a factory overturned in the border town of Reynosa, Mexico’s northern Tamaulipas state. The Tamaulipas civil protection bureau said the incident occurred at 1:20 a.m. local time (0620 GMT) as the bus was traveling on the road from Reynosa to the neighboring city of Rio Bravo, near the local airport. Images provided by the state court show that the bus, which was transporting workers from a factory in an industrial park, was lying overturned on its roof. Civil Protection rescuers, the Red Cross, …

VI-20171011-60152-PAK – Vehicle Accident – Pakistan – Asia

Oct 11th 2017, 03:31

Eight people including three children died while 19 others were injured in a road accident on Waghan road on Malghani turning point near Larkana on Tuesday night, police said. According to Larkana Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kashif Ali Teepu, the bus that was on its way to Larkana overturned in a ditch when the driver lost control while trying to save a motorcyclist who was coming from the opposite direction. The bus was carrying members of the Brohi community who were returning to Larkana from Sehwan. The DC said that five members of the Brohi community along with the motorcyclist, his wife and …

ST-20171011-60151-NZL – Extreme Weather – New Zealand – Australia – New-Zealand

Oct 11th 2017, 03:18

Christchurch suffered 21 lightning strikes after an unpredicted thunderstorm rolled across the city. Weatherwatch had forecast a gusty southwest change this morning would bring rain, briefly heavy for a time – but not a thunderstorm. MetService described the thunderstorm as "fairly active" and that the wet, wild and windy conditions were a result of a strong southerly change. But weather radars detected the storm only at the last minute. The first strike hit the Garden City at 5.45am, and 20 more strikes followed within an hour. About 3100 homes in Clifton, Redcliffs and Sumner lost power …

BH-20171011-60150-USA – Biological Hazard – USA – North-America

Oct 11th 2017, 03:15

Two horses at Laramie County Community College recently were euthanized following an unidentified illness. Lanae McDonald, an equine studies instructor at LCCC, said she is waiting for nearby veterinarians to determine from what the horses might have suffered. The horses’ private owners made the decisions to euthanize the horses. LCCC does not own any horses. "The owners made that decision out of the best interest of the horse," McDonald said. "They were not going to be able to be saved." The Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory performed a necropsy – an animal autopsy – on one of the horses. …

EH-20171011-60149-SYC – Epidemic Hazard – Seychelles – Indian Ocean

Oct 11th 2017, 03:02

In interview today Tue 10 Oct 2017, Dr Jude Gedeon, Public Health Commissioner confirmed that a 34 year old man has been infected with the plague. The man who traveled to Madagascar, arrived in Seychelles on Fri 6 Oct 2017, at which point he was placed under passive surveillance. "He presented with symptoms yesterday, Mon 9 Oct 2017. He was not feeling well and reported to a health center. Because he was under surveillance, he was immediately put in isolation at the Seychelles Hospital," Dr Gedeon said. Several tests were done, some of which had normal results. "We also conducted a rapid …

EH-20171010-60148-UKR – Epidemic Hazard – Ukraine – Europe

Oct 10th 2017, 15:27

Fish in L’viv poisoned more than 70 people, the most massive poisoning in the last 10 years. The number of people affected as a result of foodborne illness from the fish bought in the L’viv market has grown to 71 people. This was reported by the press service of the Department of Civil Protection of the L’viv Regional State Administration on its Facebook page. "As of 6:00 on 2 Oct 2017, a total of 71 people were affected by the outbreak of infection, including 7 children," the ministry said. In addition, there are 6 people in outpatient care, including 1 child, who have consulted a doctor, …

VI-20171010-60147-NPL – Vehicle Accident – Nepal – Asia

Oct 10th 2017, 12:48

One person died while 42 other were injured when a bus met with an accident at Sankosh of Pashupatidanda in Nilkanth Municipality, Dhading on Tuesday. Of those injured six are said to be critical. They have been sent to Kathmandu for treatment. It is learnt the over-speeding bus Ba 3 Kha 478 en route to district headquarters from Gumdi met with the accident in a turn at Sankosh. Seriously injured Hom Bahadur Ghale, 50, of Ganga Jamuna Rural Municipality succumbed to his injuries while being ferried to Kathmandu for treatment.

ST-20171010-60146-ZAF – Extreme Weather – South Africa – Africa

Oct 10th 2017, 10:24

KwaZulu-Natal residents in Durban have been urged to stay indoors as a massive storm hit the coastline on Tuesday morning. eThekwini Municipality put out a warning calling on all to remain in safety until the storm, which is expected to subside around 14:00 wreaks havoc on the city. "Due to the inclement weather conditions currently being experienced in Durban, all residents are urged to stay indoors until the storm passes. Residents are also cautioned against driving or walking anywhere for the duration of the storm." The city said that the current wind has been measured at 70km/h, "and is …

HZ-20171010-60145-IND – HAZMAT – India – Asia

Oct 10th 2017, 08:57

A chemical leak in a neighbouring sugar mill led to over 100 children in a school in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh falling sick on Tuesday, police said. Students of the Saraswati Shishu Mandir public school complained of uneasiness, vomiting, nausea, itching and tears in the eyes. Before the school management could react to the situation, more than two dozen students had fainted, an official informed IANS. They were rushed to the district hospital. A dozen students in serious condition were referred to Muzaffarnagar and Meerut hospitals. Senior district officials including the District …

VI-20171010-60144-KWT – Vehicle Accident – Kuwait – Middle-East

Oct 10th 2017, 07:18

An Iranian ship sank in the Arabian Gulf as it was on its way from Kuwait to Qatar, with six sailors aboard. The cargo ship left Al Shuweikh seaport in Kuwait, heading to Doha harbour when it shipwrecked and sank near Shaikh Jaber Al Ahmed Causeway. "All the Iranian crewmen who were sailing aboard the ship were rescued," said Kuwait Ports Authority director-general Shaikh Yousef Al Abdullah Al Sabah Al Nasser Al Sabah, adding that the losses were material only. A video recording posted by Kuwaiti Al Anba newspaper on its digital webpage showed the Iranian ship as it was sinking. In a …

VI-20171010-60143-IND – Vehicle Accident – India – Asia

Oct 10th 2017, 05:01

A woman died and at least 20 children were injured as a school bus overturned at Vengoor near Perumbavoor on Tuesday. The bus, carrying students of Santhom Public School, Vengoor, met with the accident when it was on the way to the school in the morning. Elsy, a non-teaching staffer of the school, succumbed to her injuries at a private hospital. The vehicle overturned as the driver lost control of it. The injured have been admitted to a private hospital.

VI-20171010-60142-TUN – Vehicle Accident – Tunisia – Africa

Oct 10th 2017, 04:15

Eight Tunisian migrants have died and a further 20 are believed to be missing after a Tunisian naval ship collided with a wooden boat packed with migrants, the U.N. migration agency said Monday. Tunisian authorities said 38 people were rescued. The Tunisian defense department said in a statement that the collision happened Sunday about 54 kilometers (30 miles) off the coast of El Ataya, on the island of Kerkennah. The circumstances remain unclear. Maltese authorities coordinated the rescue with the assistance of the Italian and Tunisian navies. The exact numbers on board were unknown, but …

VI-20171010-60141-BRA – Vehicle Accident – Brazil – South-America

Oct 10th 2017, 04:12

Three persons were killed when a small aircraft crashed into the backyard of a home in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, officials said. The Beechcraft plane ended up nose down next to the swimming pool behind the house in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, some 440 km (273 miles) from Sao Paulo city on Monday, Efe news reported. While the home was damaged, nobody on the ground was hurt, firefighters said. The plane crashed on the approach to the airport in San Jose do Rio Preto, according to authorities, who said that the causes of the accident were not yet known.

VI-20171010-60140-USA – Vehicle Accident – USA – North-America

Oct 10th 2017, 03:20

A barge equipped with a crane sank Monday afternoon in the Providence River, as fire department crews focused on determining if the incident caused any environmental issues. But at this point neither the owner nor investigators have determined what caused the vessel to go down in the murky water. The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has determined what appeared to be diesel fuel leaking from the barge, was instead coming from the surface of the vessel. The Providence Fire Department responded to a "vessel in distress" about 4:30 p.m., discovering the 100 foot long, and 40 foot …

WF-20171010-60139-USA – Forest / Wild Fire – USA – North-America

Oct 10th 2017, 03:15

A rapidly spreading brush fire that began in the Anaheim Hills area has burned multiple homes and threatened others, prompting road closures and evacuation orders that impacted 5,000 residences in Anaheim, Orange and Tustin on Monday. At least 4,500 acres have burned in the so called Canyon Fire 2, which remained 0 percent contained by mid-afternoon. A fire burned in the same general area on Sept. 25, when 2,662 scorched at the edge of Anaheim and Corona.

CID-20171009-60138-USA – Critical Infrastructure Disruption – USA – North-America

Oct 9th 2017, 19:16

Thousands of customers lost power in the Denver metro area as an early-season snowstorm rushed in and snapped branches and power lines on Monday. Just after noon, Xcel Energy’s outage map showed more than 31,000 customers were out of power from Boulder to Parker. An Xcel Energy spokesman said nearly 200 company and contract employees are working to restore power across the metro area. Customers are advised not to shake the snow from still leafed-out trees without being certain the snow won’t fall on power and telephone lines. Snow is expected to linger into the afternoon before the storm …

BH-20171009-60137-USA – Biological Hazard – USA – North-America

Oct 9th 2017, 18:34

Near the 100 block of Elmdale Road in Abilene, one skunk tested positive for rabies by Abilene Animal Services, according to a City press release. Domestic animals have been confined due to possible exposure. The City reminds residents that rabies is a deadly virus that spreads through saliva of infected animals. If infected, animals and humans can be treated by a doctor, through a series of shots. The City also urges people to not handle common rabies carriers such as: bats, skunks, raccoons along with other wild animals. "Anyone that is bitten by a domestic animal or bitten or scratched by …

TO-20171009-60136-ZAF – Tornado – South Africa – Africa

Oct 9th 2017, 18:32

Houses have been destroyed, sign boards are down and vehicles have been tipped over, this is according to emergency personnel from Vital Med Tyron Pieterse, who is at the scene. He added that countless trees have been rooted out and fallen into cars. "We’ve currently been accounted for two patients; it’s a mess out here. We can’t tell if there’s any more injured or dead at this stage," said Pieterse observing the scene. "If anybody is injured in Zandspruit or anyone needs assistance, they can come to the other side of Beyers Naude Drive in an open piece of land where all relevant services …

HS-20171009-60135-ZAF – Hailstorm – South Africa – Africa

Oct 9th 2017, 18:20

Strong winds, heavy rain and massive hail stones wreaked havoc in Johannesburg and surrounding areas on Monday afternoon. The storm caused massive damage to property, uprooting trees and damaging vehicles. Several roads were left almost impossible to navigate as they were flooded. A warning for severe afternoon thunderstorms was issued by the SA Weather Service on Monday morning. Motorists and residents were urged to take extra caution. "Weather forecasters are predicting heavy rains, damaging wind and hail. With this in mind, we urge those affected to take precautions to protect their homes …

WF-20171009-60134-USA – Forest / Wild Fire – USA – North-America

Oct 9th 2017, 17:01

Firefighters are scrambling to save homes as a wildfire explodes in size in Yuba County. The fire started near the community of Loma Rica Sunday night, near Willow Glen Road and Marysville Road. The wildfire quickly grew to at least 5,000 acres. At one point, Cal Fire said the blaze was spreading at a rate of 1,000 acres per hour. The fire has already destroyed and damaged several homes and buildings, according to Cal Fire. One resident told KCRA he drove around the area and saw dozens of homes and structures damaged by the flames. Highway 20 between Marysville Road and Grass Valley is open …

WF-20171009-60133-PRT – Forest / Wild Fire – Portugal – Europe

Oct 9th 2017, 16:52

WF-20171009-60132-USA – Forest / Wild Fire – USA – North-America

Oct 9th 2017, 16:42

Wind-whipped wildfires roared to life Sunday night and early Monday across Wine Country, burning building, forcing evacuations and injuring several people. The Atlas Peak fire was the largest of several wildfires, quickly growing to more than 200 acres near Napa. Meanwhile, the fire near Calistoga had burned several building and sent several people to the hospital to be treated for burns. Cal Fire said firefighters were battling several blazes in Sonoma County. The largest was in the area of Porter Creek Road and Petrified Forest Road near Calistoga where mandatory evacuations were ordered …

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