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thumbnailWhat Would Happen If The World Ran Out Of Oil Today? (Video)

Feb 22nd 2018, 05:00, by Alanna Ketler

Although many of us would like to see a world without oil, mostly for environmental reasons, no emissions from cars, no plastics polluting our oceans and nowhere near as many synthetic chemicals in our personal care products, we don’t always realize just how much of our lives actually involves oil everyday. From the clothes we wear, to the packaged food we buy, and the phones and computers we use daily, oil is right there beside us. It’s difficult to imagine a world without oil, but what if oil were to suddenly disappear overnight? What would our world look like?

I come from a small oil-field town called Fort St. John, in Northern British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the largest producers of oil in North America. The lives of the majority of the people who live in this town directly depend on oil, and when things are slow, the people feel it. Even though I can see that oil is polluting our planet and our environment and that there are much cleaner options available, I still can see the other side of the coin as to just how much is at stake if we were to eradicate the oil industry completely. Thousands and thousands would be out of work and my hometown would likely eventually cease to exist. The point here is that there are always two sides to every story.

In a series of videos from A Facebook page called, What.If, this question is answered in an informative and intriguing video. Would life still go on? How much of our daily lives would be impacted? Could we survive? Check it out.

But, What About The Alternatives?

This video, while interesting, doesn’t mention the alternatives to oil that currently are available to us right now. Sure, if oil were to disappear like that, there would be many issues as were described in the video, but what if it were a steady phase out process? We have many alternatives that are being implemented today. As awareness grows so does the popularity in these new sources of energy, and alternatives to petroleum-based products in our clothing, personal care products etc. It is important to remember that human beings also got along just fine without oil for a number of years, and would be able to do it again.

We have solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power and even more options available to us today. In some ways of our lives, perhaps taking a step backwards isn’t a bad thing if it means being more connected and harmonious with our mother earth. We essentially do not need any of the chemicals used for cleaning or personal care products and we can always buy clothes that are made from natural, sustainable materials like organic cotton and hemp. Tesla has done a great job at showing us that oil is not needed any longer for cars. If we could figure out a way to turn the current vehicles over to electric… or even water powered then we would be golden.

And… What About The Jobs?

This is a tricky one, there is no denying that. If we were to slowly start cutting out oil there would definitely be more sustainable options coming in to take its place and this alone would create many new jobs that people would have to be trained on. It could be a gradual process.

Another Theory Worth Considering

If you are a fan of popular UFO researcher, Stephen Greer then you might know where I’m going with this, if you are not then stick with me. Greer believes that we are without a doubt being visited by extraterrestrials and that their presence is being kept a secret by our military and governments. Why the secrecy? Because if we knew of the existence of ET’s and their craft, then we would know that alternative energy technologies do exist and we would have them implemented, which in turn would crush the multi-billion dollar industry. Greer believes that the technology that is being suppressed by our governments could take the world off of oil overnight and eliminate all the need for oil powered anything. You can learn about this and more in Greer’s compelling documentary, “Unacknowledged.”

Final Thoughts?

Regardless, most of us would like to see this planet around for another few centuries, at least, and by now we know the damage that oil is doing to our planet. In our own lives we can do our part by moving away from oil, you can check out a partial list of 6000 products containing oil here. But of course, there is also the argument that most of the food we eat is shipped to us using, you guessed it – oil, but as electric cars continue to rise we can see that perhaps this method of transportation is on it’s way out.

What do you think? Will oil soon be a thing of the past or do to many aspects of our everyday lives rely on the use of oil? Are we able to make the switch? Let us know in our Collective Evolution Group on Facebook. See you there.

Much Love

thumbnailWhat Every Doctor Should Acknowledge About The Vaccine Program – Does Yours?

Feb 21st 2018, 19:17, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Note from the World Mercury Project Team:  This article concludes our seven-part serialization of Vera Sharav’s exposé on the complex and widespread corruption that exists in the vaccination program, the deceptive practices by officials of “authoritative” international public health institutions and further evidence of the callous disregard for the plight of thousands of children and young adults who suffer irreversible harm. As one reads all seven parts, it becomes abundantly clear that the revolving door between regulators (charged with protecting the health of citizens) and pharmaceutical companies should close. Links to previously published parts one through six are at the bottom of this segment.

European Commission boosts vaccine research with £30 Million projects: ADITEC

Advanced Immunization Technologies will accelerate the development of novel and powerful immunization technologies for the next generation of human vaccines. €30 Million of European Commission co-funding will enable ADITEC to establish a strong platform for innovation in a key area for human health.

A consortium of scientists from 42 research and industry bodies in 13 countries will work together on the project, which will work on a wide range of crucial aspects of vaccination; from basic research and new technologies to clinical trials and public health. The support for this project underlines the importance of the vaccine sector in effective healthcare, and gives a boost in a key innovation area for the European health industry.” (News Alert: Brussels, September 2011)

Accelerated development of vaccine benefit-risk collaboration in Europe (ADVANCE) (2013)

“Vaccines are one of the most effective public health measures…Immunisation prevents two to three million deaths worldwide every year from diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough) and measles. In Europe, one of the greatest barriers to the wider uptake of immunisation is distrust, among some sections of the public, of immunisation programmes. This is due largely to fears surrounding vaccine safety…resulting in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases that had almost disappeared.

ADVANCE brings together the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the European Medicines Agency, as well as national public health and regulatory bodies, vaccine manufacturers and academic experts, the ADVANCE project will develop and test methods and guidelines in order to pave the way for a framework capable of rapidly delivering reliable data on the benefits and risks of vaccines that are on the market.”

The UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) chaired by Professor Andrew Pollard, has recommended that the UK switch to hexavalent vaccines for babies. This recommendation disregards the risks for babies – including the risk of sudden infant deaths that have been linked to multi-valent vaccines, [see Appendix 8] Prof. Pollard is Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, noted for its active role in vaccine development and testing on behalf of industry. He is also a Trustee of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation. Dr. Norman Begg, Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of GSK Biologicals, the manufacturer of Infanrix Hexa, is also a Trustee of the Jenner Foundation.

The common thread and longstanding intertwined connections that bind vaccine stakeholders is demonstrable in the case of Dr. David Salisbury, former Director of Immunisation at the Department of Health, who was the chief architect of the UK children’s vaccination program from 1986 to 2013, was a leading promoter of Pluserix in 1988. In 2013, Dr. Salisbury chaired the panel that appointed Prof. Pollard to chair the JCVI.

He then left to become chair of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation on which he sits with Prof. Pollard and Dr. Norman Begg – GSK Chief, Scientific Affairs, and Public Health. He is President of the International Association of Immunization Managers (IAIM). (Read more: Not published in the British Medical Journal: the dangers and conflicts of Infanrix Hexa, 2017)

A Concerted Push For Compulsory Childhood Vaccination Is Fueled By Fear-Mongering

A headline in The Guardian (July 2017) announced a Small Decline In MMR Vaccination Rates Could Have Dramatic Effect, Experts Warn. It went on to declare: a 5% drop in measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations could cause a threefold increase of measles cases, costing the public sector millions, US study shows.” The article quotes Professor Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group and Chair of the JCVI who stated:

“Immunisation is something that many people think of as personal, but it is actually part of being in a society.” A similar view was expressed by BMJ Editor-in-chief Dr. Fiona Godlee in a BBC interview (2017),[74] when she invoked “the need for herding as opposed to individual choice.”

  • The Supreme Court has ruled (2011) that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”[75]
    The US National Vaccine Injury Program has adjudicated 5,581 vaccine-caused injuries – including 1,234 claims for vaccine-related deaths from vaccines recommended by CDC’s Childhood Vaccination Schedule, and plaintiffs received compensation. [See Appendix 4]
  • If, as the Supreme Court determined, that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”, it is morally abhorrent to coerce parents who are rightly concerned about exposing their babies and young children to possible serious adverse effects – including deaths.

The CDC vaccination schedule is particularly aggressive compared to all other national policies. The CDC 2017 schedule requires U.S. children – from birth to age 6 – to receive 50 doses of 14 vaccines. Infants in the US are exposed from birth to age 2, to 24 vaccine doses, combining 8-in-1 vaccines to be given to infants 2, 4, and 6 months in a single visit. Babies receive 36 vaccine doses before they are 18 months old. The schedule includes vaccines against diseases that rarely occur in developed nations.

Notwithstanding CDC assurances to doctors and the public that these combinations are perfectly safe, none of the combinations in the CDC childhood vaccination schedule have ever undergone proper safety studies — as was acknowledge by the Institute of Medicine Report (2013):[77]

“key elements of the entire schedule—the number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccines—have not been systematically examined in research studies… to consider whether and how to study the safety and health outcomes of the entire childhood immunization schedule, the field needs valid and accepted metrics of the entire schedule [sic] and clearer definitions of health outcomes linked to stakeholder concerns (the “outcomes”) in rigorous research that will ensure validity and generalizability. ” [Highlight added]

What’s more, a report by CDC and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Mixed Exposures Research Agenda (2014) acknowledges that:

“Mixed exposures may produce acute or chronic effects or a combination of acute and chronic effects, with or without latency. Other exposures in combination with certain stressors may produce increased or unexpected deleterious health effects… exposures to mixed stressors can produce health consequences that are additive, synergistic, antagonistic, or can potentiate the response expected from individual component exposures.”

If mixed environmental exposures to toxins pose serious risks to adults, how can CDC claim that the mixture of toxins injected into infants poses no risk?

The truth is that CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule was configured to promote industry’s financial interest in maximizing vaccination utilization. However, CDC recommendations violate medicine’s foremost precautionary principle “First, do no harm.”  The evidence of infants being harmed following administration of multiple vaccines has been uncovered in CDC documents.

The following CDC acknowledgment of the possible lifelong debilitating brain damage following vaccination with the CDC-recommended DTaP  (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis)  should give pause. It appears on CDC’s otherwise upbeat website assurances about the safety of all vaccines.  

Any child who had a life-threatening allergic reaction after a dose of DTaP should not get another dose.

Any child who suffered a brain or nervous system disease within 7 days after a dose of DTaP should not get another dose.

Several severe problems have been reported after a child gets MMR vaccine, and might also happen after MMRV. These include severe allergic reactions and problemssuch as:

Long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness
Permanent brain damage

However, public health, and medical “authorities” who pretend that no evidence of harm due to vaccines exists; they continue to deceive the public with reassuring propaganda. The media continues to disseminate “fake news” about the life-saving attributes and safety of all vaccines; promotional campaigns push the flu vaccine, the HPV vaccine, and the ever inflated CDC childhood vaccination schedule.

IOM Report (2013): “…key elements of the entire schedule—the number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccines—have not been systematically examined in research studies… to consider whether and how to study the safety and health outcomes of the entire childhood immunization schedule…”

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created in 1988 because there were so many vaccine-related injuries and lawsuits against manufacturers. Congress absolved vaccine manufacturers from all liability and created the NVICP to compensate vaccine-injured children.

Since its inception, the NVICP received 1,234 claims for vaccine-related deaths; of these 696 deaths were linked to the DTP vaccine, 127 deaths to the flu vaccine, 81 deaths were attributed to the DTaP, and 61 deaths were linked to the MMR.×113.jpg 300w,×289.jpg 768w,×74.jpg 196w” alt=”” width=”800″ height=”301″ data-lazy-type=”image” data-src=”” data-srcset=”” />

The Drumbeat Toward Mandatory Vaccination: A Most Sinister Public Policy Direction

It is especially troubling to note the sinister direction that our “democracies” are headed towards. The position of both Professor Pollard and Dr. Godlee are antithetical to the moral stand articulated by Dr. Hamish Meldrum, the chairman of the British Medical Association, who called proposals for compulsory vaccination “a Stalinist approach.” He stated (in 2008) that forcing parents to vaccinate their children, by eliminating free choice was “morally and ethically dubious.”

Currently, government regulators in Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Australia have embarked on an aggressive drive to eliminate parental choice by adopting mandatory vaccination policies.  A case involving compulsory vaccination was filed with the European Court by the European Centre for Law & Justice.

It would appear that those in positions of influence in academia and journalism /media, and those in positions of authority in government, have learned nothing from 20thcentury history of coercive public health policies – forced sterilization, forced abortions – that were enacted across Europe and the US, ostensibly for “the greater good”.

Have we learned nothing about the debasement of medicine by the willing participation of medical doctors from elite universities, who formulated and implemented the medicalized mass murder of disabled children?

It was doctors who declared those children to be “unfit” to live.

“Aktion T4 could not have happened without the willing participation of German doctors”.

That history cannot be erased from memory or from the historical record.[81]

(Read: The Nazis’ First Victims Were the DisabledThe New York Times, Sept. 13, 2017)

If, as the Supreme Court determined, that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”, it is morally abhorrent to coerce parents who are rightly concerned about exposing their babies and young children to possible serious adverse effects – including deaths.

WMP NOTE:  This concludes of our seven-part series of Vera Sharav’s exposé. Previously published articles: Sharav’s Introduction to the full article,  L’affaire Wakefield: Shades of Dreyfus & BMJ’s Descent into Tabloid Science, outlines her well-researched and documented belief that, “Public health officials and the medical profession have abrogated their professional, public, and human responsibility, by failing to honestly examine the iatrogenic harm caused by expansive, indiscriminate, and increasingly aggressive vaccination policies.” Part One focuses on how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the vaccine industry control vaccine safety assessments, control the science of vaccines and control the scientific and mass channels of information about vaccines. In Part Two Ms. Sharav interprets the complex web of internal CDC documents, revealing how key CDC studies and CDC-commissioned studies were shaped by use of illegitimate methods. Part Three takes a closer look at the Brighton Collaboration and the extraordinary influence these stakeholders have in the business of vaccines and their power to control the science and research and manipulate reports to further their own interests. Focusing on the HPV vaccine, in Part Four Ms. Sharav explores how a global network of government/academic and industry stakeholders can suppress information about genuine scientific findings and, when needed, engage in corrupt practices to thwart the airing of information about vaccine safety issues. CDC’s childhood vaccination policy rests on the denial of safety hazards posed by vaccines and CDC officials are intent on shielding the policy and vaccination schedule at any cost. Part Fiveexamines documentation and internal correspondence that reveals how CDC used its influence and subsequently rejected scientific studies that contradicted the sacrosanct vaccine safety mantra. From major methodological flaws and inconsistencies, to outright fraud, in Part Six of this 7-part series, Vera Sharav reveals much about corrupted vaccine literature including journal editors who knowingly facilitated fraudulent research articles to influence vaccination policies that put thousands of children at risk, and depriving them of living normal lives.

More about the author: Vera Sharav is a Holocaust survivor and a fierce critic of the medical establishment. This article was originally published at Stat news recently published an article about her and her work. 

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thumbnailWatch: Former British Diplomat Believes Anarchism Is Our Only Alternative To A Corrupt Government

Feb 21st 2018, 15:04, by Alanna Ketler

“I was once a British diplomat, now I’m an anarchist.” – Carne Ross

This is a pretty powerful statement, and chances are that you think this man has completely lost it. The term anarchy has somehow been confused with complete and utter chaos, with no order, no peace, no structure and essentially destruction. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In short, anarchy means self-governance. This is to rely on ourselves and our own internal guiding systems as to what works, what doesn’t and essentially let our own moral compass determine what is right and what is wrong. Believe it or not, inherently, most of us know.

Anarchism is defined as as, “A doctrine urging the abolition of government or governmental restraint as the indispensable condition for full social and political liberty.”

Many of us believe that without the government, we would be completely lost, inept and unable to take care of ourselves, but, those who consider themselves anarchists believe the opposite. They feel that the government is merely a system of control that only benefits those at the top and keeps the rest of us complacent worker bees keeping this system alive. It’s no wonder such a bad name has been given to anarchy and it’s movement, it threatens our current system and more specifically, those at the top of the pyramid.

Recently, former British diplomat, Carne Ross was featured on BBC Newsnight to share his thoughts on why anarchy is the answer to our current political problems. Check it out!


As Ross states in the video, anarchism is a simple idea based off the principles that no one should have power over another and people should govern themselves. There are a few cultures around the world where the concepts of anarchism are being implemented and proven to be successful.

Shouldn’t We Have A Say?

I mean, think about it. We essentially give up all of our own personal thoughts, opinions, desires, ideas to the hands of a few powerful people who call themselves government. We have been conditioned to believe that we actually have a say because we are allowed to vote for our “leaders.” Unfortunately, these people are more often than not influenced heavily by corporations and therefore do not have our best interests in mind. Essentially, because of lobbying the large corporations are actually the ones calling the shots, this is very common in the United States of America, but it also happening in many other countries across the globe.

One fine example is of the wars being fought… if the public had a say in these matters, do you really feel that these wars would continue for as long as they have? Likely not, because the reasons for entering them in the first place, which is more often than not to do with oil, would not be of concern, because again it would not be the corporations calling the shots, but the citizens of the earth who genuinely care for the well-being of humanity. Believe it or not, people actually want to help each other and in instances where the government has collapsed, we have seen the people coming together as one to cooperate and face the matters at hand.

The concept of anarchism goes really deep, and realistically there is a lot more to it than this. But for now, to begin we can take the advice given by Ross and start to have a direct say in the decisions that are impacting our lives on a daily basis.

Much Love

thumbnailWi-Fi Devices Increase Mercury Release From Dental Amalgams

Feb 21st 2018, 15:02, by Collective Evolution

This article was written By Sayer Ji, Founder of For more news from them, you can sign up for their newsletter here

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology entitled, “Effect of radiofrequency radiation from Wi-Fi devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations,” reveals that our now ubiquitous exposure to Wi-Fi radiation may be amplifying the toxicity of dental amalgams and other forms of mercury exposure to the human body.

Brazilian researchers, in what appears to be the first study of its kind, looked specifically at the potential for Wi-Fi signals to increase the release of mercury from dental amalgams, which are composed of approximately 50% elemental mercury.

The highly controlled method researchers used was to recreate amalgam-filled teeth using standard protocols and then storing them in saline solution at  37° C for 14 days.  The 14 day period was chosen because previous research has revealed mercury is released from amalgam restorations at gradually decreasing amounts to a constant level 14 days after the filling. 1Afterwards, and before exposing the teeth to Wi-Fi signals, samples were poured into plastic tubes filled with artificial saliva at a 1.5 cm thickness to mimic soft tissue.

Next, the researchers divided the teeth randomly into 2 groups of 10. The specimens in the experimental group were exposed to a radiofrequency radiation emitted from standard Wi Fi devices at 2.4 GHz for 20 min. The distance between the Wi-Fi router and samples was 30 cm and the router was exchanging data with a laptop computer that was placed 20 meters away from the router. The control group were not exposed to Wi-Fi.

The results statistically significant, with the mean concentration of mercury in the Wi-Fi group about twice of the control group. The details were as follows:

“The mean (±SD) concentration of mercury in the artificial saliva of the Wi-Fi exposed teeth samples was 0.056 ± .025 mg/L, while it was only 0.026 ± .008 mg/L in the non-exposed control samples. This difference was statistically significant (P =0.009).”

The authors concluded:

“Exposure of patients with amalgam restorations to radio-frequency radiation emitted from conventional Wi-Fi devices can increase mercury release from amalgam restorations.”

In the discussion section of their paper, they point to previous research that has also found exposure to both MRI, and microwave radiation from cell phones, also produce increased release of mercury from dental amalgam.

We’ve discussed the dangers of laptops and mobile phone radiation in previous posts available below:

Why Laptops Should Be Renamed To Protect Consumers

Brain Wave Warping Effect of Mobile Phones, Study×185.png 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” />

For evidence-based research on Wi-Fi Radation, visit the Research Dashboard.


1Müller‐Miny H, Erber D, Möller H, Müller‐Miny B, Bongartz G. Is there a hazard to health by mercury exposure from amalgam due to MRI? J Magn Reson Imaging. 1996;6(1):258–60. doi: 10.1002/jmri.1880060146. [PubMed] [Cross Ref]

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thumbnailRelated Teen Epidemics? Looking for Answers in All the Wrong Places

Feb 21st 2018, 14:49, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Via The World Mercury Project Team.

As discussed in Part One, American teenagers are drowning in a rising tide of disorders: behavioural issues, sensory problems, depression, self-harm and more. The medical-pharmaceutical industry has rushed to brand all of these problems as mental health conditions treatable with profit-generating drugs. Few are talking about the broader neurodevelopmental crisis—triggered in part by environmental toxins such as the mercury and aluminum in vaccines—that is sabotaging children’s neurodevelopment and sapping adolescent resilience.

Age of Autism’s media editor Anne Dachel deconstructs this disproportionate focus on mental health, suggesting that the underlying aim of proclaiming half of American children mentally subpar may be to mask the real and serious neurological issues affecting children. As Dachel explains, “If every other child is ‘mentally ill,’ the ones with autism…and a host of developmental problems won’t matter.” In short, mental illness will become “a normal and acceptable part of childhood,” conveniently letting the manufacturers and purveyors of environmental toxins off the hook.

Blame the parents—for everything

Dachel astutely observes that some of the trendiest explanations for teen distress are inherently victim-blaming—or, more precisely, parent-blaming. Chief among these is the suddenly ubiquitous notion that teens’ problems are all due to “adverse child experiences” (ACEs), a vaguely conceptualized term comprising early-life trauma or abuse and household dysfunction. The sweeping line of reasoning underlying ACE research is that experiences such as “trauma exposure, parent mental health problems and family dysfunction put children at risk for disrupted brain development and increased risk for later health problems and mortality.” In response, researchers are calling for a more “trauma-informed and trauma-focused” approach to psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Investigators also have begun holding ACEs responsible for a wide range of health behaviors and outcomes, including “depressive symptoms, ADHD symptoms, cigarette use, alcohol use, marijuana use, and BMI, in addition to lower levels of fruit and vegetable intake, and sleep.”

Without discounting the potential mental and physical health impacts of trauma and abuse, there are two problems with using ACEs as a catch-all explanation for young people’s mental and neurodevelopmental woes. First, a large body of scientific evidence clearly indicates that the neurodevelopmental disorders disabling today’s youth are multifactorial in origin. ACEs are only one component of a much longer list of likely environmental factors—including chemical pollutants and drugs—that can “interfere with typical brain developmental trajectories, eventually increasing the risk of either subclinical neuropsychological alterations or…clinical conditions such as learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).”

Unhelpful victim-blaming explanations serve corporate interests, allowing powerful medical and pharmaceutical entities to shirk their ethical responsibilities.

Second, it is hard to explain why ACEs suddenly should result in sky-high rates of intellectual disabilities and developmental delays (including autism) when, historically, even the most extreme forms of adversity have not been predictive of neurodevelopmental disorders. As Dachel observes, “Adversities and stress are nothing new. Somehow, everyone’s buying into the idea that kids today are falling apart because of the stress of modern life.” Dachel describes her grandfather’s family, which left Northern Ireland after going through a lot in the struggle for independence. She observes, “He and his siblings were working at a very young age when they got to North America. Although no one went beyond the fourth grade and they were as poor as one can imagine, all these kids were normal, intelligent and functional. They had to function in the adult world, and they did it.”

As with refugees from the Northern Irish “troubles,” there is no evidence that Holocaust survivors had (or have, for those still alive today) higher rates of ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders or dyslexia, despite undergoing extreme trauma. Violinist Alison Fujito notes that Holocaust survivors “were tortured and suffered emotional and physical agony, and most had severe nutritional deficiencies. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the norm for a Holocaust survivor, not the exception.” Yet after Fujito’s father escaped Nazi-occupied Austria, leaving “his home and his entire family at age 14, not knowing if he’d ever see his parents, aunts, uncles or cousins again—talk about stress!—he hardly ever got sick, and it certainly didn’t affect him neurologically. He earned top honors in an English-language school though his first language was German and went on to not one but two successful careers. And he was always happy and cheerful—this was not an act, he was just a positive force.” Fujito noted that Holocaust survivors also “didn’t have fidget toys.”

If it’s not the parents, it’s the smartphones

Dachel’s commentaries note that, in addition to ACEs, a growing number of celebritiesand academics are blaming smartphones and social media for adolescents’ plummeting mental health. Again, without discounting this still-emerging body of research, the chronological sequence of events suggests that this can only be a partial answer at best. The first mass-market-oriented smartphone did not appear on the scene until 2007, and widespread smartphone ownership did not take off until some years later. However, rates of neurodevelopmental disorders started climbing in the 1990s, and the widely cited national survey that first highlighted the astoundingly high prevalence of teenage mental health disorders was conducted in 2001-2004.

Unhelpful victim-blaming explanations serve corporate interests, allowing powerful medical and pharmaceutical entities to shirk their ethical responsibilities. Instead of telling parents they are doing everything wrong, we should immediately be looking to reduce children’s and teens’ exposure to neurotoxins and other damaging chemical concoctions. Otherwise, families, schools and communities increasingly will find themselves hard-pressed to fulfill their task of safely guiding adolescents into a healthy and happy adulthood.

WMP NOTE: In Part One, WMP examines whether the ballooning epidemics of mental health problems and developmental disabilities are connected by having the same root causes.

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thumbnailHow to Go Vegan for Good in Twenty-Four Hours: An Interview With James Aspey

Feb 20th 2018, 18:54, by Thais Gibson

This article is not meant to push anything on anyone. It is meant to help people make a big transition in a short amount of time if you so choose. The key word is choice. Titles, labels and identifications are often limiting, but decisions and commitments we make to ourselves can often come with unlimited benefits.

My personal journey to going vegan was not easy. I can’t eat gluten, so the initial idea of committing to a vegan lifestyle felt like I had nothing left to eat. Every person has their own perceptions and limitations and every one of them are valid until we reach a point where they no longer serve.

In my experience, I stayed a vegetarian for quite some time. For almost three years I would try committing to being vegan for a few weeks and fail. I was gentle with myself about it, but it was no longer a struggle the day I sat down and committed to seeing the truth.

I decided that to motivate myself, I needed to understand what livestock farming looked like. I was aware of the health benefits and aware of how animal agriculture impacted the environment, but I had always justified not watching the terrible videos on the internet.

I figured I might as well check out the actual conditions each species was subjected to, in order to avoid any denial that might exist. I told myself I would make whatever personal choice I wanted to after I did this research.

How This Decision Came Easily 

The first video I saw showed an injured cow getting violently kicked and beaten while she couldn’t get up. I was horrified. I noticed a part of myself try to justify ending my “research,” but chose to take a different approach this time.

 I decided that if I’ve been eating this food for decades, I might as well commit just one hour of my time to investigating what the process of getting my food looked like. I figure this was the only way to make an honest decision about what I was eating.

I knew this way, the decision would be up to me. I’m a firm believer in making clear decisions based on all the details, so I had to see what those details were.

After one hour, I knew eating animal products was in the past for me. There weren’t words to describe the horror that goes on, and I had no real idea about the implications of the industry I was supporting until I saw the truth with my own eyes.

How to Properly Make a Decision For Yourself

The subconscious mind is programmed through repetition. If we have repeatedly seen ads and positive confirmation regarding eating animals or animal products for years, this is simply embedded in our perception. This isn’t an excuse, but it is a reason to be gentle on ourselves as we see these things.

This bombardment in the media has desensitized us over time and even made us defensive because we associate our habits with our identity. If our lifestyle feels threatened, we interpret this as a threat to our survival and our fight/flight mechanisms in the reptilian brain are activated to defend ourselves immediately. This often stunts our ability to investigate with an open mind. This is completely normal, but being aware of it can help us to move beyond this step.

If we want to change our programming, it requires a good amount of research and emotionality to actively change what has already been stored subconsciously regarding our relationship to food.

Exercise Self-Compassion

This is nobody’s fault, and nobody should be forced to do this either. But if we want to make autonomous decisions, we must investigate both sides of what’s happening. There is a tremendous amount of financial incentive for large corporations to keep information hidden and to repeatedly feed us with ads about the “benefits” of animal products.

Everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle and decisions, but they should be made with information that is not just what we see on television or through advertisements that are geared to create a specific perception.

Check Out World-Renowned Activist James Aspey

After an incredible interview with James Aspey, a vegan activist who did a 365-day vow of silence for animals, I learned some more excellent tips and tools to keep me dedicated to my journey. James has over 30 million views on some of his beautiful speeches and is a sensational international speaker. He is also a beautiful human being who has a wonderful story about his own transformation.

The Process of Becoming Vegan Overnight

The First Step: Awareness

  1. Dedicate one hour of your time to watching what happens in slaughter houses. Check out what happens to every species of animal involved. See the process of how your food is created. This way you get to make an educated decision, independent of the media.
  2. James says we must try to imagine the argument from both sides. He isn’t referring to “eating animal products vs. not eating animal products.” He is referring to looking at the perspective of how we are personally impacted, as well as how the victims are impacted.

The Second Step: Educate Yourself

1. Learn about the health benefits of being vegan, while looking at the drawbacks of the lifestyle you are currently living. Take the time to evaluate this with an open mind. If you didn’t already know, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen, along with tobacco and asbestos. James shares this as a resource:

2. Learn how animal agriculture impacts the environment. The best source that James Aspey shares is:

3. Learn about vegan alternatives, so you know what you will need to find substitutions for. I suggest simply making a list of foods you need to cut out of your diet and go to the grocery store to pick up these alternatives. Nowadays, you can find almost all alternatives for animal products at your local supermarket.

4. Identify your potential road blocks/fears and create proactive strategies to move through these moments. For example, what do you do if you are stuck late at work and need an emergency snack? How can you make these situations as easy for yourself as possible?

5. Join community support groups online and subscribe to some cool vegan Youtube channels for food recipes!

Some Tips/Suggestions:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the things you’re uncertain of.
  2. Don’t stress yourself out if you make mistakes. This is how we learn.
  3. Don’t push your beliefs on others. Change doesn’t come from fighting a problem, it comes from being for the solution. Sharing is different than preaching, and we can’t know someone else’s reasoning for their decisions.

Three principles to remember:

  1. Stored subconscious guilt is the biggest cause of self-sabotage for behaviour. If you really want to make the commitment to a new lifestyle and have done your research, remember that what you eat can go so far as to affect your behaviour too.
  2. Every single person makes a difference. No one person is too small to make an impact. Change happens when many individuals take accountability for their lifestyles and habits, to create a collective shift. Your decisions matter.
  3. Where you spend your dollars supports an industry to be upheld. You are generally supporting an industry or not with your funding. Choice by choice, you are a part of the problem or the solution to change.

Check out this interview with James Aspey! He will teach you everything you need to know, and he has a heart of gold that will inspire you to take the next steps!

Media files:

thumbnailWorld Renowned Chef Opens 5 Star Restaurant To Feed The Homeless & Fight Food Waste

Feb 20th 2018, 18:52, by Alanna Ketler

Finally, thanks to the internet we are becoming aware of just how much food is being wasted on a regular basis. Supermarkets are throwing out astronomical amounts of unsold food that is actually perfectly fine to eat. When the amount of homeless people who don’t always have access to food, and the many families that are struggling every day to put food on the table to feed their children, is this really the option that we have come up with? To simply throw the food in the garbage because it cannot turn a profit?

In the U.S. alone, $165 Billion is wasted on food every. Single. Year. When the UN estimates that solving the world’s hunger problem would cost a measly $30 billion in comparison, we can clearly see that something is very wrong here. The unsold food from the supermarkets might not be the answer to solving world hunger, but it certainly paints a picture of where our priorities are, and at least shows us that this has to change. Two men were arrested in the United States in 2016 for taking this food and trying to feed the hungry.

Thankfully, as awareness towards this issue continues to be raised we are seeing a number of groups organizations and even countries doing something about it. France has made it illegal for supermarkets to throw away unsold food, forcing them to find other, more beneficial options for their perfectly fine food. Others are taking that food that would otherwise be garbage and feeding the hungry.

World renowned chef, Mossimo Bottura, for example has opened up a 5 star restaurant called Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan, Italy in 2015 that accepts donations of unsold food from supermarkets and utilizes volunteer work from professional chefs who want to donate their time to help feed the poor and hungry. Why should the homeless people only be fed soup when there is so much more food available that would otherwise be thrown out? These chefs prepare gourmet meals and the guests are served rather than having to wait in line. Bottura says this is as much about treating those less fortunate with dignity as it is about feeding them. Check it out!

Refettorio Ambrosiano has served more than 16,000 meals, and saved 25 tons of food surplus from the landfills. As Bottura says, this is a revolutionary idea! Hopefully other chefs and restaurateurs will be inspired to follow suit and encourage their local supermarkets to donate to initiatives such as these.

Check out Bottura’s book of recipes Il Pane E Oro, here, and donate to this cause to end food waste and feed the hungry.

Much Love

thumbnailScientists Reverse The Age of White Blood Cells In A Female Human Being – They’re Now 20 Years Younger

Feb 19th 2018, 05:00, by Arjun Walia

Elizabeth Parris, the CEO of Bioviva USA Inc, has become the very first human being to successfully, from a biological standpoint, reverse the  age of her white blood cells, thanks to her own company’s experimental therapies. Bioviva utilizes intramural and extramural peer-reviewed research to create therapies for age-related diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart-disease), and now, they have reversed 20 years of ‘telomere shortening’ in a human for the first time.

Telomeres are short segments of DNA that cap the ends of every chromosome and act as a protective feature against wear and tear, which occurs naturally as the human body ages. As we age, these telomeres become shorter and shorter as our cells continue to divide more and more. Eventually they become too short to protect the chromosome, which is what causes our cells to malfunction and age related diseases to start setting in.

In September of last year, the 44 year old volunteered to partake in two of her own company’s experimental gene therapies; one intended to battle stem cell depletion, which happens when we age and leads to various age related diseases, and the other intended to protect against loss of muscle mass with age.

In Parrish’s case, specialized clinical testing in Houston, Texas, revealed that her telomeres were short for her age, which left her vulnerable to age-related diseases earlier on in life.

This type of gene therapy has been tested before, but prior to Parrish, it had only been used to lengthen the telomeres of cultured cells and mice; it has never before been tried on a human patient. The successful trial in mice was conducted by Maria Blasco and her team at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) in Madrid, who reported the telomerase gene result in 2012.

Blasco told The Scientist in an email, “We demonstrated that AAV9-Tert gene therapy was sufficient to delay age-related pathologies and extend both median and maximum longevity in mice. Many pathologies were delayed, including cancer.” (source)

After the gene therapy was completed on Parrish, the company’s website revealed the astonishing results of the experiment:

In March 2016, the same tests were taken again by SpectraCell revealed that her telomeres had lengthened by approximately 20 years, from 6.71kb to 7.33kb. This implies that Parrish’s white blood cells (leukocytes) have become biologically younger. These findings were independently verified by the Brussels-based non-profit HEALES (HEalthy Life Extension Company), and the Biogerontology Research Foundation, a UK-based charity committed to combating age-related diseases.

After learning of the experiment’s success, Parrish remarked that “if these results are anywhere near accurate, we’ve made history.” The company will continue to monitor her blood in the months and years to come, and will be testing new gene therapies to restore age related damage. Researchers still need to determine if the success seen in leukocytes can be extended to other organs and tissues, as well as repeated in other patients. For now, this is the first and only instance of such therapy being used (and successful) on a human, and was intended to prove the safety of this technique. Long term scientific scrutiny is still necessary to say for certain whether this is a safe and viable procedure, but what’s happened so far is almost unbelievable.

It’s a very promising discovery, and one that has already attracted attention from various investment and scientific communities. One example is Deep Knowledge Life Sciences (DKLS), a UK investment fund company which has already made BioViva a portfolio company of theirs.

According to Parish, “the best-case scenario would be that we added 20 years of health onto the leukocytes, and the immune system might be more productive and catch more of the bad guys.” “But we have to wait and find out. The proof will be in the data,” she said.


Media files:

thumbnailStop Supporting Prison Slavery By Avoiding These 7 Companies

Feb 18th 2018, 05:00, by Arjun Walia

Prison is big business, and working prisoners are a corporation’s dream. Prisoners are being contracted for work right now on a massive scale, and despite the alarming and unsustainable growth of inmate numbers in the United States, incentive to lock people up is only increasing. This is the income that prisons — comprising one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, backed by Wall Street — depend on:

Now prison labor based in private prisons is a multimillion-dollar industry with its own trade exhibitions, conventions, websites, and mail-order/Internet catalogs (Pelaez 2008). . . . The industry also has direct advertising campaigns, architecture companies, construction companies, investment houses on Wall Street, plumbing supply companies, food supply companies, armed security, and padded cell manufacturing, all of which rival those of any other private industry (Pelaez 2008). Furthermore, private prisoners at the state level produce a variety of goods and services, from clothing to toys to telemarketing and customer service (Erlich 2005). The private federal prison industry also produces nearly all military goods, from uniform helmet to ammunition, along with durable goods ranging from paint to office furniture (Pelaez 2008). (source)

Did you know that corporate stockholders who profit from prison labor lobby for longer sentences? They do this to expand their workforce, and so, according to a study done by the Progressive Labor Party, “the system feeds itself.” The PLP also accuses the prison system of being “an imitation of Nazi Germany” with regards to forced slave labor and concentration camps.

If we look at the history of prison labour in the United States, it becomes immediately apparent that the entire system is birthed out of racism. After the civil wars of the mid-to-late 18th century, the system of hiring prisoners was established in order to continue the slavery that had dominated previous years. This was, of course, a time when racial segregation was legal across the United States:

Prison labor has its roots in slavery. After the 1861-1865 Civil War, a system of “hiring out prisoners” was introduced in order to continue the slavery tradition. Freed slaves were charged with not carrying out their sharecropping commitments (cultivating someone else’s land in exchange for part of the harvest) or petty thievery – which were almost never proven – and were then “hired out” for cotton picking, working in mines and building railroads. From 1870 until 1910 in the state of Georgia, 88% of hired-out convicts were Black. In Alabama, 93% of “hired-out” miners were Black. In Mississippi, a huge prison farm similar to the old slave plantations replaced the system of hiring out convicts. The notorious Parchman plantation existed until 1972.(source)

Vicky Pelaez, a Peruvian journalist and columnist for The Moscow News, points out that dozens of states have legalized the contracting of prison labor to corporations, which include such names as: IMB, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Dell, and many more. Some of these inmates are getting approximately $2 a hour. She also outlines how inmates are commonly imported and exported.

A surprising number of well-known corporations are making a killing off of the prison industrial complex, as you can see below.

Whole Foods

The state allows inmates to work for the profit of a private corporation, and Whole Foods is one of many companies that takes advantage, buying fish and cheese produced by prison inmates and paying them a rate of .74 cents a day. They then increase the price of the product astronomically – tilapia raised by inmates, for example, sells for $11.99 a pound at Whole Foods — and enjoy all the profits. (source)


It’s no secret that McDonalds is suffering right now; in a world where people are steadily waking up and moving towards a healthier lifestyle, there is no place for such heavily processed and unethical ‘food.’ Yet despite being the world’s most successful fast-food chain, they still source many of their goods from prisons, including their containers, uniforms, and cutlery. The inmates who sew the uniforms hardly make anything. (source)


Although their company policy expressly outlines that forced labor, as well as prison labour, is unacceptable, a large portion of products sold in their stores have been supplied by third-party prison labor factories. Wal-Mart purchases its products from prison farms, where workers are put through several hours of intense labor, in difficult conditions, without sunscreen, water, or food —not to mention, basically working for free. (source)

Victoria’s Secret

Undergarments and casual wear are sewn by female inmates for Victoria’s Secret. In fact, in the late 1990s 2 prisoners were placed in solitary confinement for telling journalists that they were hired to replace “Made in Honduras” garment tags with “Made in U.S.A” tags. (source)


This is a surprising one. When BP spilled several million barrels of oil into the Ocean (Gulf Coast), the company sent a workforce of prison inmates — almost all of them African-American — to handle cleanup, despite there being scores of displaced coastal residents desperate for work. The move sparked considerable outrage, particularly since BP not only saved money by hiring inmates over locals, but also through the significant tax breaks they received as a result. (source)


In 1993 the company laid off thousands of telephone operators, who were all union members, in order to increase their profits. Despite being vocally against prison labour, they went on to hire inmates to work in their call centres, paying them a mere $2 per day. (source)


This is a company that provides food to hospitals, schools, and colleges. They also have a monopoly on food served in approximately 600 prisons. They have a history of poor food service, a problem which led to a prison riot in Kentucky in 2009. (source)

More Information On The Prison Industrial Complex

Even though various social, political, and human rights organizations have condemned the United States’ prison system, it remains one of the biggest businesses in existence today. Did you know that America has four percent of the world’s population, yet still carries approximately twenty five percent of the world’s prison population? That is a staggering number. America has the highest incarceration rate in the world and it is increasing exponentially each year. Almost half of American juveniles will have been arrested before they reach their 23rd birthday, and children as young as 13 years old have been sentenced to die in prison. The cost of this system? Approximately $75,000,000,000 a year…

These are just a few startling statistics outlined in the video below. Check it out.


thumbnailArtist Organizes Natural Objects Into Elaborate Mandalas For You To Find

Feb 17th 2018, 14:38, by Amanda Monteiro

James Brunt is an artist known for bringing attention back to the finer details that nature has to offer us. While natural landscapes are often breathtaking on their own, imagine stumbling across one of his creations. James uses natural materials and objects he finds around his home in Yorkshire, England and creates his art in places like beaches, forests and parks. He is very mindful of not disturbing the land and has created his own code of ethics,  “I am very conscious of the environment around me and take into consideration many things when deciding to make a piece of work. This code that I work to now has developed over time as my understanding of my surroundings grows. It wasn’t always the case, but it is now.”

His array of materials aren’t limited when working with an abundant natural setting. He has access to many natural materials and creates his works of art from things such as rocks, twigs, leaves and even berries if he comes across some. Once he’s collected the appropriate amount of materials, he arranges them in mandala-like spirals and concentric circles. His pieces often involve detailed patterns, textures, and shapes and achieves this look from using multiples of one kind of material. Very similar to the works of Andy Goldsworthy and likely inspired by him as well.

James will often welcome his fans to join him as he works but if they can’t join in on the live action fun, he shares his photographs online, which are also available for purchase. Working with the environment can also be tricky, so James has to make sure that he photographs his finished work before nature plays its role.

You can check out James art on his  Facebook where he frequently shares and updates, along with his Twitter. You can also purchase his prints on his Etsy Shop.

Enjoy!×200.jpg 300w,×512.jpg 768w,×407.jpg 610w,×240.jpg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 880px) 100vw, 880px” />×200.jpg 300w,×511.jpg 768w,×406.jpg 610w,×240.jpg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 880px) 100vw, 880px” />×197.jpg 300w,×504.jpg 768w,×400.jpg 610w,×65.jpg 100w,×170.jpg 260w” sizes=”(max-width: 880px) 100vw, 880px” />×210.jpg 300w,×538.jpg 768w,×427.jpg 610w” sizes=”(max-width: 880px) 100vw, 880px” />×203.jpg 300w,×520.jpg 768w,×413.jpg 610w” sizes=”(max-width: 880px) 100vw, 880px” />×200.jpg 300w,×407.jpg 610w,×240.jpg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 705px) 100vw, 705px” />×300.jpg 200w,×915.jpg 610w” sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px” />×300.jpg 287w,×804.jpg 768w,×1024.jpg 978w,×639.jpg 610w” sizes=”(max-width: 984px) 100vw, 984px” />×200.jpeg 300w,×512.jpeg 768w,×683.jpeg 1024w,×407.jpeg 610w,×240.jpeg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 1030px) 100vw, 1030px” />×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 768w,×1024.jpg 1024w,×610.jpg 610w,×125.jpg 125w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px” />×200.jpg 300w,×512.jpg 768w,×683.jpg 1024w,×407.jpg 610w,×240.jpg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 1030px) 100vw, 1030px” />×199.jpg 300w,×508.jpg 768w,×678.jpg 1024w,×404.jpg 610w,×65.jpg 100w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px” />×206.jpeg 300w,×527.jpeg 768w,×702.jpeg 1024w,×418.jpeg 610w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px” />×200.jpeg 300w,×512.jpeg 768w,×683.jpeg 1024w,×407.jpeg 610w,×240.jpeg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px” />×200.jpg 300w,×512.jpg 768w,×683.jpg 1024w,×407.jpg 610w,×240.jpg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 1030px) 100vw, 1030px” />

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thumbnailWAR ROOM – Wednesday (2-21-18) Tyler Nixon, Jason Fyk, Craig Sawyer

Feb 22nd 2018, 03:19, by ConspiracyScope2

thumbnailAlex Jones – FULL SHOW – Wednesday (2-21-18) Milo, Jim Hoft, Laura Loomer

Feb 22nd 2018, 02:57, by ConspiracyScope2

thumbnailWhat Really Happened w/Mike Rivero – Commercial Free – Wednesday (2-21-18)

Feb 22nd 2018, 01:53, by ConspiracyScope2

thumbnailREAL NEWS w/David Knight – Wednesday (2-21-18) Lionel

Feb 21st 2018, 23:59, by ConspiracyScope2
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REAL NEWS w/David Knight – Wednesday (2-21-18) Lionel (application/x-shockwave-flash)

thumbnailWAR ROOM – Tuesday (2-20-18) Steve Pieczenik

Feb 21st 2018, 02:27, by ConspiracyScope2
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WAR ROOM – Tuesday (2-20-18) Steve Pieczenik (application/x-shockwave-flash)

thumbnailWhat Really Happened w/Mike Rivero – Commercial Free – Tuesday (2-20-18)

Feb 21st 2018, 01:56, by ConspiracyScope2

thumbnailAlex Jones – FULL SHOW – Tuesday (2-20-18) Milo Yiannapolous, Laura Loomer

Feb 21st 2018, 01:53, by ConspiracyScope2

thumbnailMae Brussell – Attica (9-16-71)

Feb 21st 2018, 00:01, by ConspiracyScope2
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Mae Brussell – Attica (9-16-71) (application/x-shockwave-flash)

thumbnailREAL NEWS w/David Knight – Tuesday (2-20-18)

Feb 20th 2018, 23:22, by ConspiracyScope2
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REAL NEWS w/David Knight – Tuesday (2-20-18) (application/x-shockwave-flash)

thumbnailWhat Really Happened w/Mike Rivero – Commercial Free – Monday (2-19-18)

Feb 20th 2018, 01:49, by ConspiracyScope2

thumbnailAlex Jones – FULL SHOW – Monday (2-19-18) Gerald Celente

Feb 20th 2018, 01:08, by ConspiracyScope2
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thumbnailREAL NEWS w/David Knight – Monday (2-19-18) Sheriff Richard Mack

Feb 19th 2018, 20:36, by ConspiracyScope2
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REAL NEWS w/David Knight – Monday (2-19-18) Sheriff Richard Mack (application/x-shockwave-flash)

thumbnailAlex Jones – FULL SHOW – Sunday (2-18-18)

Feb 19th 2018, 03:46, by ConspiracyScope2
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thumbnailNo Agenda: Sunday (2-18-18) Episode 1009 – Best Codpiece

Feb 18th 2018, 22:03, by ConspiracyScope2
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No Agenda: Sunday (2-18-18) Episode 1009 – Best Codpiece (application/x-shockwave-flash)

thumbnailWAR ROOM – Friday (2-16-18) Jalen Martin, Jack Posobiec

Feb 17th 2018, 20:38, by ConspiracyScope2
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WAR ROOM – Friday (2-16-18) Jalen Martin, Jack Posobiec (application/x-shockwave-flash)

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The Guardian
Latest news, sport, business, comment, analysis and reviews from the Guardian, the world’s leading liberal voice 

Boko Haram school attack: two girls killed and 76 rescued, official says

Feb 22nd 2018, 01:02, by Reuters

At least 13 feared missing after insurgents attacked village of Dapchi on Monday evening

The Nigerian military rescued 76 schoolgirls and recovered the bodies of two others on Wednesday, after the students went missing during a Boko Haram attack on a village, three parents, a resident and a local government official have told Reuters.

Related: Nigeria releases 475 Boko Haram suspects for rehabilitation

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Tory jitters exposed as Theresa May pushes for Brexit agreement

Feb 22nd 2018, 00:36, by Heather Stewart, Daniel Boffey in Brussels and Anushka Asthana

No 10 forced to deny government is seeking open-ended transition period prior to talks at Chequers

Theresa May has been forced to reassure jittery Brexiters on her own back benches as her 11-strong Brexit inner cabinet prepared to assemble for an eight-hour awayday to thrash out a deal on Britain’s future relationship with the European Union.

After another day in which Conservative differences over Brexit were exposed, ministers were summoned to the PM’s country retreat of Chequers for talks scheduled to go on until 10pm on Thursday.

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Blue-sky thinking: how China’s crackdown on pollution is paying off

Feb 22nd 2018, 00:24, by Tom Phillips in Beijing

Clear skies above Beijing again – but some fear the problem is just being pushed elsewhere

The photographs on display at Wu Di’s Beijing studio imagine China and Beijing at their dystopian worst.

Naked, expectant mothers stare out from the walls, their bellies exposed but their faces hidden behind green gas masks.

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Florida students confront lawmakers on gun control as thousands walk out

Feb 22nd 2018, 00:19, by Richard Luscombe in Parkland, Florida

100 Parkland students travelled 450 miles to the state capital while others at dozens of high schools walked out in support of #NeverAgain

Student survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting confronted Florida’s lawmakers on Wednesday to demand gun control reforms, as thousands of teenagers walked out of lessons in solidarity at schools across the state.

About 100 students from the Parkland school travelled 450 miles to the state capital of Tallahassee to spend the morning meeting with Republican and Democratic party legislators.

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Two men stabbed to death in north London as 2018 toll reaches 15

Feb 22nd 2018, 00:09, by Jamie Grierson

Met police launch two separate murder investigations, but say they have not ruled out a link

Two men have been stabbed to death within two hours of each other in the same London borough, bringing the number of people fatally wounded with knives in the capital in 2018 to at least 15.

The Metropolitan police launched two separate murder investigations into the killings on Tuesday night but said they had not ruled out the possibility of a link between them.

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Carillion was in trouble by mid-2016, says whistleblower

Feb 22nd 2018, 00:09, by Rob Davies

Former executive says directors were ‘placating the City’; nobody wanted to give ‘bad news’

Carillion was in serious financial difficulty by the middle of 2016 but directors were “placating the City” by failing to disclose major problems, according to a former executive at the collapsed government contractor.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an executive who spent more than 20 years with the company lifted the lid on a corporate culture in which “nobody wanted to give bad news”.

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Perpetrators of domestic abuse more likely to go to jail

Feb 22nd 2018, 00:01, by Owen Bowcott

New rules in England and Wales advise punishing emotional or psychological abuse

Perpetrators of domestic abuse are more likely to be sent to prison – even if they inflict emotional or psychological rather than physical harm alone – under new guidelines being published by the Sentencing Council.

Existing rules recommend that convicted offenders whose actions result in serious violence “will warrant a custodial sentence in the majority of cases”. The fresh advice for judges released on Thursday extends that principle to include cases where “the emotional/psychological harm caused is severe”.

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DfE’s plans to convert schools to academies stalled in many areas – report

Feb 22nd 2018, 00:01, by Rajeev Syal

Failure to check academy leaders are fit for the job and a lack of sponsors are stumbling blocks

Plans to convert schools to academies have cost an estimated £745m so far but have stalled in many regions because of a lack of sponsors, Whitehall’s spending watchdog has warned.

The National Audit Office has found that the Department for Education has hit a number of problems in the programme, including a failure to check that all academy leaders are “fit and proper” as the number of academies has grown to almost 7,000 this year.

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The drugs do work: antidepressants are effective, study shows

Feb 21st 2018, 23:30, by Sarah Boseley Health editor

Doctors hope study will put to rest doubts about the medicine, and help to address global under-treatment of depression

It’s official: antidepressants are not snake oil or a conspiracy

Antidepressants work – some more effectively than others – in treating depression, according to authors of a groundbreaking study which doctors hope will finally put to rest doubts about the controversial medicine.

Millions more people around the world should be prescribed pills or offered talking therapies, which work equally well for moderate to severe depression, say the doctors, noting that just one in six people receive proper treatment in the rich world – and one in 27 in the developing world.

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Trump’s solution to school shootings: arm teachers with guns

Feb 21st 2018, 22:39, by David Smith in Washington

‘It is the gun, it’s the person behind the gun and it’s about helping people before they ever reach that point,’ said a mother whose daughter died at Sandy Hook elementary

Donald Trump has said he will consider a proposal to arm school teachers in an attempt to prevent mass shootings, a move certain to prove fiercely divisive.

The US president, holding a listening session at the White House with survivors of last week’s Florida school shooting and others affected by gun violence, claimed that allowing airline pilots to carry and conceal guns had demonstrated the measure could be a success.

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Brits awards 2018: Stormzy and Dua Lipa beat elders to snatch top prizes

Feb 21st 2018, 22:30, by Nadia Khomami and Ben Beaumont-Thomas

London grime MC honoured on night when artists carry white roses in protest against sexual harassment

Dua Lipa and Stormzy, two of Britain’s most exciting breakthrough pop acts, have beaten much more experienced competitors to the top prizes at the ceremony at London’s O2 Arena.

Stormzy, AKA 24-year-old south London grime rapper Michael Omari, beat big names including Sheeran and Liam Gallagher in the best British male category, thanks to the piercing flow and emotive balladry showcased on his debut album Gang Signs and Prayer. That LP also won the most prestigious award of the night, British album of the year, again beating Sheeran as well as Rag’n’Bone Man, J Hus and Lipa.

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England plan to target Scotland’s Finn Russell, says Courtney Lawes

Feb 21st 2018, 22:00, by Robert Kitson

• ‘He’s a quality player and we don’t want him to have a sniff at all’
• English also looking to minimise Greig Laidlaw’s kicking chances

England’s forwards will head north on Thursday vowing to give Finn Russell another torrid day at the office in the Calcutta Cup match at Murrayfield this weekend. The Scotland fly-half has endured a mixed Six Nations campaign so far and, according to the English back-rower Courtney Lawes, further heavy punishment is heading his way.

Related: Nathan Hughes’s carries will have England’s backs licking their lips | Nick Evans

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Dan Biggar’s oxygen chamber regime to breathe new life into Wales

Feb 21st 2018, 22:00, by Paul Rees

• Fly-half in early return from injury after 10 days in oxygen chamber
• Biggar returns to face Ireland in Six Nations Test at Dublin

Dan Biggar has clambered out of an oxygen chamber to try to breathe life into Wales’s Six Nations title challenge. The Northampton-bound fly-half has made an earlier than expected return from a shoulder injury to face Ireland in Dublin on Saturday.

Biggar will be up against Johnny Sexton, his Lions colleague in New Zealand last summer, and is the only member of Wales’s back division who does not have a link with the Scarlets. Five of the other six play for the region, while Liam Williams left for Saracens last summer.

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Manchester United overrun by Sevilla but David de Gea’s saves ensure parity

Feb 21st 2018, 21:58, by Sid Lowe at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium

And so to Old Trafford. Sevilla had not been able to defeat Manchester United at the Sánchez Pizjuán but their supporters recognised they had been close and there is still hope they can reach the quarter-final of this competition for the first time in their history.

United, too, may consider this a decent result. Often overrun, able to muster only one shot on target, two superb saves from David de Gea kept them in a game with no goals. A game where to start with Paul Pogba had been absent, too – and that is likely to occupy the next few days almost as much as this performance will.

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Shakhtar Donetsk v Roma: Champions League – as it happened

Feb 21st 2018, 21:50, by Sachin Nakrani

Shakhtar Donetsk came from 1-0 down to win this last-16 first leg tie in Kharkiv. Cengiz Ünder gave Roma the lead before Facundo Ferreyra and Fred struck in the second-half for the hosts

An entertaining game that saw Roma take a deserved first-half lead through Cengiz Ünder’s 41st minute strike. Shakhtar’s response in the second half was excellent and having got back on level terms through Facundo Ferreyra’s well-taken goal on 52 minutes, they went ahead not long after via an excellent free-kick from Fred.

Roma were largely poor after the interval but ultimately may feel satisfied with a 2-1 defeat given Shakhtar failed to convert a glaring chance right at the death to make it 3-1.

90 + 2 min: Big chance for Shakhtar! Taison plays a low right-sided cross into the area from the byline. The ball eventuall lands at the feet of Ferreyra who from inside the six-yard area hits a shot that appears set to go in only for Alisson to make an excellent reaction save as he lays on the turf. That could be a huge, huge moment in this tie.

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Unsane review – Steven Soderbergh’s brash mental-health thriller slides into silliness

Feb 21st 2018, 21:30, by Peter Bradshaw

Soderbergh’s iPhone-shot film boasts an excellent Claire Foy as a woman trapped in a psychiatric facility – but it’s ridiculous in all the wrong ways

Steven Soderbergh has ventured into the world of psychiatric grand guignol before, with his excellent 2013 thriller Side Effects. But this movie, from screenwriters Jonathan Bernstein and James Greer – known for comedy – is ultimately ridiculous in all the wrong ways. It’s a crazily broad, brash exploitation horror-thriller shot on an iPhone, with creeped-out distorted cinematography, menacingly low lighting, and pastiche midnight-movie design effects. The film has a ragbag of themes including stalking, mental illness and the private medical insurance racket; these competing ideas cancel each other out and aren’t scary.

And yet it has to be said that before things escalate into anarchic silliness, Unsane does pack a punch. Claire Foy brings a fierce commitment to the role of Sawyer Valentini, a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown – in fact, well over the verge. She has moved to a new city with a new identity to escape a stalker. Matt Damon has a cameo as the cop advising her on security: locks, bars, deleting her social media accounts etc. But she is a complete wreck – unable to form friendships or relationships – and to her hospital-based psychotherapist she one day ill-advisedly appears to confess to having suicidal thoughts. This therapist coolly asks her to sign a document, which she thinks is just committing her to more sessions. But suddenly big white-coated men lead her to a locked room. And in that secure facility, she becomes convinced that the attendant nurse is actually her stalker.

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Tiger Woods looking to learn in Florida with one eye on the Masters

Feb 21st 2018, 21:25, by Ewan Murray at PGA National

• PGA National is Woods’s third Tour start after spinal fusion surgery
• ‘I’m stiffer than I used to be. I can’t create the same angles I used to’

The sternest test for Tiger Woods on this, his latest return from the depths of physical despair, awaits. PGA National normally ranks statistically among the toughest venues on the PGA Tour, and Woods’ missed cut last week in California has raised questions as to the 14-times major champion’s prospects here.

This marks Woods’s third Tour start after undergoing surgery to fuse his back. With constant repeating on Wednesday of what he needs to “learn”, the man himself asserted the theme of this being a significant work in progress.

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Steve Bell on the Brexit transition period – cartoon

Feb 21st 2018, 20:16, by Steve Bell

Pakistan court bans Nawaz Sharif from leading his party

Feb 21st 2018, 20:16, by Memphis Barker Islamabad

Political uncertainty as judges nullify PML-N party’s candidate list for senate elections

Pakistan’s supreme court has barred Nawaz Sharif from his position as president of the country’s ruling party, ordering the reversal of all decisions he has taken in the role, in a move that plunges the country’s politics into fresh uncertainty.

The former prime minister, who was sacked by the supreme court last year, had managed to retain power by driving through a law that allowed disqualified politicians to lead political parties.

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Aid agencies call for urgent ceasefire in besieged Syrian enclave

Feb 21st 2018, 20:11, by Peter Beaumont and Emma Graham-Harrison

UN secretary-general demands suspension of fighting in eastern Ghouta, which he says is ‘hell on earth’

Aid agencies, including the Red Cross and World Food Programme, are calling for an urgent ceasefire to allow them to reach the besieged Syrian enclave of eastern Ghouta, as rockets and barrel bombs dropped by pro-regime forces killed dozens more people on the fourth day of an intense assault.

The calls were echoed by the UN secretary-general, António Guterres, who demanded an immediate suspension of “all war activities” in the rebel-held Damascus suburb, which he described as a “hell on earth”.

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Universities strike blamed on vote by Oxbridge colleges

Feb 21st 2018, 20:03, by Richard Adams Education editor

Move to cut pension scheme risk attributed to wealthiest institutions’ role in Universities UK survey

The higher education strike affecting an estimated 1 million students this week may have been provoked by hardline positions taken by some of the UK’s wealthiest universities, according to academics fighting against pensions cuts.

Oxford and Cambridge universities and several of their colleges have backed policies resulting in the harsh cuts to pensions prompting professors at those institutions to mount efforts to overturn their support.

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Crisis actors, deep state, false flag: the rise of conspiracy theory code words

Feb 21st 2018, 20:02, by Jason Wilson

The idea that mass shooting victims and witnesses are hired performers serving a dark purpose has over the last decade migrated from the farthest margins of conspiracy media

On Tuesday on CNN, Parkland survivor David Hogg was asked by Anderson Cooper about the plethora of right wing websites and social media accounts spreading conspiracy theories about him.

In response, Hogg said: “I’m not a crisis actor. I’m someone who had to witness this and live through this and I continue to be having to do that.”

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Ruff justice: police want to set up dog DNA database

Feb 21st 2018, 19:54, by Patrick Greenfield

Police chiefs seek new powers to help combat ‘very significant’ issue of pets worrying livestock

Police want to set up a database of dog DNA to help them catch animals responsible for attacks on livestock.

They are also seeking the power to raid people’s homes and confiscate dogs who repeatedly attack and worry livestock under new proposals to deal with the problem in rural areas.

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Suicide is a sector-wide issue, says Bristol university vice-chancellor

Feb 21st 2018, 19:50, by Sally Weale Education correspondent

Speaking for first time since seven student suicides in 18 months, Hugh Brady says social media is part of the problem

The vice-chancellor of Bristol University, where seven students have killed themselves in less than 18 months, has blamed social media and the cult of perfectionism for contributing to a global crisis in mental health among young people.

Speaking for the first time since the cluster of student suicides, Hugh Brady said Bristol was no different from any other institution in the higher education sector, which is grappling across the board with record referral rates to student counselling services.

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Brexit will knock 5% off wage growth, says Mark Carney

Feb 21st 2018, 19:48, by Phillip Inman

BoE governor says workers were already suffering as pay failed to keep up with inflation

The Bank of England has warned that economic uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote will knock 5% off UK wage growth by the year end.

Mark Carney, the bank’s governor, said British workers had already suffered a loss in earnings growth of 3.5% – compared with pre-referndum froecafter inflation is taken into account, and would see that loss swell to 5% by the end of the year as wages growth remained below inflation.

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Mueller files new charges against ex-Trump aides Manafort and Gates

Feb 21st 2018, 19:40, by Julian Borger in Washington

Sealed single-page document filed in federal court does not shed light on the nature of the new charges

The special counsel investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin has stepped up pressure on the former campaign manager Paul Manafort by filing new sealed court charges against him.

Reuters saw a court record referring to the sealed charges, which were also directed against Rick Gates, Manafort’s former business associate, but the documents provided no details on the nature of the charges.

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Spying row: how Corbyn seized chance to take on the Sun

Feb 21st 2018, 19:26, by Dan Sabbagh

Labour used to woo the rightwing press; the age of social media has changed all that

Labour felt it had little choice but to respond with increasing aggression this week to “hallucinogenic” stories about Jeremy Corbyn and cold war records kept about him by the Czech security service.

That decision saw the party leader go on the offensive, accusing rightwing papers of being controlled by billionaire tax exiles, with the party repeating that it planned to hold a media ownership review if it got into power, and sending a lawyer’s letter to a Tory MP over an ill-judged tweet.

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It would be useful to know what Corbyn really thinks of Lloyds | Nils Pratley

Feb 21st 2018, 19:16, by Nils Pratley

Is it the Labour leader’s kind of bank or is it one that he would prefer to break up?

Lloyds Banking Group’s profits are back at pre-crisis level, there’s a new, digital-heavy three-year plan and enough surplus cash to spend £1bn buying back shares. Very good, but the chief executive, António Horta-Osório, has a more interesting boast. Lloyds, he said, is “completely aligned” with Jeremy Corbyn’s vision that banks should serve the “real economy”.

You can see what Horta-Osório means, of course. Since the crisis, Lloyds has jettisoned almost all its overseas operations and presents itself these days as a patriotic servant of “the people, businesses and communities in the UK”. It parades its flattering statistics at every opportunity: £47bn lent to first-time buyers in the last four years, support for 440,000 startups and the No 1 spot among UK corporate taxpayers.

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Psychiatrist suspended for 12 months after man drowned in epileptic fit

Feb 21st 2018, 18:55, by Josh Halliday North of England correspondent

Dr Valerie Murphy was responsible for Connor Sparrowhawk’s care when the 18-year-old drowned in a bath at NHS care unit in 2013

A senior psychiatrist has been suspended for 12 months following the death of a vulnerable teenager who suffered an epileptic fit and drowned in a bath at an NHS care unit.

Dr Valerie Murphy was the lead clinician responsible for treating Connor Sparrowhawk, 18, who died weeks after arriving at Slade House in Oxford in July 2013.

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The Guardian view on eastern Ghouta: the powerful compete, Syrian civilians pay | Editorial

Feb 21st 2018, 18:28, by Editorial

Deaths mount in the besieged opposition enclave, but there is no end to Syria’s enmeshed wars in sight

Bloodied children. Maimed children. Children pulled from the rubble, grey with dust, their mouths and lungs clogged with sand. Children who have lost their mother, father or brother. And these are the survivors. Unicef issued a blank “statement” to express its outrage, saying it had run out of words. Eastern Ghouta’s suffering – after long years of besiegement and multiple chemical attacks, including 2013’s devastating use of sarin – has escalated again. In this horror, even one of those trapped there asks in disbelief: “Are we really alive? Do others know we actually exist, and that we’re alive in these basements?”

Less than a year ago, the opposition enclave on the outskirts of Damascus was declared a “safe zone” in a deal between Russia, Iran and Turkey. There are almost 400,000 people still trapped there. Seven hundred have died in recent months, but attacks this week have killed more than 250, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and two dozen on Wednesday alone. Seven hospitals have reportedly been bombed since Monday and witnesses say barrel bombs are being used. This siege and bombardment do not constitute a war crime, but war crime upon war crime upon war crime.

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Father of baby about to lose life support denied hospital access

Feb 21st 2018, 18:20, by Caroline Davies

Lanre Haastrup challenges ban in court after hospital staff allege he was aggressive

The father of Isaiah Haastrup, the profoundly brain-damaged baby boy whose life support system is to be turned off, has been banned from visiting him in hospital even though his son may only have days to live.

Related: Man accuses hospital of rushing to kill brain-damaged son

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Home Office contractors ‘cuffed detained migrants’ inside coach on fire

Feb 21st 2018, 18:09, by Eric Allison and Simon Hattenstone

Immigration detainees disclose to Guardian that staff refused to to let panicking people out

Immigration detainees whose coach caught fire as it took them to a deportation flight were handcuffed by escort staff before they were allowed to get off, in breach of Home Office rules, eight of the detainees have said.

In interviews with the Guardian, the detainees said that just minutes before the vehicle exploded and as fumes filled the cabin, one of the guards started handing out handcuffs to his colleagues.

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Arrival of Beaker folk changed Britain forever, ancient DNA study shows

Feb 21st 2018, 18:00, by Maev Kennedy

At least 90% of the ancestry of Britons was replaced by a wave of migrants, who arrived about 4,500 years ago, say researchers

The largest ever study on ancient DNA has shown that Britain was changed forever by the arrival of the Beaker folk, a wave of migrants about 4,500 years ago who brought with them new customs, new burial practices, and beautiful, distinctive bell-shaped pottery.

Related: First modern Britons had ‘dark to black’ skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals

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Only half of pre-school children being read to daily, UK study finds

Feb 21st 2018, 18:00, by Alison Flood

Survey finds proportion of toddlers having story time fell by a fifth in five years

The proportion of toddlers being read to every day has dropped by a fifth over the last five years, according to research warning that the decline is a significant threat to child development.

The annual Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer survey from Nielsen Book Research, interviewed 1,596 parents of 0 to 13-year-olds, and 417 14 to 17-year-olds in the UK last autumn. It found that while 69% of preschool children were read to daily in 2013, that figure had dropped to just 51%.

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Bobsleigh duo Mica McNeill and Mica Moore make most of crowd-funding

Feb 21st 2018, 17:48, by Bryan Armen Graham Pyeongchang

• Pair achieve best British finish in event with eighth place
• Athletes appealed to public after their funding was pulled

The crowd-funded duo of Mica McNeill and Mica Moore achieved Britain’s best ever result in the women’s bobsleigh on Wednesday at the Olympic Sliding Centre, more than punching above their weight to finish eighth less than six months after their funding was controversially pulled.

McNeill, the pilot, and Moore, the brakewoman, had to go cap in hand to the public when their funding was cut off in September but needed only six days to reach their target of £30,000 to cover the team’s running costs, a sum that ultimately swelled beyond £40,000 and paid off handsomely when they outstripped Britain’s previous best ninth-place finish by Nicola Minichiello and Jackie Davies at the Turin Games in 2006.

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Minnie Driver: Oxfam bosses ‘knew what was going on and did nothing’

Feb 21st 2018, 17:44, by Hannah Jane Parkinson

Actor and activist who worked with charity for 20 years stepped down to ‘send a message’ after Haiti sexual misconduct scandal

Actor and activist Minnie Driver has said she stood down as an ambassador for Oxfam to “send a clear message” to the charity’s bosses over sexual abuse, which “they knew was going on and did nothing” about.

Driver was speaking at an event in London in which she also elaborated on her experiences with Harvey Weinstein and her involvement in the #MeToo movement.

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Bradley Wiggins warns young cyclists that Team Sky will ‘ruin you’

Feb 21st 2018, 17:36, by Martha Kelner

• Wiggins tells young riders to ‘steer clear’ of his former employers
• Cyclist vows to have his say on his anti-doping inquiry ‘very soon’

Bradley Wiggins has warned young cyclists to steer clear of Team Sky, claiming his former employers will “ruin” them.

The 2012 Tour de France winner was speaking at the announcement of a new roster of riders for Team Wiggins, the under-23 team he has set up. He introduced his new signing Tom Piddock and when asked if he had any advice for his young charge, the 37-year-old made a stinging assessment of his former team. “Don’t go to Sky, steer clear of them,” he said. “Go somewhere else because they’ll ruin you.”

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Corbyn spy claims: Labour steps up war of words with media

Feb 21st 2018, 17:32, by Heather Stewart and Matthew Weaver

Jeremy Corbyn’s office blames rightwing press ‘owned by tax exiles’ for ‘absurd stories’

Labour has stepped up its war of words with rightwing newspapers over claims that Jeremy Corbyn met a Czechoslovakian spy in the 1980s, calling the allegations “completely surreal” and “utterly ridiculous”.

As lawyers for Corbyn threatened the Conservative MP Ben Bradley with legal action over a tweet repeating the claims, Corbyn’s spokesman blamed “significant parts of the national press which are owned by billionaire tax exiles” for “a succession of false and absurd stories”.

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The only way to beat the kamikaze Brexiters? Fight for no Brexit

Feb 21st 2018, 17:21, by Zoe Williams

Hard-right Tories have met every attempt to soften the blow of leaving the EU with a more extreme stance. Their to-do list simply reads: destroy everything

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t be thinking about Brexit. There are other things, more interesting, more pressing, more concrete, more important: crises in the prison service, in higher education; a fresh massacre in Syria; a world out there in urgent need of the full force of the creativity and action of which we are all capable. Yet this “process” (process my arse; it never proceeds) halts any other business. We are trapped in this hellscape of middle-aged men, formless bilge about sovereignty vying with rabid fantasies of deregulation to see which can come out on top as everything of any meaning or value slides to the bottom.

Just when you think the worst of it is total immobilisation in the path of an oncoming train, the European Research Group reveals its hand: 62 hard-Brexit MPs want to show the train who’s boss. The text of their letter to the PM was belligerent yet nebulous, like a toxic cloud. But the subtext was pin sharp. There are more than enough names on this letter to force a leadership contest. May isn’t just a zombie leader; she’s their zombie.

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It’s the new-look prime minister’s questions: no questions, no answers | John Crace

Feb 21st 2018, 17:14, by John Crace

With their lacklustre exchanges, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are like a couple too bored to row

There’s been a very good reason why Jeremy Corbyn has chosen to avoid Brexit for the past few months at prime minister’s questions. One person with no clear views on Brexit asking another person with no clear views on Brexit to offer some clarity on Brexit is not the most enlightening way to pass 15 minutes of anyone’s time.

It’s still not entirely obvious if the Labour leader has any real clue where he stands on Brexit, but having given a vague hint the previous day that he might be in favour of staying in a customs union, he reckoned he had enough of the moral high ground to finally take on Theresa May over the fault line in her own party. Corbyn began on what should have been safe ground: David Davis’s promise that post-Brexit Britain would be marginally better than a Mad Max dystopia. Couldn’t she raise the bar just a little higher?

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My best photograph: Mars rover Curiosity’s shot of the hill she’ll never climb

Feb 21st 2018, 17:12, by Dale Berning Sawa

‘The mountain in the distance is her goal but we don’t think she’ll get to the top. It’s going to take her another five years just to get to the bright rock formation below’

Planetary scientist, US Geological Survey

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Thousands of Gazans rush to border as Egypt opens crossing

Feb 21st 2018, 17:08, by Hazem Balousha in Rafah, and Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem

Scores, many sick, wait for their names to be called out as Rafah crossing point is opened for four days for humanitarian cases

Egypt opened its border with Gaza on Wednesday, providing rare passage for thousands stuck in the coastal enclave who have lived under blockade for more than a decade.

Thousands of Palestinians – some sitting since dawn next to suitcases packed in the hope that Egypt will allow them in – gathered at a stadium before being sorted on to buses. They raised their identification papers as their names were called out from a list.

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I’m going to keep giving to Oxfam, and so should you | Mark Haddon

Feb 21st 2018, 16:54, by Mark Haddon

I have seen the vital work the charity does around the world and I admire its willingness to examine its practices and change

If there is one clear thing we have learned from the revelations about the behaviour of certain Oxfam staff in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and in Chad in 2006, it is how much our standards and expectations have changed over the intervening years. The idea of a sex scandal has largely been stripped of the titillating ring it once had. The story has mostly centred on the abuse of women by men who had power over them. Prostitution has been treated as an unquestionable wrong, and it is now widely accepted that being paid for sex is something women can find themselves forced into, not just by the men who are paying but also by their economic and social vulnerability.

Related: Oxfam must change. But the reasons to support it will not | Lucy Lamble

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National Farmers’ Union elects first female president

Feb 21st 2018, 16:47, by Press Association

Minette Batters becomes first woman to hold top job since NFU was founded in 1908

The National Farmers’ Union has elected Minette Batters as the first female president in the organisation’s 110-year history.

Batters, a Wiltshire beef, sheep and arable farmer who has also diversified her business into weddings and catering, was previously the NFU’s deputy president.

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Jennifer Lawrence responds to ‘sexist’ dress criticism: ‘It was my choice’

Feb 21st 2018, 16:45, by Jake Nevins

The actor criticized media outlets for ‘ridiculous’ comments about an outfit she wore during the press tour for her latest film

Jennifer Lawrence has criticized “sexist” media coverage of her fashion choices in a new Facebook post.

The Oscar-winning actor, currently on a press tour for thriller Red Sparrow, responded to comments suggesting that the sleeveless Versace outfit worn during a photocall in London implied that she was being mistreated alongside her coat-wearing male co-stars.

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Billy Graham obituary

Feb 21st 2018, 16:38, by Alan Webster

American evangelist who preached to millions all over the world and advised US presidents

Between 1947 and 2005, the US evangelist Billy Graham, who has died aged 99, conducted more than 400 crusades around the world, preaching to millions of people. He was one of the first western Christian leaders to speak beyond the iron curtain, first in Hungary, then in Poland and Russia. In 1973, more than a million people attended the closing ceremony of his crusade in Seoul, South Korea. He gained access, with great difficulty, to China in 1988 and North Korea four years later.

Like thousands of others in the UK, I first heard Graham at Earls Court stadium in 1966, on one of his London crusades. Though fewer had turned up than to Harringay stadium in 1954 (when he ministered to more than 1.3 million people in three months), the numbers were impressive. The glamour of expensive and skilful hype, lighting and music, and support from local religious leaders, drew the crowds.

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Emmanuel Macron unveils plans to crack down on immigration

Feb 21st 2018, 16:33, by Angelique Chrisafis in Paris

Activists say proposals to speed up requests threaten rights of asylum seekers in France

Tough proposals to crack down on immigration and asylum in France have been unveiled by Emmanuel Macron’s government amid complaints from human rights groups and street protests by some public agents in charge of asylum procedures.

The legislation is aimed at speeding up the process for asylum requests and for expelling migrants who aren unable to claim asylum. It would also double to 90 days the time a person without papers can be kept in a holding centre.

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When real-life protest imitates art – from Three Billboards to Father Ted

Feb 21st 2018, 16:21, by Gavin Haynes

A triptych-style protest inspired by the Oscar favourite Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is only the latest example of demonstrators taking inspiration from cultural landmarks

Three billboards outside the Houses of Parliament (and other London locations) last week read: “71 dead”, “And still no arrests?”, “How come?” The 71 are the Grenfell fire victims and the group behind the boards was Justice 4 Grenfell. This week, following the shootings at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, three billboards outside a Florida senator’s offices read: “Slaughtered in school”, “And still no gun control” and “How come, Marco Rubio?”

This new adaptable protest meme comes, of course, from Oscar favourite Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, in which an outraged mother puts up three billboards after her daughter’s murder remains unsolved. Call it Three Billboarding, perhaps. The tendency of life to mimic art has become a staple of protests in recent years. It’s now almost impossible to tell the difference between a good riot and a particularly angry cosplay expo.

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Serena Williams and the realities of the ‘maternal mortality crisis’

Feb 21st 2018, 16:09, by Charlotte Philby

The tennis superstar revealed her own health scare after having her first child, and is highlighting how US childbirth deaths disproportionately affect black women

“I almost died after giving birth to my daughter, Olympia. Yet I consider myself fortunate.” So began a call-to-arms by Serena Williams, in which the 23-time Grand Slam tennis champion revealed the extent of complications around the birth of her daughter last year, and drew attention to the startling disparity in maternal death numbers between white and black mothers in the US.

In an article for CNN, the 36-year-old explained how her difficulties began after coughing caused by an embolism prompted her caesarean scar to rupture. While in theatre, doctors found a large haematoma in her abdomen, which they prevented from travelling to her lungs.

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What is the Windsor hum and is it really US Steel’s fault?

Feb 21st 2018, 15:09, by Guardian Staff

An intermittent rumbling similar to a case investigated on The X-Files has been driving some residents berserk for years – with similar noises heard around the world. The truth is out there …

Name: The Windsor Hum.

Age: About seven years old.

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Billy Graham, ‘America’s pastor’ – a life in pictures

Feb 21st 2018, 15:00, by Sarah Gilbert

Billy Graham, who has died aged 99, was a Southern Baptist minister with celebrity status. His evangelical rallies were compared to pop concerts, and he preached the gospel to live audiences of over 210m people in 185 countries

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Fast boat to Korea: Elizabeth Swaney’s choppy, trick-free Olympic odyssey

Feb 21st 2018, 14:55, by Martin Belam

The Hungary skier’s halfpipe performance provoked mocking headlines, but she’s been pursuing her Olympic dream for more than half a decade

Earlier this week the world witnessed the sight of one of the least ambitious ski runs in Olympic history, as Elizabeth Swaney’s halfpipe effort featured virtually no tricks. Swaney came in for some heavy criticism on social media, with suggestions that, by competing, she had deprived a stronger athlete of a place in the Games. But her appearance in South Korea wasn’t simply a case of turning up – it was the culmination of a long campaign to fulfil her dream of getting to the Olympics … at the second attempt.

Swaney’s social media accounts tracked her initial attempts to qualify for Sochi in 2014 under the Venezuelan flag. Along the way she briefly featured in Sports Illustrated magazine, and managed to break her leg while competing in New Zealand. She raised just $367 of the $11,000-plus she estimated reaching Sochi would cost.

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Jeremy Hunt launches review into handling of vaginal mesh scandal

Feb 21st 2018, 14:54, by Amelia Hill

Health secretary admits official failings over a number of medical treatment issues

Jeremy Hunt, the health and social care secretary, has launched a nine-month review into how the NHS addresses concerns about medical treatments, including vaginal mesh devices.

Speaking in the House of Commons, he admitted the government had failed to respond adequately to a series of public health scandals caused by the side-effects of medical treatments, citing the surgical mesh scandal as a key example.

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Meet the Musks: who’s who in Elon’s extended family?

Feb 21st 2018, 14:54, by Simon Usborne

The entrepreneur’s brother, Kimbal, is making the news, but since mother Musk flew around the world in a propeller plane, the whole clan has been involved in eye-catching initiatives

We know plenty about Elon Musk, the South African-born erstwhile teen mega-nerd, PayPal co-founder and Tesla boss turned tunneller, space coloniser and battery tycoon. But what about all the other Musks? Because while Elon revels in the success of his recent rocket launch, and a car-based publicity stunt that made Richard Branson look like Derek Trotter, little brother Kimbal is now making news, too. Time for a quick climb up the Musk family tree.

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Former aide has agreed to testify against Netanyahu, say reports

Feb 21st 2018, 14:54, by Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem

Israeli media say that Shlomo Filber has made a deal to turn state witness after being arrested

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is battling for his political career in the face of various corruption allegations, has suffered a potentially devastating blow after a former confidant reportedly agreed to turn state witness.

A week after police recommended the country’s second-longest serving prime minister be indicted for bribery, Israeli press reported that Shlomo Filber would testify against his former boss to avoid jail.

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Eve Muirhead stuns Canada to steer GB women into curling semi-finals

Feb 21st 2018, 14:40, by Sean Ingle in Pyeongchang

• Muirhead scores two points on final end in 6-5 defeat of favourites
• GB men face play-off against Switzerland for semi-final spot

Britain’s women curling team are within touching distance of a Winter Olympics medal after beating the favourites Canada to qualify for Friday’s semi-final against Sweden.

Eve Muirhead, who skipped the team to a bronze medal in 2014, scored two points on the final end to secure a surprise 6-5 victory.

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‘I’ve been here for 50 years’: the scandal of the former Commonwealth citizens threatened with deportation

Feb 21st 2018, 14:25, by Amelia Gentleman

They have lived nearly all their lives in the UK, working and paying taxes. But in the draconian new immigration climate, an increasing number of elderly people are being told that they are here illegally

For the past year, Renford McIntyre has been homeless, mostly sleeping on a sofa in an unheated industrial unit in Dudley. Although he has lived in the UK for almost 50 years, and spent 35 years working and paying taxes as a tool setter, a delivery man in the meat industry and an NHS driver, he has been told that he is not British – and consequently is neither permitted to work nor eligible for any government support.

McIntyre, 64, has no shower and nowhere to cook, and has to visit friends if he wants to eat hot food or wash. “It’s an appalling place to live. I’m a proud man; I’m embarrassed at my age to be living like this,” he says.

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Lindsey Vonn misses gold but remains the most human of champions

Feb 21st 2018, 13:41, by Bryan Armen Graham at the Jeongseon Alpine Centre in Pyeongchang

The American great, often beset by injury, goes about her trade with an emotional transparency almost unheard of among athletes of her caliber

Eight years of waiting came down to one hundred seconds on a sun-splashed, near-windless Wednesday morning in the Taebaek mountains. When it was over, Lindsey Vonn, the best women’s ski racer in history, was brought down with emotion. The long and crooked road from the Olympic downhill title she’d won eight years ago in Vancouver finally ended with a bronze medal that felt like a gold in light of the, shall we say, eventful interim. But the greatest skier the United States has ever produced was left with nothing even resembling a regret with the end of her Olympic career now within touching distance.

Unlike Saturday’s super-G when the 33-year-old American had drawn the No 1 bib and with it the unenviable task of racing first among the field, Vonn chose to start seventh – two places after Italy’s Sofia Goggia, the young racer with whom she has traded downhill wins on the World Cup circuit all season. It allowed her to watch the 25-year-old’s line and know the time she would most likely need to beat. Vonn made no major errors but still finished 0.47 seconds behind Goggia’s winning time of 1 min 39.22 sec.

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Kites in Kabul and an elephant relocation: the day’s best photos

Feb 21st 2018, 13:16, by Paul Bellsham

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you photo highlights from around the world including the Trudeaus in India, the Nice carnival and a Queen’s funeral corset

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Surf’s up in south-east India: an Instagram journey to Mahabalipuram

Feb 21st 2018, 13:15, by Ozzie Hoppe

‘Mahabs’, on the Tamil Nadu coast, is renowned for its ancient rock carvings but photographer Ozzie Hoppe was drawn by its burgeoning surfing culture

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NatWest Bank tests Cora, an AI bot that will answer customer questions

Feb 21st 2018, 13:11, by Rupert Jones

Bank promises life-like experience with artificial intelligence system

NatWest is testing an artificial intelligence-powered “digital human” called Cora that will converse with customers in branches – raising fears that bank tellers could be replaced by avatars.

Cora, described by the bank as “highly lifelike”, is the result of a link-up with a New Zealand tech company whose co-founder was involved with creating digital characters in the blockbuster films Avatar, King Kong and Spider-Man 2.

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Who is the best Oscar winning lead actor of all time?

Feb 21st 2018, 13:00, by Peter Bradshaw

Stewart? Poitier? Scofield? De Niro? Day-Lewis? Our chief critic selects a victor from his nominees – and reveals who you chose as your people’s champion

The best actor Academy award has always had a totemic fascination. Peter O’Toole was tortured throughout his career by getting nominated eight times without winning, and actually considered turning down a lifetime achievement Oscar in 2003 — at the age of 70 — on the grounds that he was “still in the game and might win the lovely bugger outright”. (He never did, though was nominated for the last time in 2007.) Holding the Oscar in your hand is something that many actors daydream about. The first ever best actor winner, Emil Jannings, was the German silent movie actor later disgraced for his propaganda associations with the Nazi regime: when Allied troops entered Berlin in 1945, he is said to have stood in the rubble, holding up his statuette and piteously calling out: “I have Oscar!” His successors have been considerably more respectable, providing performances that have thrilled and captivated movie audiences over decades. Here is my fantasy lineup of best actor nominees in my Oscar-of-Oscars ceremony.

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From Watchmen to Catch-22: can TV tackle ‘unfilmable’ books?

Feb 21st 2018, 12:39, by Stephen Arnell

Film history is littered with adaptations that didn’t do their literary source material justice. But the small screen’s longer format could be the ideal place for unwieldy texts

In recent months, a spate of books has been adapted for TV, with Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore’s Watchmen in varying stages of production. They share something in common: all have been made into films – none of which have worked. The film versions had prestige directors Mike Nichols (Catch-22) and François Truffaut (Fahrenheit 451), while Zach Snyder took on Watchmen with a $120m budget. But despite the big names with big budgets, they couldn’t quite pull it off.

Related: The bigger they come: how to film an ‘unfilmable’ book

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Gay men are winning this year’s Winter Olympics – and making it a joy to watch

Feb 21st 2018, 12:23, by Hadley Freeman

Eric Radford is the first voluntarily out gay man to win a gold medal, while Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy have achieved other firsts on the slopes

You mentioned London fashion week last week, but have totally ignored the major cultural event happening right now. What have we learned from the Winter Olympics?

James, by email

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‘Dirty meat’: Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants

Feb 21st 2018, 12:16, by Andrew Wasley

Previously unseen government records detail ‘deeply worrying’ incidents in pork and poultry plants, raising fears of ‘dirty meat’ entering the UK under a post-Brexit trade deal

Shocking hygiene failings have been discovered in some of the US’s biggest meat plants, as a new analysis reveals that as many as 15% (one in seven) of the US population suffers from foodborne illnesses annually.

A joint investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) and the Guardian found that hygiene incidents are at numbers that experts described as “deeply worrying”.

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The Instant Pot inspires mass devotion. Would I join the cult after using it for a week?

Feb 21st 2018, 12:15, by Paula Cocozza

This sold-out pressure cooker, which can make four-minute bolognese, is selling for hundreds on eBay and has created an army of ‘potheads’. Using it to feed my family prompted some strong and surprising reactions

The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker that inspires devotion. This kitchen device, best known for its speed, but which can also slow-cook, has been described by the US magazine Slate as “an entire economy and a religion”. Its fans call themselves “potheads” and accessorise their pots with stencils, stickers and cafetiere-style covers from Etsy.

Scarcity has fuelled desire in the UK, where the pots have been out of stock for weeks and models are listed on eBay for £750 (the RRP of the cheapest version is £110). In the US, Instant Pot averages 4.5 stars over more than 25,000 Amazon reviews. A post on the UK Facebook group shows the extent of users’ attachment: “Hello everyone. I’m curious to know if anyone else takes their Instant Pot on holiday with them.” (They do. Even camping.)

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Six easy midweek meal recipes | Six of the best

Feb 21st 2018, 12:00, by Claire Thomson

Fresh ideas for dinners that are as easy to prepare as they are family-friendly

Prep 20 min
Cook 50 min
Serves 4

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We need to talk about … the future of journalism

Feb 21st 2018, 11:36, by Hosted by Heather Stewart, in conversation with Katharine Viner. Audio produced by Stuart Silver

Guardian supporters pose the questions as The Guardian’s editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner, discusses the challenges facing journalism and her vision for the Guardian. Hosted by The Guardian’s joint political editor, Heather Stewart

Since The Guardian’s editor-in-chief Katharine Viner published her essay on the mission of journalism in a time of crisis, she has had a huge number of responses – from readers, media commentators and others passionate about the future of independent, public-interest journalism. So we invited her to the studio to discuss why she was moved to write the essay, the feedback she has received, and to answer questions on the future of journalism from the Guardian’s supporters.

What will constitute a sustainable business model for quality journalism in the digital age? How can we cover the world, when Britain is retreating from Europe? Should the government create national standards on how children are taught to interpret news vs opinion? How can the media be held properly to account?

Continue reading…

How to cook perfect southern fried chicken

Feb 21st 2018, 10:52, by Felicity Cloake

Kentucky Fried Chickens across Britain are closed because of a chicken shortage. But who needs the Colonel? Here’s how to cook your own version at home

Kentucky Fried Chicken, the nation’s most popular fried chicken chain, has been in crisis this week with hundreds of outlets across the UK shut thanks to problems with its supplier DHL. If you’re desperately in need of a chicken fix, here’s a classic Perfect recipe from 2012 to get you through until normal service is resumed:

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Post-Soviet Visions exhibition – in pictures

Feb 21st 2018, 08:40

Post-Soviet Visions: image and identity in the new Eastern Europe is a photography show exploring new visual representations of lifestyle and landscape in eastern Europe. The exhibition gathers the work of a young generation of artists rising to prominence a quarter-century after the end of Communism. It opens on 23 February at Calvert 22 space in London

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Roads to nowhere: how infrastructure built on American inequality

Feb 21st 2018, 07:30, by Johnny Miller

From highways carved through thriving ‘ghettoes’ to walls segregating black and white areas, US city development has a long and divisive history

It’s a little after 3pm in Detroit’s 8 Mile neighbourhood, and the cicadas are buzzing loudly in the trees. Children weave down the pavements on bicycles, while a pickup basketball game gets under way in a nearby park. The sky is a deep blue with only a hint of an approaching thunderstorm – in other words, a muggy, typical summer Sunday in Michigan’s largest city.

“8 Mile”, as the locals call it, is far from the much-touted economic “renaissance” taking place in Detroit’s centre. Tax delinquency and debt are still major issues, as they are in most places in the city. Crime and blight exist side by side with carefully trimmed hedgerows and mowed lawns, a patchwork that changes from block to block. In many ways it resembles every other blighted neighbourhood in the city – but with one significant difference. Hidden behind the oak-lined streets is an insidious piece of history that most Detroiters, let alone Americans, don’t even know exists: a half mile-long, 5ft tall concrete barrier that locals simply call “the wall”.

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The dark side of Los Angeles: crime and corruption in Tinseltown – in pictures

Feb 21st 2018, 07:00

In a new book, a stark omnibus of photographs reveal the underbelly of Los Angeles from the 20s and 50s, showcasing corruption within the police force and the headline crime of the Black Dahlia

Dark City: The Real Los Angeles Noir by Jim Heimann published by TASCHEN

Continue reading…

How burnout became a sinister and insidious epidemic

Feb 21st 2018, 06:00, by Moya Sarner

Half a million people in the UK suffer from work-related stress, and psychological breakdown can creep up without warning. But what, exactly, is this ‘state of vital exhaustion’, and how can you come back from it?

In a bedroom in North Yorkshire at 2am, Sara Cox lay next to her sleeping husband in the dark, her eyes open and her jaw clenched shut, anxious thoughts whirling. For the previous two years, the stress of her job at an independent local pharmacy had gradually become intolerable. That night, in June 2013, she made a plan. She crept out of the bedroom and sat at the kitchen table with a pen and a piece of paper. She says now: “I just thought: ‘I can’t do this any more, I need a safety net. I’m going to write out my resignation letter, keep it in my handbag, and if I have another really bad day, I’ll just quit.’” She wrote it out by hand and put it in an envelope, signing herself a cheque for freedom that she could not yet give herself permission to cash.

Over breakfast, she told her husband what she had done. “He told me: ‘That day has come. I’m going to drive you to work and you’re handing in your notice today. We will cope,’” she says. “So that’s what I did.”

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This is eastern Ghouta, where hundreds are being killed and injured by Assad’s forces

Feb 20th 2018, 13:01, by Joanna Ruck

More than 100 people have died in eastern Ghouta in Syria in one day of violence. The bombardment of the opposition-controlled enclave continues

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Why one tiny Scottish island is key to every Olympic curling stone – video

Feb 19th 2018, 10:48, by Ryan Baxter and Danielle Baxter

All the curling stones being used at the Pyeongchang Winter Games are made from granite mined from the tiny, uninhabited island of Ailsa Craig, in the outer Firth of Clyde. The granite is worked into the final stones by staff at Kays Curling in Mauchline, 40 miles from Ailsa Craig on the mainland. Kays has been producing top-level curling stones for more than a century. Though participation in the sport is declining in the UK, the factory is producing more stones than ever to ship overseas. In 1998 – the year the sport was given medal status at the Winter Olympics – 36 countries played the sport; today, there are 54 countries competing worldwide

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How can I be there for someone with cancer? Questions friends and family wish they’d asked – video

Feb 16th 2018, 17:05

What is my role? How can I help? How is this going to affect us? And who can I ask? The friends and family of cancer patients share what they wish they’d known from the start.

Cancer Research UK offers a cancer helpline, where expert information nurses answer questions about cancer in confidence, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, on 0808 800 4040; plus an interactive community discussion forum, Cancer Chat; a dedicated About Cancer section of the website, providing clear information about cancer, its treatment and implications; and a cancer clinical trial database – so no question you have about cancer goes unanswered

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The Yorkshire connection: Team GB ski and snowboard medal hopefuls – video

Feb 16th 2018, 17:01, by Jack Flynn, Nick David and Ryan Baxter

Jamie Nicholls and Katie Summerhayes have something in common beyond making Team GB for Pyeongchang 2018, they grew up on the dry ski slopes across Yorkshire. Aside from providing a further two athletes for the 2018 ski team, the Yorkshire scene has produced a slew of World Cup medals. Katie Ormerod, who has been ruled out of the Games, was the first woman, aged 16, to complete a double cork 1080 and Summerhayes and Nicholls both claimed World Cup silver medals this season

Mica McNeill: British bobsleigher crowdfunding her place at Olympics

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‘The treatment affects one body, but not just one person’: meet the cancer nurses

Feb 16th 2018, 16:56

CRUK nurses Karen Turner and Martin Ledwick work in different fields, but their responsibility remains the same: to be supportive and informative figures in the lives of cancer patients and their families

Karen Turner, senior research nurse
Karen Turner has seen many changes since she started training as a nurse more than 20 years ago. But one thing, she says, hasn’t changed: cancer is an illness that affects everything. “The treatment affects one body, but not just the one person,” says Turner. “The whole family can be affected.”

As a senior research nurse in the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) clinical trials unit in Birmingham, Turner balances patient care and support with the practical elements involved in running complex clinical trials, as well as working to promote trial awareness on a national scale. As a public and patient-facing “voice” of clinical trial research, she naturally needs to keep up to date with the latest information, but also with how best to explain it.

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How do I support a friend with cancer?

Feb 16th 2018, 16:53, by Nic Fleming

Knowing how to be there for a friend with cancer can be incredibly challenging. You may not know what to say, but the worst thing you can do is say nothing, explains Nic Fleming

“One particular friend has been unbelievably amazing,” says Sarah. “She has a high-powered job and two small children, yet she found time to ring me nearly every day of the six weeks between my diagnosis and my surgery. That meant a lot to me.”

Sarah (not her real name), a teacher and mother-of-two, spotted a lump while on holiday but was not too concerned when she went to get it checked out in September. She describes the moment her doctor told her she had cancer as “like being hit by a ton of bricks”.

Continue reading…

What do I need to know about cancer clinical trials?

Feb 16th 2018, 16:52, by David Cox

They’re vital to developing new cancer treatments, but clinical trials can appear hard to access and confusing for patients. David Cox explains everything from the types of trial to what they could entail

Clinical trials for cancer are crucial to improving patient care; they explore whether new treatments are safe and whether they can benefit patients in terms of extending their lives, improving their quality of life, or even offering a cure.

However, there are often a number of misconceptions about trials. “There’s a tendency for people to think that they’re being used as a guinea pig or that they’re offered a clinical trial as a last resort,” says Anne Croudass, lead research nurse at Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

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Winter Olympics: latest medal table for Pyeongchang 2018

Feb 16th 2018, 11:07, by Antonio Voce, Josh Holder, Frank Hulley-Jones and Niko Kommenda

Follow all the latest from Pyeongchang with our live and updating medal table

Continue reading…

Barry Bennell: unmasking of football paedophile who ruined young lives – video explainer

Feb 15th 2018, 14:08, by Daniel Taylor, Joseph Pierce, Josh Toussaint-Strauss and Ryan Baxter

For 25 years Barry Bennell lived a dual existence, publicly he was lauded as one of English football’s best talent spotters but in private he committed a campaign of sexual abuse against the young boys in his care. When Andy Woodward, one of Bennell’s victims, eschewed his anonymity in an interview with Daniel Taylor, the story instigated the largest ever police investigation into sexual abuse in the UK.

The predatory Pied Piper who made stars and shattered lives

Manchester City ‘ignored warnings’ and kept Barry Bennell in youth set-up

Continue reading…

Ai Weiwei on the project that awoke his political voice – The Start podcast

Feb 15th 2018, 06:00, by Produced by Eva Krysiak with sound design by Chris Wood and original music by Stephen Fiske

The artist and activist tells how investigating schoolchildren’s deaths in the Sichuan earthquake of 2008 spawned his mammoth installation, Remembering

Subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts or Acast, and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter

In 2008, an earthquake devastated Sichuan province in China, claiming the lives of more than 69,000 people. Following accusations from parents that substandard construction caused the collapse of schools across in the region, the artist Ai Weiwei set upon a political investigation that would name every missing student and call the government to account for their deaths.

Continue reading…

Frozen out: the US interpreters abandoned on Europe’s border

Feb 12th 2018, 10:57, by Max Duncan , Alice Aedy

Ahmad and Mati served the US military as interpreters during the war in Afghanistan, but like many others who did so they haven’t been granted visas to emigrate to the US. With their lives threatened by the Taliban, they joined migrants heading for western Europe only to find themselves trapped in Serbia on the wrong side of impenetrable borders

This film was originally published in February 2017. It has been re-edited to conceal the identity of our lead character, whose name has been changed for his protection

Continue reading…

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Het brede aanbod van alternatief nieuws 

Brit maakt gehakt van Rutte: "Hij komt van de Neo-Con planeet"

Feb 21st 2018, 20:48, by Blik Op NOSjournaal

De Britse journalist Neil Clark maakt gehakt van Rutte’s optreden rond de Zijlstra affaire: * “De reactie van Rutte schokkeert” * “Op wel

Boek uit 1991 voorspelde schietpartijen op scholen

Feb 21st 2018, 20:29, by

Het zal waarschijnlijk niet lang meer duren totdat er een punt wordt bereikt in Amerika waarop de bevolking smeekt om nu eindelijk die ontwapening door te voeren. En dat is precies wat de bedoeling is, zoals al duidelijk werd beschreven in een boek uit 1991, waarin wordt uitgelegd hoe de…

bewijs dat de maanleugens echt zijn (video)

Feb 21st 2018, 20:19, by

Gelukkig voor de machthebbers is het grootste deel van de bevolking al zo afgestompt dat ze zelf niet of nauwelijks meer nadenken. Mensen die dat nog wel doen, komen soms op gedachten waarbij je mond openvalt: zo simpel is het om aan te tonen dat we worden bedonderd.

CNN op zoek naar Russen, bij Oma

Feb 21st 2018, 20:16, by Blik Op NOSjournaal

Het Corrupte Nieuws Netwerk (CNN) weet niet meer waar ze zoeken moeten en komen dan uiteindelijk bij een oma uit ergens in de provincie… M

Communiqué van de Galactische Federatie

Feb 21st 2018, 19:50, by World Unity

Enkele weken geleden hebben we een video geplaatst waarin Ashtar een waarschuwing richtte aan de “elite” Hieronder een video, die je zou kunnen beschouwen als het vervolg op de “L…

De Godinnen Vortex Meditatie; de kracht, de werking, en het belang ervan voor onze bevrijding / 21 februari 2018

Feb 21st 2018, 19:43, by Wakkeremensen

De Godinnen Vortex Meditatie; de kracht, de werking, en het belang ervan voor onze bevrijding 21 februari 2018 In Cobra’s post van 18-

Wat kunnen we leren van de Maya’s voor de toekomst van onze landbouw? | MENU VAN MORGEN

Feb 21st 2018, 19:30, by Universiteit van Nederland

Met de overbevolking op aarde én de avocado- en quinoa-hype, wordt het de hoogste tijd dat we een lesje van de maya’s leren. Want alle innovaties daargelaten

Voorbereiding is het halve werk

Feb 21st 2018, 18:40, by Marjolein in het klein

Het lijkt er op dat we het toch nog mee gaan maken, winter in Nederland. Een stroom koude lucht zorgt vanaf het weekend voor temperaturen ’s nachts tot onder -10. De Russische Beer noemen ze dit verschijnsel ook wel, ijskoude lucht uit Siberië die soms zelfs ons landje bereikt. Overdag…

In mijn hele carrière heb ik nog nooit zoiets gezien. Verbazing en verwarring alom na UFO boven Oregon

Feb 21st 2018, 18:00, by NineForNews

Op 25 oktober vorig jaar verscheen op klaarlichte dag een UFO boven de Amerikaanse staat Oregon. Er werden straaljagers op afgestuurd.

De alternatieve tijdlijn 21.2.2018

Feb 21st 2018, 17:18, by LeefBewust

De alternatieve tijdlijn 21.2.2018

Ketonendrank kan de bloedsuikerspiegel verlagen

Feb 21st 2018, 17:17, by LeefBewust

Ketonendrank kan de bloedsuikerspiegel verlagen

Kan uvc licht de verspreiding van griep voorkomen?

Feb 21st 2018, 17:17, by LeefBewust

Kan uvc licht de verspreiding van griep voorkomen?

Bloedverdunners kunnen het risico op een beroerte verhogen

Feb 21st 2018, 17:17, by LeefBewust

Bloedverdunners kunnen het risico op een beroerte verhogen

De Godinnen Vortex Meditatie; de kracht, de werking, en het belang ervan voor onze bevrijding

Feb 21st 2018, 17:00, by The Event-NL

In Cobra’s post van 18-2, De Kracht van de Godin, legt hij uit hoe belangrijk het is dat wij nu allemaal zo vaak als mogelijk is de Godinnen Meditaties doen. De Godinnen Vortex meditatie tran…

Stevig winterweer in het verschiet (deel 16)

Feb 21st 2018, 16:50, by Noodweer

Het venijn van deze winter zit duidelijk in de staart. Met het ontstaan van en krachtig hogedrukgebied boven Scandinavië en IJsland draait de wind in België naar het oosten. Arctische koude wordt rechtstreeks getransporteerd uit Siberië. Stevig winterweer met later sneeuw lijkt op komst.

VS stuurt meer oorlogsschepen naar Zwarte Zee

Feb 21st 2018, 16:30, by Geotrendlines

De Amerikaanse marine gaat meer oorlogsschepen naar de Zwarte Zee sturen als reactie op een toegenomen aanwezigheid van Rusland in het

New Large Animal Study, Like NTP’s, Links RF to Schwannoma of the Heart

Feb 21st 2018, 16:20, by StopUMTS

New Large Animal Study, Like NTP’s, Links RF to Schwannoma of the Heart

In deze stad wordt al jarenlang een mysterieus brommend geluid gehoord, en niemand weet waarom

Feb 21st 2018, 16:00, by NineForNews

Al jaren wordt een Canadese stad geplaagd door een mysterieus brommend geluid. Niemand weet waar het vandaan komt. Dat schrijft de New York Times.

SOTT FOCUS: Schoolschietpartij Florida: Een Cultuur van Narcistisch Voorrecht en Wrok

Feb 21st 2018, 15:30, by Signs of the Times

Nog een schoolschietpartij in de VS, nog een ronde van onbenullig gekibbel, vingerwijzerij en oproepen tot het ‘uitbannen van wapens’ aan de ene kant en ‘het afrekenen met het geestelijk gezondheidsprobleem’ aan de andere kant. Zoals geldt voor

Venezuela haalt $735 miljoen op met nieuwe cryptomunt

Feb 21st 2018, 15:22, by Geotrendlines

De regering van Venezuela heeft $735 miljoen opgehaald met de uitgifte van een nieuwe virtuele munt die gedekt wordt door

Elektromagnetische velden en het endocriene systeem

Feb 21st 2018, 15:20, by StopUMTS

Elektromagnetische velden en het endocriene systeem

Noppies introduceert tegen EMV / straling beschermende kleding voor zwangere vrouwen

Feb 21st 2018, 15:20, by StopUMTS

Noppies introduceert tegen EMV / straling beschermende kleding voor zwangere vrouwen

Elza maakt kunst van plastic afval

Feb 21st 2018, 15:00, by hetkanwel

Op de Nederlandse stranden liggen per 100 meter 380 stuks afval, veelal plastic. Maar van dat plastic afval kun je mooie dingen maken, laat Elza Zijlstra zien.

Het “Oog” komt eraan…

Feb 21st 2018, 14:46, by Anton Teuben

Onderstaande weergave van 2 sessies,  interviews met een hoger bewustzijn, dat werd geinterviewd door ene Michael, bevat zeer interessante informatie. De persoon, via wie het hogere bewustzijn doorkomt, ene G, bevindt zich in een zg somnambulistische staat van trance. Hij heeft hier geen…

Communiqué van de Galactische Federatie

Feb 21st 2018, 14:18, by Anton Teuben

Enkele weken geleden hebben we een video geplaatst waarin Ashtar een waarschuwing richtte aan de “elite” Hieronder een video, die je zou kunnen beschouwen als het vervolg op de “Laatste Waarschuwing aan de Elite“. Kijk, en oordeel zelf. Wij wilden jullie deze boodschap niet…

EU-ontwikkelingshulp: een instrument in de opbouw van Fort Europa

Feb 21st 2018, 14:04, by Globalinfo

Na twee ronden gepalaver hebben het Europees Parlement en de Raad ingestemd met het verhogen van Europese investeringen in Afrikaanse en naburige landen als deel van haar Extern Investeringsplan.

Het voelt alsof ik ben vrijgelaten uit de gevangenis en verlost ben van slavernij. Dit vinden Finnen van het basisinkomen

Feb 21st 2018, 14:00, by NineForNews

Een groep Finse werklozen krijgt sinds vorig jaar elke maand een basisinkomen. Het project trekt wereldwijd de aandacht. Dat meldt HLN.

Engeland: smart meters – experts fear a Trojan horse-style cyber attack

Feb 21st 2018, 14:00, by StopUMTS

Engeland: smart meters – experts fear a Trojan horse-style cyber attack

Het raadgevend referendum is afgeschaft en daar komt geen nader te negeren referendum over

Feb 21st 2018, 12:50, by Martin Vrijland

Je hebt zinloos geweld en zinloos gedemonstreer, maar je hebt ook zinloze politiek over een zinloze discussie aangaande het zinloos gebleken raadgevend referendum. Thierry Baudet deed erg zijn best om zijn zinloze rol in de kamer nog enigszins zinvol te doen lijken, maar Kajsa Ollongren zit…

Omdenkworkshop over communicatie

Feb 21st 2018, 12:46, by Omdenken

Interactieve mix over omdenken in communicatie. Een kijkje in de spiegel. Succes verzekerd. Voor meer informatie:

Afschaffen raadgevend referendum is afschaffen van de nog weinig overgebleven democratie

Feb 21st 2018, 12:29, by Geen Nieuws

Meteen na afloop van het debat heeft de Kamer gestemd over de motie van wantrouwen van Baudet tegen  Kafka Ollongren. 23 Kamerleden stemmen voor en 93 tegen. De motie is daardoor verworpen. En om u een idee te geven hoe (on) belangrijk uw volksvertegenwoordigers deze zaak vonden, slechts het FvD,

Overlevenden schietpartij in Florida worden ingezet als politieke pionnen. Dit is wat Soros hiermee te maken heeft

Feb 21st 2018, 12:10, by NineForNews

The Gateway Pundit is naar eigen zeggen benaderd door de vader van één van de overlevenden van de dodelijke schietpartij in Florida.

Cees Veerman (Postcode Loterij) redt gezicht overheid

Feb 21st 2018, 12:07, by Interessante Tijden

De Telegraaf meldt dat de Rijksoverheid nu bestuurder bij de Postcode Loterij Cees Veerman (ex-minister LNV) inhuurt, om in Frankrijk te lobbyen tot behoud van de pulsvisserij. Kern van het probleem voor vissers is echter de Nederlandse Staat, die ‘De Fransen’ aangrijpt

Letland: Corruptie is Russisch nepnieuws

Feb 21st 2018, 12:06, by

Er is een “grote waarschijnlijkheid” dat de recente beschuldigingen van corruptie in Letland onderdeel zijn van een bredere informatiecampagne van buiten met als doel om Letland in disk…

Straks wordt een falend internetfilter de baas op het internet – kom in actie!

Feb 21st 2018, 11:12, by Bits of Freedom

Europese beleidsmakers werken aan het grootste internetfilter dat we ooit in Europa hebben gezien. Het filter bepaalt straks wat jij op internet mag zeggen – en wat niet. Maar filters falen regelmatig. Hier zijn een paar van de grootste fails.

Kurkuma, zeer krachtig in combinatie met deze 2 antioxidanten

Feb 21st 2018, 11:02, by GoedGezond

Over kurkuma valt weer veel positiefs te melden. Eén onderzoek meldt hoe krachtig kurkuma is in combinatie met twee andere polyfenolen: resveratrol (uit cacao en druiven) en epicatechine-gallaat (u…

#38 Jaloezie

Feb 21st 2018, 11:00, by Inspirerend Leven

Eens reed ik met een medespeler in een theaterstuk enige keren per week naar een theater ergens in het land, waar de mannen van de techniek het decor al opgebouwd…

Benjamin Fulford: Financiële mega strijd escaleert later in februari, vroeg in maart /19 februari 2018

Feb 21st 2018, 10:55, by Wakkeremensen

Financiële mega strijd escaleert later in februari, vroeg in maart 19 februari 2018 / Benjamin Fulford De geheime strijd om de pla

De overvloed van innerlijke helderheid door meester Sananda / Gechanneld via Natalie Glasson – 16 februari 2018

Feb 21st 2018, 10:43, by Wakkeremensen

De overvloed van innerlijke helderheid door meester Sananda Gechanneld via Natalie Glasson – 16 februari 2018 Oorspronkelijke bron: S

Trump en de Reset

Feb 21st 2018, 10:18, by The Final Wakeup Call

Fake schulden aan de Banken behoeven niet te worden terugbetaald   Geopolitieke veranderingen die hebben plaatsgevonden: Dankzij Hillary Clinton is Iran nu de dominante macht in het Midden-Oosten. Het is al lang bekend dat Hillary Clinton in het geheim werd

Zet de verwarming 3 graden lager en je kunt 13 jaar eerder stoppen met werken

Feb 21st 2018, 10:00, by Gerhard Hormann

Afgelopen maandag stond ik in diverse regionale kranten in een artikel over de manier waarop je een vroegpensioen kunt organiseren en invull

Blockchain democratie: geen politici meer

Feb 21st 2018, 10:00, by Vrijspreker

Bezoek het bericht voor meer.

Jim Rogers: “Volgende bear market wordt ergste in de geschiedenis”

Feb 21st 2018, 09:31, by Geotrendlines

Volgens beleggingsgoeroe Jim Rogers zal de volgende bear market de meest heftige zijn die we ooit hebben meegemaakt. In een besprek

Boodschap van Jezus Christus / 9 februari 2018 – Trudy Hekkert

Feb 21st 2018, 09:30, by Wakkeremensen

Boodschap van Jezus Christus 9 februari 2018 – Trudy Hekkert Lieve mensen zet jullie hart meer open! Geef jezelf de liefde die je v

ZELF STAPPEN ZETTEN Door Trienke Minkema

Feb 21st 2018, 09:30, by Wakkeremensen

ZELF STAPPEN ZETTEN Door Trienke Minkema Bij velen onder u is er een daadwerkelijk verlangen om zich met de Christusenergie te wil

Op deze dag van je leven / 21 februari 2018 / Neal Donald Walsch

Feb 21st 2018, 09:15, by Wakkeremensen

21 februari 2018 / Neal Donald Walsch Op deze dag van je leven, geloof ik dat God wil dat je weet… … dat een ingeving engelen

Rutte maakt naam nieuwe Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken bekend

Feb 21st 2018, 09:02, by Geen Nieuws

Het heeft even op zich laten wachten, totdat premier Rutte in het slinkend aantal betrouwbare VVD politici een keuze heeft kunnen maken wie Halbe Zijlstra op gaat volgen als Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken.  Zoals u wellicht heeft gelezen voerde de VVD voor het 6e opeenvolgende jaar  de…

Aartsengel Gabriël Dagelijkse Boodschap / 20 februari 2018 / via Shelley Young

Feb 21st 2018, 09:00, by Wakkeremensen

Aartsengel Gabriël Dagelijkse Boodschap 20 februari 2018 / via Shelley Young Een verbazingwekkend iets gebeurt wanneer je va

Arrestatie Timothy Holmseth houdt verband met schietpartij en corruptie in Florida

Feb 21st 2018, 08:55, by Ella Ster

Gisteren is onderzoeksjournalist Timothy Holmseth gearresteerd. Hij bereidt samen met de CIA en FBI een rechtszaak voor om een groot internationaal elite pedonetwerk voor de rechtbank te brengen. Het gaat om een internationaal pedonetwerk waarin kinderen via onder andere ambassades…

Peter Thiel vertrekt uit Silicon Valley

Feb 21st 2018, 08:54, by Vrijspreker

Investeerder Peter Thiel gaat zijn bedrijven en woning verplaatsen van San Francisco naar Los Angeles zo bericht de Wall Street Journal. Ook voert hij gesprekken met Facebook of hij al dan niet in …

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Een vergeten lied over sterk opkomende hartepijn

Feb 21st 2018, 19:00, by Arnold J. van der Kluft

Nadat ik deze op de lokale radio had gedraaid ging de telefoon. De programmaleider. “Wat draaide je daar nou?” Wonderlijk, hij had het moeten kennen. Op het snijvlak van beat, R&B en country, Brenda Lee in 1966, een genre op zichzelf. “Het nummer waar Golden Earring het over heeft in Radar love,” was mijn antwoord. Het zei hem niets. U ook niet? Een vergeten song… Comin’ on strong, comin’ on strong I can feel the heartaches Comin’ on strong I can feel the teardrops, the pain, and the sorrow Ever since you’ve been gone, they’ been Comin’ on strong Pain, come on in, hello sorrow I see you’re back again Teardrops, glad you dropped by ‘Cause you can help drown my pride And since you’re here, time seems just fine To let you know that you’re gonna be with me ‘Til I lose my mind But you’ve been gone Much too long and I can feel the heartaches Comin’ on strong Only thing you left me, was misery for company And memories of a love gone wrong, that keep Comin’ on strong. Comin’ on strong Comin’ on strong. Comin’ on strong Comin’ on strong. Comin’ on strong Coming on strong, Brenda Lee, 1966.

Nederrockklassieker du jour: Radar Love

Feb 21st 2018, 18:00, by Pyt van der Galiën

Een schande dat de Golden Earring nog nooit voorbijgekomen is op deze site, het is de met afstand meest succesvolle Nederlandse band ooit. Ook internationaal deed de band het goed, al heeft ze door omstandigheden nooit echt een vervolg kunnen geven aan de megaklapper Radar Love. Jammer, want als één Nederlandse band internationaal succes verdiende, dan was het de Earring. In de vroege jaren ’70 kon de band zich meten met vrijwel elke Amerikaanse of Britse act. Zelfs Homer Simpson was fan!   I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hand’s wet on the wheel There’s a voice in my head that drives my heel It’s my baby callin’, says I need you here And it’s a half past four and I’m shiftin’ gear When she is lonely and the longing gets too much She sends a cable comin’ in from above Don’t need no phone at all We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love We’ve got a wave in the air, radar love The radio is playing some forgotten song Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong The road has got me hypnotized And I’m speedin’ into a new sunrise When I get lonely and I’m sure I’ve had enough She sends her comfort comin’ in from above We don’t need no letter at all We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love We’ve got a light in the sky, radar love No more speed, I’m almost there Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care Last car to pass, here I go And the line of cars drove down real slow And the radio played that forgotten song Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong And the newsman sang his same song Oh one more radar lover gone When I get lonely and I’m sure I’ve had enough She sends her comfort comin’ […]

Rechtse lastercampagne tegen scholieren die schietpartij in Florida overleefden

Feb 21st 2018, 17:00, by Pyt van der Galiën

Rechtse Amerikaanse blogs hebben de aanval geopend op de scholieren die zich na de moordpartij op een school in Parkland, Florida uitspreken tegen het wijdverspreide wapenbezit in de VS. Volgens Jim Hoff’s Gateway Pundit en Alex Jones’ InfoWars zijn het geen scholieren, maar ingehuurde crisisacteurs. Inmiddels gaat deze volstrekt krankzinnige complottheorie viral op sociale media.  Vorige week woensdag schoot een rechtse gun nut zeventien mensen dood op een middelbare school in Parkland, Florida. Eigenlijk niks bijzonders: het was al de zeventiende school shooting in de VS dit jaar. Het verschil was dat dit keer de scholieren die de slachting overleefden besloten dat het genoeg geweest was. Scholieren hebben geen zin meer te dienen als schietschijf voor elke gefrustreerde gek die op zoek is naar zijn eigen 15 minutes of fame.  Rechtse blogs openden onmiddellijk de aanval op scholieren als Emma Gonzalez en David Hogg, die zich in de media uitspraken voor strengere wapenwetgeving. In rechtse kringen is strengere wapenwetgeving absoluut anathema: zelfs het aanscherpen van de wetgeving voor de aankoop van semi-automatische wapens is in dat circuit onbespreekbaar. Volgens Gateway Pundit en InfoWars – om de twee meest vooraanstaande rechtse complotblogs te noemen – zijn Gonzalez en Hogg geen scholieren, maar ingehuurde acteurs die tot taak hebben de schietpartij ‘erger te maken dan hij is'(!). Een van de woordvoerders van de scholieren, David Hogg, is de zoon van een voormalige FBI-agent. Dat leidde tot speculaties dat papa Hogg zijn zoon instructies in zou fluisteren, een theorie die op de instemming van Trump’s zoon Donald Jr. kon rekenen: This is how absurd, gaslighting “crisis actor” theories go viral. One @facebook post from this person has 111,000+ shares. Another has 23,000. This is one person, two posts. Imagine the millions and millions of people crackpot theories like this are reaching and influencing. […]

60 procent minder illegale immigranten naar Europa

Feb 21st 2018, 14:00, by Sjaak Scheele

In 2017 heeft de Europese grenswacht Frontex 204.718 illegale overschrijdingen van de Europese buitengrenzen geteld tegenover 511.046 gevallen in 2016. Dit is een daling van 60 procent. Ten opzichte van het aantal van 1.822.177 uit 2015 betekent het zelfs een afname met 89 procent. Hoewel Syriërs met 19.447 nog steeds de grootste groep vormden, is hun aantal sterk afgenomen ten opzichte van de 88.551 in 2016 en minder dan gedecimeerd ten opzichte van de 594.059 in 2015. Voor Irakezen zijn soortgelijke, hoewel minder drastische cijfers te zien: van 101.275 in 2015 naar 32.068 in 2016 en naar 10.168 in 2017. Deze cijfers volgen het verloop van de strijd van IS in Syrië en Irak, waar IS in 2017 de facto verslagen werd. Na het einde van de oorlog in Syrië en Irak blijft er een toestroom van illegale migranten naar Europa. Die is echter beperkt en ver verwijderd van een tsunami aan asielzoekers, waarmee uiterst rechtse figuren hun komst aan de bevolkingsgroep van bange xenofoben als een gevaar schetsen.

Israel sloopt

Feb 21st 2018, 13:30, by Nieuwsredactie

De gemeente Jeruzalem heeft woensdag in Beit Hanina in het noorden van Jeruzalem een kleine winkel gesloopt. Volgens een correspondent van het agentschap Wafa gebeurde dat met een bulldozer. De reden was dat de winkel was gebouwd zonder vergunning. Vorige week woensdag de 14e werden in het district Hebron twee huizen van drie verdiepingen gesloopt die toebehoorden aan Anwar Sonoqrot en Ahmad al-Tamimi. Ze stonden in Beit Kahel ten westen van de stad Hebron. Lees verder bij de bron van dit artikel) Via:: Abu Pessoptimist

Regels zijn regels en ons kunnen ze niets maken: vierjarige wordt uitgezet

Feb 21st 2018, 13:00, by Nieuwsredactie

Sommige berichten zijn zo ongelooflijk dat ze wel waar moeten zijn: Haar moeder en overgrootmoeder mogen in Nederland blijven, de 4-jarige Deedee uit Waddinxveen niet. Zij dreigt binnenkort te worden uitgezet naar Liberia, ook al heeft of kent ze daar niemand. En dus is er protest. De directeur van de basisschool van Deedee – volledige naam Dekontee Elisha Grigsby – maakt zich grote zorgen over het meisje. Over vier weken moet Deedee ons land verlaten. Dat is het gevolg van een fout van haar overgrootmoeder. Die nam het meisje in 2016 mee naar Liberia. Toen ze terugkeerde in Nederland werd niet de juiste procedure gevolgd en daardoor heeft Deedee geen geldige verblijfsvergunning. Bron, verder lezen. En om vijf uur gaat de desbetreffende ambtenaar gerust naar huis. De regels, daar moet je je aan houden.

Colombia bereidt oorlog tegen Venezuela voor

Feb 21st 2018, 10:00, by bij de Buren

Tussen Colombia en Venezuela nemen de spanningen toe. De VS zenden troepen naar het grensgebied, terwijl de Colombiaanse regering leden van de Venezolaanse oppositie laat samenkomen, om een mogelijke militaire invasie voor te bereiden. De Venezolaanse auteur en analist internationale politiek Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein ziet het somber. De titel van een recent artikel van zijn hand luidt: “Het bevel voor de strijd is gegeven: de oorlog van Santos tegen Venezuela”. (Santos is de huidige president van Colombia). Gelfenstein is voormalig directeur Internationale Relaties van het kabinet van de president van Venezuela. Hij citeert de negentiende-eeuwse Pruisische generaal Von Clausewitz: ‘Oorlog is de voortzetting van de politiek met andere middelen.’ Sovjetleider Lenin voegde eraan toe: ‘Met gewelddadige middelen.’ (Lees verder bij de bron van dit artikel) Via::

“Ze houden nu eenmaal meer van hun schiettuig dan van hun kinderen”

Feb 21st 2018, 09:00, by Arnold J. van der Kluft

Dit is de volledige toespraak, althans de meest complete plaatsing ervan, van Emma González, leerlinge van de Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Kun je zo welbespraakt zijn op je achttiende, vraagt de vaste ultrarechtse jankbende zich af. Ja, dat kun je. En zij is gedreven door haar ervaring: overlevende van een schietpartij op haar school door een rechtse extremist. Voor wie meteen alle gevoeligheden die bij zijn kleurtje horen uit de kast getrokken worden: verward, ongelukkige jeugd, rustige jongen die weliswaar een vlieg wel kwaad doet maar enzovoort enzovoort blabla. Het kwaad in de VS is minder dan banaal. González zegt de figuur die voor president van de Verenigde Staten doorgaat de waarheid. Zij is niet de enige van die school, de overlevenden spreken en zeggen dat het afgelopen moet zijn met het vrijelijk rondlopen met schiettuig. Ja, woede en verdriet kunnen spraakzaam maken, en wat men zegt zal de machtigen niet bevallen. Uw “gedachten en gebeden” kunnen ons niet schelen, ze helpen ons niet en – wij geloven er niet in. De macht in de VS dient alleen nog het grote geld, waar uiteraard de wapenindustrie bij hoort. Vrije verkoop van moordmiddelen en de bijbehorende “vrijheid” het op een moorden te zetten en achteraf krokodillentranen te vergieten dienen behouden te blijven. De scholieren die de aanslag overleefd hebben worden al “activist” genoemd, wat schandalig genoeg is: zij zijn getraumatiseerd maar laten door hun echte psychische verwonding iets weten wat de macht niet wil horen. Dus gaat de strontkar van de usual suspects over de overlevende ooggetuigen van die school heen. Maar hoe verschrikkelijk de aanleiding ook is, Emma González en haar medeleerlingen bieden hoop. “Wij zijn niet de individualisten die alleen in onszelf geïnteresserd zijn, zoals the companies het willen voorstellen om ons onderworpen te doen […]

DR Congo komt dicht bij “humanitaire ramp van uitzonderlijke omvang”

Feb 21st 2018, 08:00, by bij de Buren

Het zuidoosten van de Democratische Republiek Congo staat dicht bij een “humanitaire ramp van uitzonderlijke omvang”, zegt de vertegenwoordiger van de UNHRC, de VN-Raad voor vluchtelingen. Het geweld in de zuidoostelijke provincie Tanganyika breidt zich uit. Partnerorganisaties van de UNHRC (UN Human Rights Council) registreerden 800 incidenten in de eerste helft van februari alleen al. “Mensen die voor hun leven vluchten in de buurt van de provinciehoofdstad Kalemie vertellen verhalen over verschrikkelijk geweld tijdens aanvallen op hun dorpen, met onder meer moorden, ontvoeringen en verkrachtingen”, zegt UNHRC-woordvoerder Andrej Mahecic. (Lees verder bij de bron van dit artikel) Via::

Garageklassieker du jour: It’s cold outside

Feb 20th 2018, 20:00, by Arnold J. van der Kluft

Serendipisch speurgeluk – ik zocht iets anders en zag plotseling in het menu ter rechterzijde op zeker kanaal de Band The Choir, met It’s cold outside. Als mijn herinnering mij goed dient werd het in de laatste dagen op Caroline in 1968 veel gedraaid, toen was de single zeker een jaar oud. Maar zoiets kan gebeuren. Well My World Used To Be Sunny And Jokes Used To Be Funny But Now You’re Gone And Everything’s Turned Around Well My World Used To Be Warm And There Never Was A Storm But Now You’re Gone And Everything‘s Turned Upside Down And Now It’s Cold Outside And The Rain Is Pouring Down And The Leaves Are Turning Brown Can’t You See? That Now It’s Cold Outside And It’s All Because Of You ‘Cause There’s Nothing I Can Do To Make You Love Me Well My World Used To Be Sunny And Jokes Used To Be Funny But Now You’re Gone And Everything’s Turned Around Well My World Used To Be Warm And There Never Was A Storm But Now You’re Gone And Everything‘s Turned Upside Down And Now It’s Cold Outside And The Rain Is Pouring Down And The Leaves Are Turning Brown Can’t You See? That Now It’s Cold Outside And It’s All Because Of You ‘Cause There’s Nothing I Can Do To Make You Love Me And Now It’s Cold Outside And The Rain Is Pouring Down And The Leaves Are Turning Brown Can’t You See? That Now It’s Cold Outside And It’s All Because Of You ‘Cause There’s Nothing I Can Do To Make You Love Me To Make You Love Me To Make You Love Me To Make You Love Me

Nederbeatklassieker du jour: Somebody Will Know Someday

Feb 20th 2018, 19:00, by Pyt van der Galiën

De gloriedagen van de polderblues, met Harry Muskee (zang), Eelco Gelling (gitaar) en Herman Brood (piano). Vooral Brood is hier fantastisch in vorm. Cuby werd ook buiten de polder gewaardeerd: de band trad  op samen met grootheden als Van Morrison en John Mayall. Na ‘Groeten uit Grolloo’ (het Drentse dorp van waaruit de band opereerde) ging het mis omdat Herman achter de tralies belandde wegens het bezit van verboden stimulerende middelen. Uiteindelijk zou Brood wegens aanhoudend dopemisbruik uit de band geknikkerd worden. Daarna is het eigenlijk nooit meer goed gekomen. In 1976 vertrok Eelco Gelling naar de Golden Earring en leek het definitief afgelopen. In 2009 volgde er echter een reünie-album dat het tot ieders verrassing goed deed en de gouden status behaalde. Harry Muskee heeft niet lang van de herwonnen roem mogen genieten, in 2011 overleed hij aan de gevolgen van leverkanker. Hij heeft de opening van het C + B Museum in Grolloo in maart van dat jaar nog net mee mogen maken.

Betrekkingen tussen Israël en Zuid-Afrika op springen

Feb 20th 2018, 18:00, by Arnold J. van der Kluft

In de dagen van de apartheid in Zuid-Afrika waren Israël en Zuid-Afrika dikke vrinden. Tot op het punt dat ze naar vermoed wordt samen aan De Bom werkten. Een Bom waarvan Israël steeds het bestaan ontkent en bovendien zijn het er niet zoveel als geschat wordt… Maar hoewel Mandela na zijn dood schielijk tot Knuffelbeer werd uitgeroepen is het post-apartheid-Zuid-Afrika geen Grote Vriend van Israël meer. Desmond Tutu daalde op de knuffelberenlijst toen hij de dingen bij hun naam noemde: Israël is een apartheidsstaat. Zuid-Afrika heeft vriendelijk doch beslist Israëlische hulp in verband met de droogte in Kaapstad afgewezen. En inmiddels heeft het ANC, de meerderheidspartij, zich uitgesproken voor het verbreken van de diplomatieke betrekkingen. Het voortdurend saboteren van het allang niet meer bestaande vredesproces en de erbij horende tweestatenoplossing geeft de doorslag. Zegt de minister van buitenlandse zaken.

Raad van state: geen referendum nodig over referendumwet

Feb 20th 2018, 16:30, by Pyt van der Galiën

Zeg maar dag met je handje tegen het referendum: de Raad van State (RvS) heeft vandaag het kabinet het groene licht gegeven om het referendum af te schaffen. Tegenstanders van afschaffing voerden aan dat het kabinet een referendum zou moeten organiseren over de afschaffing, maar dat standpunt is volgens de RvS juridisch niet houdbaar. Volgens de RvS kan de wetgever (regering en parlement) ten alle tijde terugkomen op eerder vastgestelde wetten. De wetgever heeft in dat opzicht de handen vrij. Daaruit volgt logisch dat de wetgever kan besluiten een wet die volgens de Wet raadgevend referendum referendabel zou zijn, niet te onderwerpen aan een referendum. De argumentatie van het kabinet is op dat punt juridisch sluitend. De RvS laat zich niet uit over de vraag of het besluit van het kabinet politiek wenselijk is. Het adviesorgaan wijst erop dat “juridisch houdbaar” niet gelijk staat aan “politiek wenselijk”. Het is echter aan de wetgever zélf daarover een oordeel te vellen. Het advies van de RvS betekent dat formeel niets de afschaffing van het raadgevend referendum nog in de weg staat. De regeringspartijen beschikken in de Tweede Kamer over een meerderheid, dus dat was dan dat (en good riddance). Bron

Laat die heiligverklaring maar zitten

Feb 20th 2018, 16:00, by bij de Buren

Is Hij heilig verklaard? Is Hij voorgedragen voor de Nobelprijs voor de Vrede? Is Hij uit de doden opgestaan? De aandacht die Hij de afgelopen dagen heeft gekregen, doet zoiets vermoeden. Wie Hij is, zeg je? Ik heb het over Ruud Lubbers, vorige week overleden en inmiddels tot Historisch Figuur van Belang opgevijzeld in de diverse terugblikken. Het proces was al langer gaande, maar bereikte vorige week een wanstaltig hoogtepunt. Hier wordt een mythe neergezet: Redder van de Economie, subtiel onderhandelaar die Nederland wat kruisraketten heeft gevrijwaard. Tegenover zulke bedwelmende mythevorming is een werkzaam historisch en kritisch geheugen een noodzakelijk tegengif. Want enige realiteitszin mag daartegen wel in stelling worden gebracht. Ruud Lubbers was om te beginnen ondernemer, mede-eigenaar van metaalbedrijf Hollandia Kloos. Hij studeerde economie en werd, als vanzelfsprekend voor een politiek bewust katholieke zakenman, lid van de Katholieke Volkspartij KVP. Dat was, naast de Anti-Revolutionaire Partij ARP en de Christelijk-Historische Unie CHU, één van de partijen die later op zouden gaan in het CDA. Rond 1970 gonsde het in KVP en ARP: de jaren zestig lieten ook deze partijen niet onberoerd, er ontwikkelden zich stromingen van linkse christenen die aandacht wilden voor armoedebestrijding en internationale solidariteit, voor sociale rechtvaardigheid, milieubehoud en democratisering. Lubbers was betrokken bij deze progressief-christelijke richting. Maar hij was ook ondernemerszoon. Toen progressieve christenen zich van de KVP en de ARP afsplitsten en samen met andere linkse mensen de Politieke Partij Radikalen (PPR) vormden, ging Lubbers niet mee. Gaat het te ver om te zeggen dat zijn gevoelde klassenbelang als ondernemer zich met succes verzette tegen het volgen van de progressieve impulsen die hij ongetwijfeld ook gevoeld zal hebben? (Lees verder bij de bron van dit artikel) Via:: ravotr

25 februari, Soesterberg: lawaaiprotest tegen het opsluiten van vluchtelingen

Feb 20th 2018, 15:00, by bij de Buren

Op 25 februari organiseert Sloop Kamp Zeist een lawaaidemonstratie tegen het opsluiten van vluchtelingen bij Kamp Zeist, een bajes voor mensen zonder papieren. De Nederlandse staat wil hen uitzetten, en tot die tijd worden ze opgesloten. Deze demonstratie is specifiek bedoeld om twee Afghaanse vluchtelingen te steunen die zijn opgepakt bij een razzia in de bed-, bad-, brood-opvang in Drachten. Lawaaiprotest Zondag 25 februari Vanaf 13:00 uur Kruising Kampweg/Richelleweg Soesterberg Facebookevent Uit de oproeptekst: “Op 4 januari 2018 is in Drachten een noodopvang voor vluchtelingen binnengevallen door de vreemdelingenpolitie. Zeven mensen werden gearresteerd, omdat zij volgens de politie geen verblijfsstatus hadden. Onder hen waren twee zeer jonge Afghanen die nog steeds gevangen worden gehouden in Kamp Zeist. De twee Afghaanse mannen in detentie vrezen voor deportatie. Meerdere organisaties, waaronder Amnesty International, pleiten voor een stop op alle gedwongen terugkeer naar Afghanistan. Het conflict in Afghanistan heeft al tienduizenden burgers het leven gekost en mensenrechten worden dagelijks geschonden. Geen enkel deel van het land kan dus als veilig worden beschouwd. Desondanks blijft Nederland mensen naar Afghanistan deporteren.” Afgelopen zondag was er een internationale actiedag tegen het uitzetten van mensen naar Afghanistan, georganiseerd door Amnesty International. Duizenden mensen in heel Europa hebben toen laten horen dat niemand tegen zijn of haar wil teruggestuurd behoort te worden naar Afghanistan. En vluchtelingen en migranten zonder papieren zouden sowieso niet opgesloten mogen worden. Vluchtelingen uit Afghanistan niet, en ook niet mensen zonder verblijfsrecht die uit andere landen afkomstig zijn. Kom daarom naar het lawaaiprotest, neem je potten, pannen, fluitjes en trommels mee, en steek de mensen die vastzitten een hart onder de riem. – Overgenomen van Doorbraak

Houden vlinders van mest?

Feb 20th 2018, 14:00, by bij de Buren

Bemesting is niet goed voor vlinders. Door het bemesten van graslanden verdwijnen de bloemen en veranderen ze in saaie groene vlaktes. Ook in natuurgebieden zien we een afname van vlinders onder invloed van verrijking, met name door stikstof. Toch blijkt uit een Duitse studie dat kleine vossen en dagpauwogen het beter doen op bemeste dan op onbemeste waardplanten. Hoe zit dat in Nederland? Brandnetel, de waardplant waarop de rupsen van dagpauwoog en kleine vos leven, is een stikstofliefhebber. Hij groeit vooral goed op plaatsen waar de bodem voedselrijk is of waar door verstoring veel voedingsstoffen vrijkomen. Als je bijvoorbeeld maait maar niet afvoert, gaat de afgemaaide vegetatie rotten, waardoor veel voedingsstoffen vrijkomen. Dat soort plekken zijn ideaal voor stikstofminners zoals brandnetel. Brandnetelvlinders als kleine vos en dagpauwoog vinden in onze moderne landschappen een gedekte tafel: er zijn veel meer brandnetels dan vroeger. Lees verder bij de bron, de Vlinderstichting

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thumbnailHow to Ground Your Energy

Feb 21st 2018, 03:08, by (RiseEarth)

by Tanaaz; Forever Conscious

Do you feel grounded and rooted in your being?

When you are grounded you are not only connected to Mother Earth but you are also rooted in your being and in the essence of who you are.

Being grounded basically means you are centered in your self and with the physical, mental and emotional space that you are currently in.

Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy where you are currently at, when you take a moment to center and root your being to the ground, you instantly give yourself a launching pad to spring from.

Having a launching pad allows you to sink deeper into the earth so you can set your roots in order to branch out and grow taller. Just like a tree, the stronger the roots, the healthier and more lush you can grow.

Often times however, life can bring us certain situations, events or feelings that can knock us off our launching pad. Usually this is temporary and is always to serve a higher purpose.

Sometimes the launching pad needs to be moved, re-shaped, re-defined or completely changed and often this process can leave us feeling confused, stressed, all over the place, chaotic, unmotivated or stuck.
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thumbnailLower Blood Pressure In A Single Minute, Treat A Tumor And Thoroughly Clean Your Liver In A Day Along With Beets!

Feb 21st 2018, 03:03, by (RiseEarth)

by Healthy & Tasty Recipes

Beets are among the best plants you are able to consume to deal with various entire body circumstances, it has a higher content of supplement C, A and dietary fiber, minerals, and numerous nutrients.

Veggies and goods of organic origin, tend to be characterized by their own effectiveness when compared with drugs as well as laboratory drugs.

Usually the usage of fruits, veggies is a lot more affordable than developed products, using the benefits of not having dangerous negative effects on the patient.

We’ll clarify better the reason for eating them and that we want to encourage you to include it in your daily diet.

In certain nations, beets are referred to as a beet, assists individuals in wellness because based on studies, these people improve blood circulation, delay the actual symptoms of aging as well as avoid cancer.

All these are the primary advantages of Betabel as well as how to make the most of them.

This naturally reduces blood pressure: it has a higher degree of nitrate, that when transformed into nitric o2 helps blood circulation.
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thumbnailPrepping: Billionaires Brace For The Apocalypse And New World Order

Feb 21st 2018, 03:03, by (RiseEarth)

by Mac Slavo;

In the event that the entire economy collapses and food and become scarce, billionaires are looking for high-end places to hold out and await the new world order. Many billionaires are now preparing for the apocalypse, and their survival plans don’t include anyone outside the global elites.

Peter Thiel, the billionaire behind PayPal, is among those tech giants who see New Zealand as a good place to go in the event of an apocalypse. New Zealand is seen as a particularly safe place for billionaires in the event of an apocalypse. In fact, Thiel has bought a $13.5 million 193-hectare section on the shores of Lake Wanaka, although the only building there at the moment is a barn (that can be seen).

According to the Mirror, plans show he is fitting a panic room in another property he owns in the country and he has been granted New Zealand citizenship in a streamlined process not available to normal (non-global elitists) members of the public. A rough and ready description of the attraction of New Zealand came last year in The New Yorker magazine, with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman suggesting the country had become shorthand for apocalypse insurance in Silicon Valley.
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thumbnailIs the Yellowstone Supervolcano Close to Erupting? Scientists Detect More Than 200 Earthquakesin Just 10 DAYS After Warning that Magma Below the Surface is Showing Signs of Strain

Feb 21st 2018, 03:02, by (RiseEarth)

by Cheyenne Macdonald;

Latest swarm began Feb 8, about 8mi northeast of West Yellowstone, Montana
As of February 18, the scientists say they've detected more than 200 quakes
Still, experts say the activity is 'relatively weak,' and alert level remains normal

A new swarm of earthquakes has cropped up at the Yellowstone supervolcano, with more than 200 small temblors detected in the last 10 days alone.

According to experts with the US Geological Survey, the latest swarm began on February 8 in a region roughly eight miles northeast of West Yellowstone, Montana – and, it’s increased dramatically in the days since.

Yellowstone is home to several faults, and has a long history of seismic activity. As natural processes occur beneath the surface and ‘stress effects’ from past events continue to maintain their hold, the area remains a ‘hotbed of seismicity and swarm activity,’ according to USGS

But for now, scientists say there’s no reason to worry.

While the earthquakes are likely caused by a combination of processes beneath the surface, the current activity is said to be ‘relatively weak,’ and the alert level at the supervolcano remains at ‘normal.’
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thumbnailGoodbye Organ Donation – Scientists Generated Healthy Lung Tissue From Man’s Own Stem Cells

Feb 20th 2018, 10:10, by (RiseEarth)

by Heather Callaghan; Natural Blaze

Breaking news – fantastic!

“The research signifies that the revival of human organs has stepped out of the lab and into clinical application.”

For the time being, research has seemingly ebbed from the use of embryonic stem cells. Not only for their controversy but also their expense, difficulty and inconsistent success rate. However, we have within ourselves regenerative stem cells that repair the body and go anywhere they are needed.

So they do not have the complications of other cell or transplant therapies. Stem cell therapy is one of the more recent breakthroughs that not only may go down in history, but also has researchers holding the “M”-word on their tongues – miracle.

For most of history, lung disease was a death knell. In an exciting and positive news twist, a man now has a regenerated set of lungs and a new lease on life thanks to stem cell therapy.

China Daily reports:

Chinese researchers have regenerated human lung tissue in a patient using that patient’s own stem cells, the first time that has been achieved worldwide, said Zuo Wei, lead researcher of the team from the School of Medicine of Tongji University in Shanghai.

After obtaining dozens of stem cells by brushing a patient’s lungs, researchers let the cells multiply into the tens of millions in a lab, then transplanted them into the damaged part of the patient’s lungs.

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thumbnailThe 5 Most Effective Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition

Feb 20th 2018, 09:48, by (RiseEarth)

by MindValley

Intuition is a skill we are all born with but drown out over time in busy modern lives. It is the 6th sense, your “gut,” your “inner voice,” which always knows the best path for you in any situation or decision.

Unfortunately, only a handful of people really know how to use it to their full advantage.

To learn more, we’re working with Sonia Choquette, who has been teaching people for over 35 years on how to unleash their intuition, and has written 14 books (in 17 languages) on the subject. She has a PhD in Metaphysics and has even been featured on CNN, NBC, and ABC.

She has also been the personal intuitive advisor to Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Julia Cameron, and even Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.

In these 5 steps, Sonia explains how you can begin to recover the ability to hear your inner voice.

1. Find solitude

In a world packed with information, disinformation, other people’s opinions and media campaigns, it’s pretty hard to differentiate between your inner voice and the voice of the external world.

Spend 30 minutes each day being alone and listening to yourself. Ask yourself questions. You’ll be surprised what answers come out of you. Take this time to let your thoughts flow and listen to yourself.
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thumbnailChina is Building Laser 10 Trillion Times Stronger than the Sun That Could Tear Space

Feb 20th 2018, 09:29, by (RiseEarth)

by Markab Algedi; The Mind Unleashed

Chinese scientists are reportedly at work constructing a mega-laser that is so powerful, it could literally tear apart empty space. How can a laser tear apart the absence of matter?

Physicists hailing out of Shanghai, China are building what they refer to as a “Station of Extreme Light,” a device that they claim could be fully functional as early as 2023, about 5 years from now. The Station of Extreme Light appears to be a CERN-level project that could create temperature extremes not typically found on planet Earth. They say the technology it utilizes could one day be used to conduct a particle accelerator similiar to CERN.

Their stated goal is to create a laser so incredibly powerful, it can generate 100-petawatt laser pulses. That is actually 100 million billion watts. For some context, that is 10,000 times the power of the entire Earth’s electrical grids combined. What could even power such a thing?

These incomprehensibly powerful blasts of laser could be pointed at obscenely precise spots measuring a mere three micrometers across. That is approximately two thousand times less than the standard pencil thickness. What would the purpose of this laser be?

If this is true, that means the scientists could strike the achievement of a laser intensity 10 trillion trillion times greater than the intensity of sunlight striking earth: 10 trillion trillion.

According to the Science Mag journal which reports the discovery, the laser would be so powerful it could “rip apart empty space.” How can the absence of matter be ripped open? That’s a mind pretzel.

Ripping empty space would apparently happen via achieving a thing known as “breaking the vacuum,” in which electrons are ripped away from their antimatter counterparts known as positrons, in space’s empty vacuum.
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thumbnailThree Simple Ways to Enhance Mental Health Resilience

Feb 20th 2018, 09:19, by (RiseEarth)

by Rob Whitley, Ph.D.; Psychology Today

Cultivating resilience can lead to greater confidence, autonomy and mastery.

There is a consensus among professionals that ‘mental health’ is a positive state where an individual is flourishing, thriving and meeting their full potential in life. There are many cognate terms for ‘mental health’ including subjective well-being, quality of life or simply happiness.

Another term commonly used in relation to positive mental health is ‘resilience’. This phrase is actually borrowed from engineering, where it refers to the ability of a physical material to withhold external stress. A resilient material thus has hardiness, flexibility and strength.

What is Mental Health Resilience?

In psychiatry, the phrase is used similarly, referring to the ability of an individual to handle stress and adversity. It is sometimes referred to as ‘bouncing back’ and can be particularly important after people have experienced difficult circumstances such as losing a job, divorce or bereavement.

Research on resilience indicates that it is not a fixed attribute, but can change over time. Indeed, individuals can cultivate resilience, though this can require time and effort.

In fact, the road to resilience often involves pain and struggle, as does the mastery of any new life-skill. For example, learning to ride a bike often involves falls, cuts and bruises, but results in a new-found ability and autonomy. The same can be said for the resilience-enhancing strategies described below.
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thumbnailTurning Down the Volume of the External World

Feb 20th 2018, 09:02, by (RiseEarth)

by Victoria Fann; Wake Up World

There are constant distractions in our daily lives that pull our attention here and there. Some invite us to engage, others invite us to escape, while still others invite us to react. This is the reason that throughout history many on the spiritual path isolated themselves in monasteries or became hermits far away from other people: the worldly life is extremely loud.

It is so loud, in fact, it takes conscious effort to hear the still, small voice within. This inner voice is the primary way we can hear the Divine, which can also be referred to as the Muse, intuition, Source, etc. It is our connection to ALL THAT IS, and when we cannot hear it, we can easily become lost, confused and overwhelmed.

But we can’t all run away to monasteries and caves high in the mountains. How then can we get quiet enough to really listen to the inner guidance that is always there?

At first glance, it seems as though the answer is to simply get quiet, or better yet, get quiet and meditate. However, what do you think happens when we do that? All the voices, chatter and noise that was out in the world follows us into that quiet space. These voices, are also always with us, and they cleverly compete for our attention, hooking onto potent emotions to up the ante so that we believe that the thought is important.

These voices are often even louder than the ones that we encounter in the external world. They also do their best to drown out the one pure voice of sanity that resides within.
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thumbnailAs We Return To Our Higher Dimensional Realms

Feb 19th 2018, 13:39, by (RiseEarth)

by Gabriel F. Duran;

The freedom “gained” or in essence recalled when we “allow” ourselves to delve into experience in the 3rd dimensional realm, is a true freedom many mistakenly dismiss. Entering this realm teaches us the attributes of cause and effect. Thus, providing the “ultimate” playing ground for discovery of self. Through all manner of expressions of light and dark. For in this realm, all that we experience is totally redeemable.

And yet, throughout our many lives that we live, we’ve opportunity to experience and view the consequences of our actions. Both from the within, and the without. We delve into experiences that are not had in other dimensional realms. For here, we play everything out, through free will. In the perceptions of light and dark.

And by seeing and being around the extremes of dark and light, we gain a very clear perspective on our own likes, dislikes and beliefs. We’ve no choice but to witness, partake and ponder over all manner of expressions. Some, very much not to our liking.

Although, we must appreciate the fact that in this realm we can and did indeed choose to have these extremes in expression, to help teach us. Realize that it is the perception of “other than” that we experience, as we perceive the reality is that of being one that allows/is an experience as “separation.” We experience ourselves as “outside of or separate from God.”

And we do/did purposefully “narrow” our ability to perceive, so that we would indeed have the “full” experience of “separation.” Which is truly an impossibility. We are One with All. And it is truly impossible to be separate from the All That Is, Source, God; or any other name that resonates.
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thumbnailCancer: Busting the Myths – The Mysterious Cancer Microbe

Feb 19th 2018, 12:02, by (RiseEarth)

by Makia Freeman; The Freedom Articles

Cancer – it’s not what you think it is.

Like it or not, cancer has become the 2nd leading cause of death in the US. Sources state that, based on 2012-2014 data, about 38.5% (close to two fifths) of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lives.

Yet, despite how deadly it has been, we also know that cancer is a relatively recent disease that seemingly didn’t exist (or cause many deaths) 100 years ago. What on earth has happened since then? Why is cancer so widespread? What is cancer exactly? Is there a cancer microbe? Is cancer really terminal? If not, what are the natural solutions?

History of Cancer

Before we embark on the difficult problem of defining cancer, where there are many different and competing theories, let us turn to one thing which is commonly accepted: cancer is essentially a new disease. Yes, it was detected over 2000 years ago, but it was extremely rare. The article Scientists suggest that cancer is purely man-made states:
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thumbnailWhy Oregano Essential Oil Is One Of The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known To SCIENCE

Feb 19th 2018, 11:20, by (RiseEarth)

by Organic Planner

Oregano oil is the ultimate antibiotic. Oregano is a powerful herb with unique healing properties. Did you know that oregano has eight times more antioxidants than apples and three times as much as blueberries? Antioxidants are needed to protect our body against free radical damage.

They boost the immune system naturally. Oregano Oil is the most potent plant oil in the world!

The distribution of oregano oil started in Ancient Greece. In Greek, the word oregano is translated as the joy of the mountains. The Greeks were first to use oil for medicinal purposes, such as a powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal agent and also as a remedy for pain, and inflammation.

It was the main antibacterial tool used by Hippocrates. Oregano leaves were traditionally used to treat illnesses related to the respiratory and digestive systems.

Oregano Oil Benefits

Main Ingredients Oregano Essential Oil is a mineral density powerhouse. It contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, manganese, vitamins C, A (beta-carotene), Niacin.
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thumbnailThe Ancient Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Trismegistus; The Ultimate Source Of Alchemy?

Feb 19th 2018, 03:05, by (RiseEarth)

by Ancient Code

The Emerald Tablet, aka Smaragdine Table, or Tabula Smaragdina is an ancient text that is said to contain the secret of the prima materia and its transmutation.

Highly regarded by alchemists around the world as the foundation of their art and Hermetic Tradition, the original source of this mysterious writing remains a mystery, Hermes Trismegistus is believed to have been the author of the text. Its first known appearance is in a book written in Arabic between the sixth and eighth centuries.

The text was first translated into Latin in the twelfth century. Numerous translations, interpretations, and commentaries followed.

The exact author of the text remains debated. Many authors point towards Hermes Trismegistus, while others suggest it was authored by Balinas Kitāb sirr al-ḫalīqa in the 8th century. Despite the fact that the Emerald Tablet was written in in Arabic, it is claimed to be a translation from the Syriac of an older Greek text.

The layers of meaning in the Emerald Tablet have been associated with the creation of the philosopher’s stone, laboratory experimentation, phase transition, the alchemical magnum opus, the ancient, classical, element system, and the correspondence between macrocosm and microcosm.
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thumbnailWhat Might Explain The Unhappiness Epidemic?

Feb 18th 2018, 14:41, by (RiseEarth), (RiseEarth)

by The Conversation

We’d all like to be a little happier.

The problem is that much of what determines happiness is outside of our control. Some of us are genetically predisposed to see the world through rose-colored glasses, while others have a generally negative outlook. Bad things happen, to us and in the world. People can be unkind, and jobs can be tedious.

But we do have some control over how we spend our leisure time. That’s one reason why it’s worth asking which leisure time activities are linked to happiness, and which aren’t.

In a new analysis of 1 million U.S. teens, my co-authors and I looked at how teens were spending their free time and which activities correlated with happiness, and which didn’t.

We wanted to see if changes in the way teens spend their free time might partially explain a startling drop in teens’ happiness after 2012 – and perhaps the decline in adults’ happiness since 2000 as well.

A possible culprit emerges

In our study, we analyzed data from a nationally representative survey of eighth-, 10th- and 12th-graders that’s been conducted annually since 1991.

Every year, teens are asked about their general happiness, in addition to how they spend their time. We found that teens who spent more time seeing their friends in person, exercising, playing sports, attending religious services, reading or even doing homework were happier. However, teens who spent more time on the internet, playing computer games, on social media, texting, using video chat or watching TV were less happy.
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Media files:
LSS2005.pdf (application/pdf, 0.4 MB)

thumbnailUltra – Processed Foods Linked to Cancer

Feb 18th 2018, 13:59, by (RiseEarth)

by Melissa Breyer; tree hugger

Groundbreaking study finds that a 10% increase in ultra-processed foods in the diet is linked to a 12% increase in cancer.

New research led by a group of scientists based at the Sorbonne in Paris reveals what many of us have likely assumed instinctively: Ultra-processed foods increase the risk of cancer.

The researchers used data collected from some 105,000 adults who are part of the French NutriNet-Santé cohort study – they analyzed the medical records and eating habits, and created a database of 3,300 different food items.

The Guardian reports:

They found that a 10% increase in the amount of ultra-processed foods in the diet was linked to a 12% increase in cancers of some kind. The researchers also looked to see whether there were increases in specific types of cancer and found a rise of 11% in breast cancer, although no significant upturn in colorectal or prostate cancer.

“If confirmed in other populations and settings, these results suggest that the rapidly increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods may drive an increasing burden of cancer in the next decades,” notes the study, which has been published in the BMJ.
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thumbnailThe Power of Reiki – Explained By Postdoctoral Research Fellow At Harvard Medical School

Feb 18th 2018, 13:44, by (RiseEarth)

by Arjun Walia; Collective Evolution

Below is a clip from an interview we recently conducted with Dr. Natalie Leigh Trent, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, where she investigates the mind-body practices of yoga and mindfulness for health and wellbeing. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto in 2006 and her Doctorate in neuroscience from Queen’s University in 2012.

In this part of the interview, we discuss the ancient healing art of Reiki, a healing modality that has been practiced and taught around the world for thousands of years. As Dr. Trent shares in the interview, it’s a relatively new field of science and medicine that’s continually growing, with approximately 80 studies that’ve been published so far.

With scientific research now emerging attesting to the ability of human thoughts, emotions, and intentions to affect the physical material world, an increasing number of scientists, and quantum physicists in particular, are stressing the importance of studying factors associated with consciousness and its relation to our physical world. One of these factors is human intention.

Reiki essentially uses human intention to heal another person’s ailments. Practitioners usually place their hands on the patient in order to channel energy into them by means of touch. It can be roughly defined as using compassionate mental action and physical touch, energy healing, shamanic healing, nonlocal healing, or quantum touch.
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thumbnailHow Your DNA is Affected by Quantum Intelligence

Feb 18th 2018, 12:58, by (RiseEarth)

by Christina Sarich; Waking Times

Yes, you can change your DNA, but Quantum Intelligence alters it from a more profound (subtle yet powerful) energetic level that is measurable and real. Once we understand how Quantum Intelligence works, we can more easily help the process of altering our DNA along – to achieve greater health, happiness, and remarkable spiritual transformation. Like a potter creating a masterwork, we can also change our bodies and minds with the help of a few simple tools.

With all the talk of altering our DNA, sometimes it is good to understand exactly how this process might work, from both a physical and a non-physical perspective.

The ability to influence our DNA is now undeniable, both cellular biologists, and geneticists alike are beginning to understand epi-genetic interplay, a Greek term meaning “beyond genetics.”

Bruce Lipton, and others have made it clear that we can alter heritable traits in our gene expression that do not involve the underlying DNA sequence. We change the phenotype without changing the genotype. But this single change causes a host of natural and phenomenal changes in the human body and mind.

At least three systems are involved in altering our DNA from a purely physical standpoint: DNA methylation, histone modification and non-coding RNA (ncRNA)-associated gene silencing, but these are not the only methods of gene alteration.
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thumbnailCure for Baldness Found… in McDonald’s Fries, Scientists Report

Feb 17th 2018, 03:05, by (RiseEarth)

by Core Spirit

A cure for baldness could be on the horizon thanks to a chemical used in McDonald’s fries.

Scientists have regrown hair in mice using a ‘simple’ technique – using human stem cells.

This generated fresh follicles capable of sprouting luxurious new locks. Within days the lab rodents had furry backs and scalps.

Preliminary experiments suggest the groundbreaking therapy will also work in people.

The Japanese team’s breakthrough came after they managed to mass produce ‘hair follicle germs’ (HFGs) in the lab for the first time.

These are the cells that fuel follicle development. They are the ‘Holy Grail’ of hair loss research, as they have never been regenerated before.
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thumbnailThis is What Happens to Your Body and Mind When You Nap Three Times a Week for 20 Mins

Feb 17th 2018, 03:04, by (RiseEarth)

by Healthy Holistic Living

The stigma against napping is finally starting to wane — and for good reason. Taking a timeout to sleep during the day does much more than just give us a quick energy boost. It also confers some serious cognitive and health advantages as well. Here’s what the latest science tells us.

Unlike 85% of all mammalian species, humans sleep just once a day. Scientists aren’t sure if we’re naturally monophasic (as opposed to polyphasic) or if it’s modern society that has made us so. Regardless, it’s clear that we’re not getting enough sleep. Nearly a third of us say we’re simply not getting enough of it.

Power naps can alleviate our so-called sleep deficits, but they can also boost our brains, including improvements to creative problem solving, verbal memory, perceptual learning, object learning, and statistical learning. They help us with math, logical reasoning, our reaction times, and symbol recognition. Naps improve our mood and feelings of sleepiness and fatigue. Not only that, napping is good for our heart, blood pressure, stress levels, and surprisingly, even weight management.

You might be surprised to find out the benefits of napping and it doesn’t take much. Yes, you read that right. Isn’t that great news, that from this day forth you can justify your actions whenever you want to take a short nap? We always get told that we need to go on diet, or we’re told to exercise more, but it’s not often that someone tells you to take a nap more often. Well, I have a great idea: Once you’ve finished reading this article, go take a nice nap. Trust me, once you’ve read about some of the benefits of napping, you’ll never feel guilty about going for a nap ever again.
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thumbnailPossible Dark Matter Detected at Milky Way’s Core Could Hint at New Force of Nature

Feb 17th 2018, 03:03, by (RiseEarth)

by Allison Eck;

There’s a surplus of gamma rays spewing forth from the center of our galaxy, and astrophysicists say they don’t know where it’s coming from. One thing is clear, though: it could not have been caused by anything we consider ordinary in our galaxy.

What it could be, according to Tracy Slatyer of MIT and her colleagues at Fermilab, Harvard, and MIT, is excess light from colliding dark matter particles. If true, this observation would be the first-ever indirect detection of dark matter in our universe.

Physicists believe that dark matter is made of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs), which act simultaneously as matter and anti-matter, annihilating each other when they meet. That collision gives birth to normal matter in the form of high-energy photons of gamma-ray light. Currently, we have some of our best eyes, including the Fermi space telescope, pointed toward the Milky Way’s center—where dark matter should be the densest—to search for the results of these collisions.

This map shows an excess amount of gamma rays coming from the center of the Milky Way, possibly indicating the presence of dark matter.

In sifting through data collected but the Fermi telescope, Slatyer and her colleagues found about 10,000 extra photons in the 5,000-light-year space surrounding the center of the galaxy. It was an unexpected result.
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thumbnailDrink This In The Morning To Cleanse Your Colon

Feb 16th 2018, 09:27, by (RiseEarth)

by Liivi Hess; The Alternative Daily

Chances are, you’ve probably heard about colon cleansing some time in the past few years. Apparently, virtually everyone’s colon could do with a good flushing out every now and then, on account of all the toxic sludge that builds up along the lining of the colon over time.

It’s just that the thought of getting a tube stuck up my butt and water jetted up through my colon really doesn’t float my boat. And there’s plenty of other people who’d agree.

But while colon hydrotherapy undoubtedly works, it’s not the only way to cleanse your colon. In fact, one of the most effective colonic cleanse therapies is also one of the easiest and most cost effective. It turns out that in addition to making your food taste darn delicious, sea salt can also help to make your colon squeaky clean again.

Signs you need to cleanse your colon

While most of us could certainly benefit from a colon cleanse, there’s some people that are so “backed up” in their colon that it’s dramatically and negatively affecting their daily lives. Here are some common signs to look out for if your colon is in a sorry state:
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thumbnailCannabis Over Chemo: Woman Says the Oil Cured Her Aggressive Breast Cancer in 5 Months

Feb 16th 2018, 09:10, by (RiseEarth)

by Isabelle Z.; Natural News

When Dee Mani, now 44, was diagnosed with breast cancer last March, her doctors suggested chemotherapy. She originally agreed to undergo one year of the treatment for her triple negative breast cancer – the deadliest type – but later had second thoughts. After seeing her sister suffer and die after undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, the mother of two set out to find an alternative.

She decided to take cannabis oil after researching natural cancer remedies online. She said she took one drop inside a capsule every night before going to bed because she didn’t care for the taste or texture of it on its own. Four months after her original diagnosis, her cancer had reduced significantly, and her doctors gave her the all-clear in August, just five months after starting cannabis oil.

She continues to take it to this day and says she plans to do so for the rest of her life as it has also helped her with problems like insomnia, a dust allergy, and back pain caused by slipped discs. She has also changed her diet and taken up meditation.

Lots of cannabis oil cancer treatment success stories

Stories like Mani’s are becoming less and less unusual as more people give cannabis oil a try. For example, a 33-year-old U.K. father, David Hibbitt cured what doctors deemed a “terminal” case of colon cancer with cannabis oil after radiation, chemotherapy and surgery all failed him. He had initially rejected the idea, but after being told he had just 18 months left to live, he was willing to try anything. Hibbitt used a high-potency variety known as Phoenix Tears and is now cancer-free. He also said that his “pain just seemed to disappear.”
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thumbnailIt’s A Fact: Population Control Efforts Since The 1970s Per Declassified USA Document

Feb 16th 2018, 08:52, by (RiseEarth)

by Catherine J. Frompovich; Activist Post

If ever there were doubts about so-called “conspiracy theorists” reports regarding world population reduction plans and efforts, you now can put them aside and take a long-over-due reality check on what’s been in the works since the early 1970s under the “tutelage” of none other than globalist Henry Kissinger! Mr. Kissinger is Jewish; didn’t he learn anything about Adolph Hitler’s attempted reduction of the Jewish race? Shame on you, Mr. Kissinger!

The main testament to the globalists’ population controls plans for reducing humanity literally were set in stone in the 1980s, i.e., granite monoliths known as the Georgia Guidestones, whose first “new commandment” of the New World Order is:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Folks, that’s half a billion humans, whereas the Planet’s current population is 7.6 BILLION, which means a heck of a lot of us have to be “offed” the planet using some means—deleterious or otherwise, which probably will come in the way of weaponized diseases from technology “advances” which unbelievably gullible people accept as their god—a reality the NWO elites want desperately to be accepted: Technology/science is god.
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thumbnailSolar Eclipse In Aquarius: Shifts In Our Social Networks

Feb 16th 2018, 03:03, by (RiseEarth)

by Carmen Di Luccio; Collective Evolution

We are having a partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th/16th 2018 depending on where you are located in the world. It is a supercharged New Moon with a longer term influence than a regular New Moon. It will only be visible in parts of South America and Antarctica which includes most of Argentina, the Southern half of Chile, Uruguay, and the Southern tips of Paraguay and Brazil.

However, even if it is not visible in your geographic location, the energetic effects of all eclipses still affect everyone on the planet. This Solar Eclipse is followed by a Lunar Eclipse in Leo that occurred two weeks prior and is part of a series of eclipses happening in the Leo-Aquarius axis that started subtly in early 2017 but became more predominant last summer after the nodes of the Moon shifted into these signs in May.

Both Solar and Lunar Eclipses always occur when there is a New Moon or Full Moon near the Lunar Nodes, and this occurs every six months. The nodes are where the pathway of the Moon cross the Ecliptic from our geocentric perspective here on Earth. The ecliptic is what appears to be the pathway of the Sun from this vantage point. The Nodes are always in opposite signs and usually the eclipses happen in these signs as well, but in some cases could also occur in the signs next to these ones.

Generally, eclipses signify what is changing and shifting in our lives, which could start in the six weeks prior and can also play out over the next six months following until the next series of eclipses. However, the next eclipses will continue some of these same themes which will play out in different ways. Usually the weeks near these periods is when the themes come up more strongly which could trigger certain feelings within us and can also be reflected externally through circumstances that come up.
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thumbnailLong-Term Study Links Inflammatory Diet To Colorectal Cancer

Feb 15th 2018, 11:02, by (RiseEarth)

by Mae Chan; Prevent Disease

Men and women who consume processed meats, refined grains, sodas and other sugary beverages are more likely to develop colorectal cancer (CRC), reports a recent study in JAMA Oncology.

When inflammation persists or serves no purpose, it damages the body and causes illness. Stress, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition, and exposure to toxins can all contribute to such chronic inflammation, but dietary choices play a big role as well.

Learning how specific foods influence the inflammatory process is the best strategy for containing it and reducing long-term disease risks.

Men in the highest quintile of empirical dietary inflammatory pattern (EDIP) score were found to have a 44% higher risk of CRC than those in the lowest quintile, discovered the research team led by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts.

The corresponding increase in risk for women was 22%.

EDIP score is based on a weighted average of 18 food groups that characterise dietary inflammation potential measured by inflammatory biomarkers.
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Onthullend over natuur, milieu, wetenschap, energie en economie 

Nils-Axel Mörner: zeespiegelstijging is beperkt en niet alarmerend

Feb 21st 2018, 07:00, by Hans Labohm (Hoofdredacteur)

Nils-Axel Mörner. Achtergrond: onderwatervergadering van regering Malediven om aandacht te vragen voor het klimaat’probleem’. Onder de titel, ‘Diese Forscher haben eine politische Agenda’, Der Ozeanograph Nils-Axel Mörner stellt sich gegen den Weltklimarat und die Warnungen vor versinkenden Inseln’, publiceerde de ‘Basler Zeitung’, onlangs een uitgebreid interview met de oceanograaf Nils-Axel Mörner, em. prof. […]

Het bericht Nils-Axel Mörner: zeespiegelstijging is beperkt en niet alarmerend verscheen eerst op Climategate.

‘Der Spiegel’: Schaamteloze exploitatie van klimaathype

Feb 20th 2018, 07:00, by Hans Labohm (Hoofdredacteur)

‘Spiegel Online’ publiceerde onlangs een uitstekend artikel van wetenschapsredacteur Axel Bojanowski over de wijdverbreide desinformatie die er rond klimaatverandering wordt verspreid, en de schaamteloze exploitatie van de klimaathype door het overdrijven van weersextremen. Voorbeelden zijn de Duitse spoorwegen de verzekeringsbranche, in het bijzonder Munich Re, en alarmistische klimaatwetenschappers, zoals Stefan Rahmstorf van het Potsdam Institut […]

Het bericht ‘Der Spiegel’: Schaamteloze exploitatie van klimaathype verscheen eerst op Climategate.

De watermeloenen die onze welvaart bedreigen

Feb 19th 2018, 07:00, by Jan Jacobs

Over het gevaar van het fakenews dat organisaties als Greenpeace verspreiden. Een bijdrage van Jan Jacobs (België) Het staat heerlijk vandaag de dag om jezelf als ecologische moraalridder te etaleren. Dat tentoonspreiden van dat superieure ‘kijk es naar mij, ik deug, hoor’. Bekende mensen, journalisten en carrièreambtenaren zijn er erg bedreven in. Er gaat geen […]

Het bericht De watermeloenen die onze welvaart bedreigen verscheen eerst op Climategate.

Tim Ball wint rechtszaak tegen Canadese leider groene partij

Feb 18th 2018, 07:00, by Hans Labohm (Hoofdredacteur)

Er is bij mijn weten geen andere wetenschappelijke discipline, waarin zoveel rechtszaken worden gevoerd als de klimatologie. De passies van voor- en tegenstander van de menselijke broeikashypothese (AGW = ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’) laaien van tijd tot tijd hoog op.         Marjan Minnesma, Urgenda. In ons land ligt de Urgenda-zaak tegen […]

Het bericht Tim Ball wint rechtszaak tegen Canadese leider groene partij verscheen eerst op Climategate.

Bernice Notenboom als klimaatprofetes?

Feb 17th 2018, 10:00, by Jeroen Hetzler

Bernice Notenboom. Een bijdrage van Jeroen Hetzler. Profetieën hebben de eigenschap nooit uit te komen. Eender geldt voor die van mevrouw Bernice Notenboom. Met veel bewondering heb ik vanavond een indrukwekkende documentaire bekeken, de eerste uit een reeks, deze over een nieuwe expeditie van Bernice Notenboom naar de Noordpool. Zie hier. Men kan […]

Het bericht Bernice Notenboom als klimaatprofetes? verscheen eerst op Climategate.

Ons standpunt … en nu: waar dan heen … oh, waar toch heen?

Feb 17th 2018, 07:00, by Hans Labohm (Hoofdredacteur)

Leonardo (links). Een gastbijdrage van leonardo da gioiella. Er wordt wel gepraat over 1 of 1,5 graad, of over 3 of 4 meter stijging van respectievelijk temperatuur en zeespiegel. Er worden allerlei grafiekjes rondgeslingerd. De situatie op Venus wordt er bijgehaald. Maar, essentiële vragen worden niet gesteld. Ondertussen is, in de woorden van […]

Het bericht Ons standpunt … en nu: waar dan heen … oh, waar toch heen? verscheen eerst op Climategate.

Will Happer legt uit waarom klimaatmodellen geen voorspellende waarde hebben

Feb 16th 2018, 07:00, by Hans Labohm (Hoofdredacteur)

Will Happer. Op dit blog hebben we herhaaldelijk aandacht geschonken aan de beperkingen van klimaatmodellen. Modellen, die een vereenvoudigde voorstelling van de realiteit bieden, zijn onontbeerlijk om inzicht te krijgen in de complexe werkelijkheid. Maar zij schieten vaak tekort als instrument om de toekomst te voorspellen. In bijgaande video legt William Happer, emeritus […]

Het bericht Will Happer legt uit waarom klimaatmodellen geen voorspellende waarde hebben verscheen eerst op Climategate.

Waarom de klimaatdiscussie problematisch blijft

Feb 15th 2018, 07:00, by Arthur Rörsch

Arthur Rörsch. Een bijdrage van Arthur Rörsch.               ‘Authorities’, ‘disciples’, and ‘schools’ are the curse of science; and do more to interfere with the work of the scientific spirit than all its enemies. T.H. Huxley How do we know? Why do we believe? What is the evidence […]

Het bericht Waarom de klimaatdiscussie problematisch blijft verscheen eerst op Climategate.

Jeremy Corbyn wil nationalisatie energiesector om klimaatcatastrofe af te wenden

Feb 14th 2018, 07:00, by Hans Labohm (Hoofdredacteur)

Jeremy Corbyn. De leider van de Britse socialisten, Jeremy Corbyn, pleitte onlangs voor de nationalisatie van de Britse energiesector om een klimaatcatastrofe af te wenden. Ondanks het feit dat de ineenstorting van de planeconomie in de voormalige Sovjet Unie een puinhoop heeft achtergelaten, bleef nationalisatie een altijd sluimerende ambitie bij Links. Maar gelukkig […]

Het bericht Jeremy Corbyn wil nationalisatie energiesector om klimaatcatastrofe af te wenden verscheen eerst op Climategate.

Belgische klimaatpaus, Jean-Pascale van Ypersele, roert zich weer met doemscenario’s

Feb 13th 2018, 07:00, by Hans Labohm (Hoofdredacteur)

Jean-Pascale van Ypersele. De Belgische klimaatpaus, Jean-Pascale van Ypersele, mocht onlangs weer eens flink uitpakken met het aanwakkeren van de klimaathysterie en de ellende die onze Zuiderburen te wachten staat. In januari 2016 schreef ik over Van Ypersele: De Belgische vice–voorzitter van het VN–klimaatpanel (IPCC), Jean–Pascal van Ypersele, heeft zich kandidaat gesteld voor […]

Het bericht Belgische klimaatpaus, Jean-Pascale van Ypersele, roert zich weer met doemscenario’s verscheen eerst op Climategate.

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Putin’s Grand Bargain to Israel: But Can Israel Digest It?

Feb 21st 2018, 10:58, by TLB Staff

Putin’s Grand Bargain to Israel: Can Israel Digest It? ALASTAIR CROOKE “Israel is climbing up a high horse,” Alex Fishman (the veteran Israeli Defence Correspondent) wrote in the Hebrew daily, Yedioth Ahronoth, last month, “and is approaching […]

Mueller Indictments For Lying To FBI Are Unconstitutional, Fifth Amendment Being Torched

Feb 21st 2018, 01:04, by TLB Staff

Mueller Indictments For Lying To FBI Are Unconstitutional, Fifth Amendment Being Torched by Rick Wells The FBI, DOJ and judiciary are not above the law and are subject to the Constitution, including the 5th Amendment, […]

The Big Pharma Family that Brought Us the Opioid Crisis

Feb 20th 2018, 23:25, by TLB Staff

The Big Pharma Family that Brought Us the Opioid Crisis We’re not talking El Chapo or any of his drug-running buddies. We’re talking about the mega-billionaire family behind one of America’s most profitable drug-industry empires, […]

The Last Hope Before Civil War

Feb 20th 2018, 21:43, by TLB Staff

The last hope before Civil War By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive  “Whatever happened in those more than one hundred years, from the time my great-great-great grandfather studied law to the time when my own […]

UPDATE: Linda Ives Asks QAnon And President Trump For Help To Find The Killer Of Her Son – Plus Interview With Billy Jack Haynes.

Feb 20th 2018, 20:47, by TLB Staff

UPDATE: Linda Ives Asks QAnon And President Trump For Help To Find The Killer Of Her Son – Plus Interview With Billy Jack Haynes. by Ruby Henley Please refer to the article: I have […]

Israel Arming at Least Seven Syrian Rebel Groups

Feb 20th 2018, 19:11, by TLB Staff

Israel Arming at Least Seven Syrian Rebel Groups by Jason Ditz Israel’s mounting interest in Syria’s War, and in particular in picking fights with the Assad government, Iran, and any other Shi’ite factions in the […]

The Army of the EU – why the UK should play no part

Feb 20th 2018, 17:08, by TLB Staff

The Army of the EU WILL PODMORE   Photo by Derek Bridges | CC BY 2.0 The current president of the European Commission wants it. So did his predecessors. And now the whole EU is taking […]

Israeli journalist poses as a Syrian refugee, travels to Germany, ‘joins’ Islamists to prove a point

Feb 20th 2018, 16:48, by TLB Staff

Israeli journalist poses as Syrian refugee, travels to Germany, ‘joins’ Islamists to prove a point RT Prominent Israeli journalist Zvi Jecheskeli, who went undercover as a devout Muslim, has revealed how easy it may be […]

Tiny Graphene Membrane Creates “Supercharged Water Purification” In One Simple Step

Feb 20th 2018, 00:29, by TLB Staff

Tiny Graphene Membrane Creates “Supercharged Water Purification” In One Simple Step By Kevin Samson Fresh water supplies continue to be assaulted on multiple fronts. Front page news at the moment is the unfolding disaster in […]

US must immediately leave area it controls in southern Syria — Lavrov

Feb 19th 2018, 23:24, by TLB Staff

US must immediately leave area it controls in southern Syria — Lavrov via RT News US troops must immediately shut down their zone of control in southern Syria in the area of Al-Tanf, Russian Foreign […]

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Blik Op NOSjournaal

Rebecca Gray (Scottish Sun) wakkert Russische voetbalhysterie aan

Feb 20th 2018, 11:00, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Ja, wat moet je nog zeggen? Celtic Glasgow speelt donderdag in StPetersburg tegen Zenit. En van de zomer natuurlijk het WK. Rebecca Gray is alvast op pad gestuurd om een hysterisch angst-artikel te schrijven en ze is er in geslaagd!


Dan wat anders, de meldonium-zaak rond de Russische curling-speler. Het gaat hier om het Russische echtpaar dat hoge ogen gooide op de Olympische Spelen. Zij werd -in de Amerikaanse pers zelfs- beschreven als een (verbeterde versie van Angela Jolie. Op het Russische nieuws was het gisteren de opening met de vraag, wat is er gebeurd? De positief bevonde man is nooit eerder positief getest. Curling is de laatste sport in de wereld waar je wat aan doping zou hebben. Meldonium is een anti-katermiddel dat verder nauwelijks wat doet. Het Russisch nieuws hield als mogelijk scenario het voor mogelijk dat iemand het in een drankje of in het eten had gestopt. De Russen balen er goed van, want bij goed gedrag zouden er weer wat deuren opengaan, zoals het met eigen vlag mogen paraderen bij de afsluiting. De Russen worden meer gecontroleerd dan sporters uit andere landen. Als wij het goed begrepen hadden, moeten zij ook bloed afgeven.

Exclusive: Celtic fans could be mugged by gangsters posing as cops if they wear Hoops colours in Russia

— Rebecca Gray (@RGray_87) 18 februari 2018

"Het Assad-leger", zegt ook @NOS correspondent @NOSWaagmeester . Waarom, Lucas? We zeggen toch ook niet het Willem Alexander of het Rutte-leger? Of het Donald Trump leger? Is gewoon het Syrische leger. Noem het dan svp ook zo volgende keer. Dank.

— Blik op Nosjournaal (@BlikopNOS) 19 februari 2018

thumbnailHubert Smeets en Mark Rutte maken Zondag Rusland verdacht

Feb 19th 2018, 15:17, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

We doen het vandaag eens anders; we bekijken een stukje van Buitenhof en van Rutte bij WNL met u samen en voorzien het van ons commentaar. Het is met 18 muinuten iets langer geworden dan we wilden, maar beschouw dat maar als de openingsbonus.


U gaat kijken naar Hubert Smeets bij Buitenhof. Het hoogtepunt is daar dat Putin zelfs niet meer verkouden kan worden, want Hubert, de zwaar staatsbetaalde verhalenverteller weet zelfs dat negatief te interpreteren en Putin verdacht te maken.

IJlzwammende Rutte

Dan komt Rutte aan het woord bij Rick Nieman. Het Russische nepnieuws en hun beïnvloeding is een bedreiging. Voorbeelden? Nee, die kan de Premier niet geven. Staatsgeheim. De vijand kijkt mee! Wat we er nog aan toe willen voegen: Het is eigenlijk best een kwaliteit van Rutte dat je met zo’n ijlzwamverhaal, gewoon weg kan komen: Knap!

Hubert Smeets over Hubert Smeets. Uit de archiefbeelden. Met dank aan Max van der werf voor de compilatie.

De steeds slechter uitziende Hubert Smeets in het overduidelijk gescripte “gesprek” met Paul Witteman over de Russische reactie op ZijlstraGate, lezend van zijn blaadje: “Meedogenloos, Keihard, Zeer Dreigend…”

thumbnailDe echte Bezetters: de VS. Met Nederland!

Feb 18th 2018, 20:15, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

De steeds verwarder ogende Mark Rutte neemt de ijlpraat van Halbe Zijlstra betreffende vermeende Russische expansie-drift nog steeds voor waarheid aan. Het zegt veel over de aftakeling van de Minister President. De echte expansionisten, de echte occupanten, de echte imperialisten, zijn niet de Russen. Dat zijn de VS. En die hebben nog een hele gehoorzame loopjongen, en dat is Nederland onder het regieme Rutte.

Lebensraum voor Israël

Irak? Bezet. Libië? Verwoest. Syrië? Gisteren is bekend geworden dat de VS heel lang gaan blijven zitten in Syrie. Zo niet voor eeuwig. Compleet illegaal. Dood en verderf zaaiend. Door niemand gevraagd. Niet door Syrië. Niet door de VN. Olie. Lebensraum voor Israël. Wapenverkoop. Het zijn drie elementen die de de VS drijven. Het wapenbudget moet omhoog. Dat is van de VS nu al gelijk aan dat van de nummer 2 tot en met 8 samen! Maar dat is nog lang niet genoeg. Het overwicht moet blijkbaar nog groter worden!


Maar volgens ijlzwammer Rutte, notabene Geschiedenisleraar, dus hij zou zeker beter moeten weten, is Rusland de bedreiging. Rutte is een gevaar voor de vrede en moet opstappen. Nu.

Dagelijks door NOS genegeerd leed in Damascus

“Het ene moment waren we een familie, het volgende ogenblik was mijn zoon dood en mijn man en ik gehandicapped”. Teroristen in Oost Ghouta doden dagelijks Syrische burgers in Damascus. Heeft u Rutte of het gelijkgeschakelde Atlantische NOS perceptie-management daar ooit over gehoord? Gelukkig hebben wij Vanessa Beeley en Eva Bartlett van wie we de onderstaande video kregen via Twitter.

De steeds instabielere Rutte probeert Nederland te doen geloven dat Rusland een groot gevaar is waar we ons met de VS nog meer tegen moeten wapenen. Het wapenbudget van de NATO is al een veelvoud van dat van de Russen, maar volgens de steeds ongecontroleerdere Rutte moeten er nog meer geld en middelen naar wapens tegen de Russen.

Samen met @MinBijleveld gesproken met SG NAVO @jensstoltenberg. Onderstreept dat NL gecommitteerd blijft aan de gemaakte afspraken over de stijging van defensie-uitgaven tijdens de #NATOsummit in Wales.

— Mark Rutte (@MinPres) 17 februari 2018

Twee honden vechten om een been, Ted Jan Bloemen gaat er mee heen

Feb 18th 2018, 11:53, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Twee honden vechten om een been, Ted Jan Bloemen gaat er mee heen

Sven en Jorrit Bergsma zijn geen vrienden van elkaar. Jorrit pakt zilver, Sven stort in, Ted Jan pakt goud. De media was, is en blijft vol van Sven: Jorrit sneeuwt een beetje onder. Heeft iemand daar een verklaring voor? Maar nu komt het, het lijkt op een deja-vu met de Halbe Zijlstra zaak: Op de dag van de 10k komt de Volkskrant met een groot artikel over match-fixing van de coach van Jorrit, een zaak van 4 jaar (!) terug. Op de dag der dagen! Ongelukkiger kan het voor Jorrit niet zijn. Iemand?

Putin stelt westerse referendum-hypocrisie aan de kaak

Putin stelt de Westerse referendum hypocrisie aan de kaak. Begrijpelijk. De Sovjet Unie die uit elkaar viel? Vond het Westen helemaal toppie! Joegoslavie dat in duizend puzzelstukjes uit elkaar viel? Toppie! Sterker, daar heeft de NATO nog menig bommetje tegenaangegoois om het fragmenteren een duwtje in de rug te geven. Ook Kosovo afscheiden van Servië? Tuurlijk. Toppie. Kosovo staat nu vol met Amerikaans wapentuig. En dan de Krim? Als de Sovjet Unie, waarbij Moskou Kazachstan, Oezbekistan, Estland, Letland, Oekraïne, Litouwen en wat al dies meer zij, heeft laten gaan, op het moment dat de VS Oekraïne overnemen, als Rusland dan via een overigens overtuigend referendum een relatieve mini correctie toepast en zich herenigt met de Krim dan is de wereld voor Brussel en Washington te klein. Dat kan niet, dat zal niet, dat mag niet! Expansiedrift!


De hereniging van Krim met Rusland betreft in feite de correctie van de weef-fout die Chroestjov maakte door in 1954 de Krim te transfereren van Rusland naar Oekraïne. Destijds, in de Sovjet Unie, niet meer dan een interne administratieve handeling, later de genoemde weef-fout.

— Sander H (@Sander_1954) 17 februari 2018

En dan nog dit….

IJlzwammer Hubert Smeets op dreef bij Staatsperceptieshow Buitenhof

Atlantische verhalenverteller Hubert Smeets fantaseert bij #buitenhof over de verkoudheid van Putin: "Verkiezingsstunt!"; wie Putin afgelopen week heeft gehoord concludeert: snipverkouden. Waarom ijlzwamt @HubertSmeets zoveel en nodigt @Buitenhoftv zo'n bewezen jokkebrok uit?

— Blik op Nosjournaal (@BlikopNOS) 18 februari 2018

thumbnailRussofobe Rutte moet Nu opstappen

Feb 16th 2018, 22:53, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Rutte volhard, ook na het vertrek van Halbe Zijlsatra, in het rabiaat anti-Russische discours. In het gesprek met de Minister President uitgezonden zojuist bij Eén Vandaag stelt de steeds verwarder ogende Premier dat het betoog van Zijlstra overeind staat. We hebben allemaal de Russofobe speech van Zijlstra gezien, en Rutte haalde daar nogmaals de volgende punten uit waarmee hij onderstreepte volledig achter de inhoud van het betoog te staan: “Rusland gaat door, dat zie je op de Krim, in Oost Oekraïne. De Russen doen waar Zijlstra voor waarschuwde. Rusland dwingt vijf landen deel te nemen aan de Euraziatische Unie.”

Ook Ollongren gaat door op de ingeslagen rabiaat Russofobe weg. Zij maakt zich bij BNR nu veel zorgen om de Russische reactie op Zijlstragate alsook: “Maar tegelijkertijd houd ik zorgen over ontwikkelingen in Rusland en de vrijheid om dingen te zeggen”

Derk Sauer roept bij Jinek op tot toenadering tot Rusland

Er is in Nederland gelukkig ook tegenwicht tegen het Russofobe verhaal van onze machtshebbers. Derk Sauer riep bij Jinek op tot juist meer toenadering tot Rusland. Hij stelde ook voor de Nederlandse Ambasadrice in Moskou te benoemen tot Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken. Er zijn te veel belangen, Rusland biedt te veel mogelijkheden, Nederland maakt zich bij de Russen druk om de verkeerde zaken. We zakken af op de ranglijst van belangrijkste economische partners van Rusland. De relatie van Nederland met Rusland staat op het nulpunt. Etcetera. Aldus Sauer bij Eva Jinek.

Commentaar Blik op NOS-journaal

Het is niet eerder dat Blik zich zo hard uitspreekt over Rutte, maar na de affaire Zijlstra doet Blik het wel: Rutte moet weg. Heel banaal: hij schaadt de belangen van Nederlandse exporteurs en investeerders. Met het regieme Rutte verdampen hun kansen als ether op een schoteltje. Tsjechie met de sympathieke Zeman, Zuid Europa, Griekenland, Italië, Spanje, zelfs België, Turkije, Saoedie Arabië, India, Brazilië, Ecuador, China… Als de Russen iets nodig hebben, zitten ze echt niet met de handen in het haar te wachten op een stel Nederlanders. Dan shoppen ze gewoon in andere landen. Het WK bijvoorbeeld: wat hebben Nederlandse bouwbedrijven daar nou bijgedragen bij de ontwikkeling van de miljardenprojecten? Van Sotshi weten we dat het vooral de Turken waren die veel werk hebben gedaan. Met Rutte slaat Nederland een volledig pleefiguur. Niet alleen in Moskou. Het wangedrag van de VVD/D66 ploeg straalt ook af op de relatie met andere landen. Veel erger nog dan deze banale economische redenen is dat Rutte bijdraagt aan de spanning in de wereld. De man speelt met vuur. De geschiedenis heeft geleerd waar het demoniseren van Rusland toe kan leiden. Rutte dient plaats te maken voor een vrediger Minister President met minder Russenhaat.

Rutte hier op archiefbeeld met zijn grote vriend Petro Poroshenko. De steeds minder scherpe Rutte geeft de Oekraïense President niet gewoon een hand. Hij pakt de bloedhand van de man niet met één hand, maar met twee handen vast. Odessa 2 mei, Mariopol, Lugansk het gemeentehuis, Gorlovka, Kira en Kristina, Donetsk, alle bombardementen. Met bommenwerpers. Met Totshka U. Met Grad. Met tanks. Zoveel bloed, zoveel doden en gewonden, het leed is onmeetbaar. Rutte moet nu opstappen.

Die Russen weten wel wat er met Rutte moet gebeuren!

I love Russia.


— 🇳🇱 Vrouw van de Vrijheid. (@dutchdiabla) 15 februari 2018

thumbnailTwan Huys (Nieuwsuur) blijft olie op het anti-Russische vuur gooien

Feb 14th 2018, 12:29, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Gisteren keken we toevallig even naar Nieuwsuur (“Nep-Nieuws-uur” zou als nieuwe naam overwogen kunnen worden).

Wat opvalt is dat het debacle van de Nederlandse politiek weer afgewenteld wordt op de Russen. Dus zelfs als je als Nederlandse politiek en gelijkgeschakelde staatsmedia gewoon met het schaamrood in de hoek moet gaan zitten, presteren Nederlandse staatskanalen het toch weer de Russen verdacht te maken:

“Putin gaat dit gebruiken”, “Dit komt Putin goed uit in het MH17 dossier”, en dan gisteren bij Nep-Nieuws-Uur zegt, HIER op 25:15, de gladde carrière-journalist Twan Huys: “Reactie van de Russen; die was hard” En dan komt hij met sluw plak en knipwerk en veel (…) met enkele verknipte quote’s uit de onderstaande verklaring van de Russische Ambassade in Nederland.

Wij geven u de Nederlandse versie integraal. Het is taaltechnisch geen heel fraai document. Voor wie het Engels beheerst is die versie wellicht beter te lezen.

Maar in plaats van te spreken over een “harde reactie van Moskou”, zou “een uitgestrekte hand van Moskou”, “een milde en verzoenende reactie van Moskou”, veel meer de verklaring omschrijven:

* “We beschouwen dit als een interne aangelegenheid van Nederland.”

* “het concept van het buitenlands beleid van de Russische Federatie – is gericht op de versterking van betrekkingen met alle staten op basis van gelijkheid en met respect voor elkaars belangen.”

* “De Russische President heeft zich herhaaldelijk uitgesproken ten gunste van opbouw van een gemeenschappelijke economische en humanitaire ruimte van de Atlantische tot aan de Stille Oceaan.”

* “We zouden graag er op rekenen dat het gezond verstand zal zegevieren en dat men in Den Haag uiteindelijk Rusland weer zal beschouwen als een onmisbare partner”

Ambassade van de Russische Federatie in het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden


13 februari 2018

We hebben kennis genomen van het vraaggesprek van Minister H.Zijlstra van Buitenlandse Zaken van 12 februari met de “Volkskrant” waarin hij in tegenstelling tot zijn eerdere beweringen toegeeft dat hij niet aanwezig was op een bijeenkomst van de top van Shell met de Russische President in 2006 toen volgens de bewindsman Vladimir Poetin een opmerking maakte over zijn wens een “Groot Rusland” samen met Wit-Rusland, Oekraïne, de Baltische staten en Kazachstan tot stand te brengen.

Deze bewering van de Nederlandse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken wordt uitvoerig becommentarieerd in Nederland. Minister-president M.Rutte en een aantal prominente politici en leden van het Parlement hebben hier ook op gereageerd.

We geven geen commentaar over hun beoordelingen van de daad van dhr. Zijlstra. We beschouwen dit als een interne aangelegenheid van Nederland.

Tegelijkertijd voelen we ons genoodzaakt te reageren op de aanhoudende pogingen om in de Nederlandse maatschappij het beeld van agressieve voornemens van de Russische leiderschap te creëren waaronder het hele nepverhaal met vermeende deelname van dhr. Zijlstra aan een ontmoeting met V.Poetin.

Het gedrag van ons land in de internationale arena – zoals het staat verankerd in het concept van het buitenlands beleid van de Russische Federatie – is gericht op de versterking van betrekkingen met alle staten op basis van gelijkheid en met respect voor elkaars belangen. Rusland pleit ervoor dat niemand zijn veiligheid mag versterken ten koste van andere landen. De Russische President heeft zich herhaaldelijk uitgesproken ten gunste van opbouw van een gemeenschappelijke economische en humanitaire ruimte van de Atlantische tot aan de Stille Oceaan.

De pogingen om aan Rusland “ambities van een grote mogendheid” en het streven naar het herstel van het “Sovjet Rijk” toe te schrijven kunnen geen toets der kriek doorstaan. Dat zeggen uitsluitend diegenen die een vijandbeeld van Rusland willen creëren en onder het mom van de notoire “Russische dreiging” de militaire infrastructuur van de NAVO verder richting het Oosten laten oprukken, opzettelijk provocerend een militaire confrontatie.

Rusland wordt in Nederland beschuldigd van het verspreiden van desinformatie. De officiële vertegenwoordigers van het Koninkrijk maken hierover geregeld ongegronde opmerkingen. Het is spijtig genoeg dat de Nederlandse media al te graag het in iemands zieke verbeelding ontstane idee verspreiden alsof de Russische leiderschap geobsedeerd is door de manie van een “Groot Rusland”. Bovendien wordt dat aangeboden als iets vanzelfsprekends waarvoor geen bewijs nodig is. Is dit geen voorbeeld van “nepnieuws” gericht tegen ons land?

We zouden graag er op rekenen dat het gezond verstand zal zegevieren en dat men in Den Haag uiteindelijk Rusland weer zal beschouwen als een onmisbare partner in de strijd tegen nieuwe uitdagingen en bedreigingen.

Malle Huys, gisteren weer sluw op dreef in Nieuwsuur: “Nee, en als het gaat om medewerking van de Russen aan dat gevoelige MH17 dossier, daar valt ook niet veel van te verwachten, denk ik?”

Je zou hopen dat Nederland en haar staatsmedia een toontje lager zouden zingen na het Halbe Zijlstra debacle in hun onaflatelijke Russofobe hysterie. Met de uitzending van Nieuwsuur gisteren lijkt die hoop alweer vervlogen. MH17 werd er weer even bijgehaald, en de glibberige Twan Huys schoof de Russen geniepig in de schoenen “keihard te reageren”. Je gaat trouwens met gladjakkers als Twan Huys en Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal steeds meer Jeroen Karhof missen. Wij kunnen ons van hem geen geniepig werk herinneren. Is er trouwens al iets meer bekend over de omstandigheden waaronder hij overleden is?

Twan Huys zou een voorbeeld moeten nemen aan deze Koreaan!

Заряжающий – Король!

— Дмитрий Егоров (@edim_sport) 14 februari 2018

thumbnailPieter Waterdrinker bedankt NPO Radio 1 voor de eer; wil centen

Feb 13th 2018, 12:17, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Aan de ene kant begrijpen wij Waterdrinker (echte naam, Pieter van der Sloot, Zandvoort 1961), en heeft hij een punt. Je vraagt de bakker ook niet of hij even gratis een taart komt afleveren op het media-park. En een freelance journalist moet inderdaad ook de huur betalen. Daarbij komt, de presentatoren vullen de zakken ook goed. En de aanzitters bij DWDD en Jinek pakken, zoals Peter R. de Vries, vaak ook grof geld, circa 2 mille voor een uurtje. Hetgeen weer te begrijpen is als de presentator een slordige 4 ton op jaarbasis wegsleurt uit de krochten van de staats tv.

Aan de andere kant is het ook goed voor je naamsbekendheid en een soort eer als je je analyse mag geven. Wat wel geconcludeerd kan worden is dat er niks publieks aan de publieke omroep is, maar dat het allemaal draait om geld, geld, en nog eens geld. Het vele geld maakt de staatsomroep kapot. En dat begint bij de absurde honorering van de staatspresentatoren. De bloggers, de websites die het allemaal puur uit liefde voor de waarheid doen, en dag in dag uit wel gratis hun analyses en nieuws geven, staan mijlenver van de de zwaarbetaalde staatsjournalisten. Deze vrije geesten worden gek genoeg nooit gebeld door de staatsradio. Geen We are Change, geen Kat, geen Novini, geen Stefan Beck, geen Boublog, geen Steve Brown, geen, geen, geen. Geef in de comments je mening over de tweet van waterdrinker.

Dag @NPORadio1 en consorten. Gelieve mij niet meer te bellen voor gratis bijdragen uit Moskou. Ik ben freelancer. Heb huur te betalen. Sukkels.

— Pieter Waterdrinker (@WaterdrinkerP) 13 februari 2018

En dan nog dit….

NOS staatsjournaal pleit voor meer geld naar hopeloze EU Ministerie van Waarheid

We zagen het item gisteren live bij het 8-uur-staatsjournaal. Het item en het bericht is van een dermate Orwelliaans niveau dat we eigenlijk niet eens door hadden hoe absurd het is. In Brussel werken ambtenaren met Russofobe vrijwilligers en turven de Russische talkshows af. Je zou zeggen, turf dan Jinek en DWDD op Russofbie. Maar nee. Een zeker Pavel is op zijn flatje druk druk druk met het turfen van Russische talkshows. Lees het item bij Geenstijl.

thumbnailHalbe Zijlstra nu ook doorgebroken in Russische pers

Feb 12th 2018, 14:53, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Het kon niet uitblijven, na de Amerikaanse pers bij monde van de Washington Post is het nieuws over The Lying Dutchman ook in Rusland geland.

Het artikel dat wij oppikten komt van het belangrijke webportal Wij weten niet hoeveel miljoenen Russen dat lezen, maar ga er maar vanuit dat het er veel zijn. Miljoenen. Wij kunnen melden dat het gaat om een droge weergave van het Volkskrant artikel zonder verdere Schadefreude. Zijlstra heeft toegegeven gelogen te hebben. Deed dat om zijn bron te beschermen. Geeft toe dat dat fout is. Rutte accepteert de feiten. Minister kan aanblijven.

Het artikel sluit af met:

Dinsdag moet Zijlstra (“Зейлстра”) aankomen in Moskou voor zijn eerste ontmoeting als Minister met het Russische hoofd van Buitenlandse Zaken, Sergey Lavrov. Eén van de belangrijkste thema’s is het onderzoek naar de ramp met de Boeing in Oekraïne in 2014.

Als lichtgewicht Halbe Zijlstra morgen landt in Moskou, is zijn roem hem al vooruit gereisd… dat gaat niet meer goedkomen…

Waarom nu?

Kijk naar de foto boven en wat zien we? Blik ziet een onderdanige, zijn plek niet kennende Halbe Zijlstra, die te hard lacht, te licht is, te blij is op zijn reisje, geen gewicht heeft, etcetera. Het zou zo maar eens kunnen dat zijn reisgenoten gedacht hebben, “hier hebben we geen zin meer an”; “Ok”, zeiden ze bij de VVD, “heeft u liever Han ten Broeke”? “Ja, geef ons die maar”. “Ok, dat regelen we dan. We bellen wel even met de Volkskrant, die regelen de rest”. Wij zijn tot deze gedachtes gekomen door de tweets van Burgercommiteeu (ere wie ere toekomt). Want toeval bestaat natuurlijk niet en in de Volkskrant komt niks uit de lucht vallen.

thumbnailAlina Zagitova Nummer 1 op Lange Kuur

Feb 12th 2018, 11:47, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Gisteren meldden wij abusievelijk dat Evgeniya Medvedeva goud had gewonnen op de korte kuur. Ze was wel eerste geworden op dat onderdeel, maar dat onderdeel maakte deel uit van een ploegenwedstrijd. Voor zo ver wij het begrijpen valt de lange kuur ook daarin en daar was vandaag Alina Zagitova, eveneens Russische, de absolute nummer 1. Wij hebben haar prestatie gezien en kregen er al een brok van in de keel, maar nu zijn wij misschien een beetje bevooroordeeld. Echter, dat kan van de Nederlandse staats-verslaggever toch nauwelijks gezegd worden, en ook hij sprak in euforische termen over de prestatie van de 15-jarige (!) Moskoviet: tranen in de ogen en “het mooiste wat ik ooit gezien heb”.

Zure reactie van Amerikaanse collega op Zagitova

Wat is er toch met de Amerikanen aan de hand? Cynisme, afgunst, onsportiviteit. De ene kunstrijdster laat de benen afhakken van de ander. En Ashley Wagner komt met een twitter-reactie waar ze zeer veel kritiek op krijgt.

Ok. I respect the competitive approach. But no cannot do this set up. It's not a program. She killed time in the beginning and then just jumped the second half. It's not a performance. I understand that this is what the system allows but it's not all figure skating is about

— Ashley Wagner (@AshWagner2010) 12 februari 2018

Kapitein Teunissen eist zetel op

Ze zit nog niet eens in de Kamer. Ze heeft de partij al verlaten met veel stennis, zoals het een infiltrant betaamt, en nu eist mevrouw de Kapitein, die na jarenlang de macht dienen plots het licht had gezien bij Forum voor Democratie, alvast haar zetel op mocht Hiddema of Baudet “wegvallen”. Wij herinneren ons dat de lijst van Fortuyn destijds ook vol stond met militairen, die toen hij doodgeschoten was, als sprinkhanen weer verdwenen waren. Enkel Matt Herben bleef achter om de Partij de definitieve doodsteek te geven. De ontwikkelingen bij Forum, de aanvallen onder de gordel van het partijkartel, lijken eerder een aanbeveling voor de partij dan wat anders.

Uit de Telegraaf:

Teunissen is ontevreden over de koers van het partijbestuur. Dat handelt in haar ogen – en in die van andere kritische Forum-leden – onvoldoende democratisch. „Ik sloot mij mede bij het Forum voor Democratie (FvD) aan omdat het een partij was met ruimte voor discussie en debat”, zegt Teunissen. „Van dat laatste is geen sprake meer.”

Saillant detail: mocht de plek van Theo Hiddema (73) in de Tweede Kamer vrij komen, dan zal Teunissen die zetel mogelijk opvullen. „Wanneer Thierry Baudet of Hiddema wegvalt, is de kans aanwezig dat ik die plek inneem. Dan als onafhankelijk Kamerlid, tenzij we alsnog tot een goede samenwerking komen. Echter, ik neem de beslissing pas op dat moment. Ik zit helemaal niet op die zetel te azen en hoop oprecht dat het er niet van komt. Maar ik stond niet voor niks derde op de kieslijst.”

Halve waarheden Halbe Zijlstra

Dat politici liegen en halve waarheden vertellen: zal niemand verbazen; hoort bij het ambt. We hoeven hier slechts Rutte en Pechtold te moemen. Maar deze twee doen dat professioneel. Halbe Zijlstra is te naïef voor dit vak. Te licht. Hij gaat een verhaal verzinnen over een bezoek aan de Datsja van Putin. Dat is dus niet de manier. Want dat gaat uitkomen. En dat is nu dus gebeurd. Het ergste is, dat de leugen gebruikt werd om een nog groter waanverhaal te verkopen dat Putin de halve wereld zou willen veroveren. Kortom: als het over Putin en Rusland gaat, speelt de waarheid geen rol. Dan mag je verzinnen en liegen dat het een lieve lust is. Dat spreekt in je voordeel! Dan verdien je een wit voetje. Dan word je binnen VVD kringen nog gepromoveerd to Minister.

Succes Halbe!

Wij wensen Halbe veel plezier op zijn reis deze week naar Rusland en de gesprekken met ambtsgenoot Segey Lavrov. Wij wensen hem ook succes bij het zich eruit praten bij de Russen en hoe hij het hen gaat vertellen dat hij loog over een niet afgelegd bezoek aan Putin op zijn Datsja. Hoe zouden wij het vinden als Lavrov had gelogen bij Willem Alexander op het buitenhuis te zijn geweest…? Wij stelden eerder al dat de relatie met Rusland door Nederlands toedoen tot 0 gereduceerd is. Het wordt er met Halbe tot nu toe niet beter op…

Bekijk onderstaand de speech van Halbe Zijlstra uit 2016, doordrenkt met Russofobisch vijandsdenken; waandreigingen worden aangewend om te pleiten voor meer NATO, meer VS en Canada. Blijkbaar was dit een soort Maiden speech waarmee hij zijn kandidatuur als Minister voor Buitenlandse Zaken veiligstelde.. Het datsja item is al vrijwel direct aan het begin. Maar ook rond 6:40 gaat de Russofobie door.

Halbe Zijlstra wist nog precies waar hij stond in de datsja van Poetin. 'Als medewerker, weggestopt achterin het zaaltje waar het plaatsvond.' Niet zo maar een leugenaar dus, maar een doortrapte leugenaar. Aftreden!

— Joost Niemoller (@JoostNiemoller) 12 februari 2018

thumbnailEvgeniya Medvedeva nummer 1 kunstrijden korte kuur

Feb 12th 2018, 10:11, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Evgeniya Medvedeva, glanzend goud!

Terwijl de Nederlanders doffe en gedevalueerde medailles pakken bij het rondjes rijden op de schaats; de concurrentie uit Rusland is tenslotte op politieke gronden bij voorbaat geëlimineerd; daar pakken de Russen, Evgeniya Medvedeva, een fantastische eerste plek bij de korte kuur kunstrijden op de schaats. Het is geen gouden plek zoals eerder abusievelijk vermeld daar de kuur onderdeel was van een grotere ploegenwedstrijd. Een journalist van de Washington Post verbaast zich erover dat de Russen op de tribune iedereen aanmoedigen. En de Wallstreet Journal vindt de Russen wellicht de meest gestyleerde ploeg.

IOC heeft speciaal “Russen volgsysteem”

Je gelooft het bijna niet, maar er gebeuren wel gekkere dingen. Het IOC heeft een speciaal “Russen surveilleringsprogramma“. Om te controleren of ze wel de juiste dingen zeggen, de juiste vlaggen dragen, en misschien wel om te kijken of hun schoenen gepoetst zijn. De Olympische gedachte in Korea is 0,0. Hoe hard Willem Alexander ook staat te juichen, of met wat voor een grote sprong de Nederlanders op het podium springen. Deze Spelen zijn een farce. Het leuke is dat de enige medailles met echte waarde, die van de Russen zijn!

Winterse Wielerparade in Centrum Moskou

Het is geen wedstrijd, maar al het derde jaar dat er door het centrum van Moskou lekker samen gefietst wordt. Moskovieten, buitenlanders, samen genieten van en op de trouwe tweewieler.

Putin maant Netanyahu in te binden

President Vladimir Putin heeft telefonisch gesproken met de Israëlische leider Benjamin Netanyahu. Hij heeft hem opgeroepen af te zien van stappen die kunnen leiden tot escalatie.

Commentaar Blik op NOS-journaal

Zouden meer leiders moeten doen: Israël erop wijzen dat ze in en boven Syrie niets te zoeken hebben. Ze zijn er niet welkom. Maar goed, hoe zou Rutte dit moeten zeggen tegen Netanyahu? Rutte zit zelf illegaal boven Syrië te vliegen. In zo’n land leven we dus: In een Nederland dat ver weg van ons eigen land, illegale bezettingsoorlogen voert en waarover onze stats tv zwijgt: te druk met jubelende Willem Alexander en Maxima. Geef het volk brood en spelen.

Emoties bij eerste Russische Medaille

Feb 11th 2018, 09:26, by (Blikop NOSjournaal)

Net achter Knegt, pakte Simon Elistratov, voor het team “Atleten uit Rusland”, de eerste plak: Brons op de 1500 meter Short-track. Het Russische journaal opende met deze eerste plak voor de zwaar uitgedunde Russische ploeg. De afwezigheid van Shorttrack-ster Victor Ahn en andere Russische sterren op de ijzers is bij het Perwi Kanal nu nauwelijks nog een item.

Terrorists in #Ghouta are conducting heavy & intense strikes on civilian infrastructure #Damascus. Women, children hve been hit, numerous casualties. Russian Embassy under attack & Intl hotel. #RussianReconciliationCentre calls on UN to demand unconditional ceasefire.

— vanessa beeley (@VanessaBeeley) 10 februari 2018

NOS brengt de halve waarheid rond Goutha

Vrijdag kwam het pro-NATO journaal van de NOS met een item over “het leger van Assad en Russen” die arme burgers zouden bombarderen in Goutha, een wijk vlak bij Damascus. Het was een item dat voor ons uit de lucht kwam vallen; we hadden er nergens over gehoord, en de beelden leken op typische Witte Helmen beelden. Maar wij weten het fijne er niet van. Iemand? We hadden een item verwacht over de VS en haar ge-allieerden (Nederland medeplichtig!!!) die een hondert-tal Syrische militairen gedood hadden deze week. Maar daar zweeg het aan de VS onderworpen journaal over. In alle toonaarden. De Duitse staatszender kon het nieuws niet negeren, maar, net zo onderdanig als de NOS aan haar heren in de VS, moest het item door de onderdanige Duitsers in volledige pro VS geuren en kleuren weergegeven worden. Een mooie analyse daarover bij de Propagandaschau.

En dan nog dit…

“De VS moeten niks hebben van de toenadering tussen Noord en Zuid Korea” horen we op ons staats-journaal. Zo kennen we de VS weer. Stel je toch eens voor dat de relatie tussen de twee Korea’s normaliseert…. De ware aard van de VS komt elke dag weer naar boven… Wat een land. En Nederland onderwerpt zich aan dat land…

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