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Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind! 

Now YouTube Is Adding ‘Fact Checks’ to Videos that Question ‘Climate Change’

Aug 10th 2018, 12:12, by Steve Watson

The real issue here, of course, is that like Big Tech’s near-blanket banning of Alex Jones, it’s the thin end of the wedge.

Freelancer finds that CNN’s laser-focus on wiping out Alex Jones goes back a ways

Aug 10th 2018, 12:02, by Steve Watson

Is there some activist journalism going on over at CNN with the singular goal of purging Alex Jones and Infowars — and only Alex Jones and Infowars — from online existence?

Dutch anti-migrant politician takes own life after revealing she was raped by ‘Muslim gang’

Aug 10th 2018, 11:35, by Steve Watson

In a statement released on Twitter, Wilders said he was shocked by Dille’s death and that she would be missed “enormously.”

China Should Cut Its Losses In the Trade War By Conceding Defeat to Donald Trump

Aug 10th 2018, 11:14, by Dan Lyman

Beijing running out of retaliatory tariffs against US

REBUTTAL: Vox Wants Censorship of “Right Wing” YouTubers

Aug 10th 2018, 11:12, by Steve Watson

Evergreen works both ways.

Is The Censorship Of Conservatives Part Of The Reason Why Facebook Is Losing Massive Amounts Of Traffic?

Aug 10th 2018, 11:05, by Steve Watson

We must never let up in the fight for Internet freedom, because ultimately it is the freedom of all of humanity that is at stake.

Facebook’s Push For Users’ Bank Records Triggers Fears Of A ‘Chinese-Style Social Credit System’ In U.S.

Aug 10th 2018, 11:01, by Steve Watson

Allowing these Big Tech companies to amass so much power was a giant mistake.

Lira Collapses as Erdogan Tells Turks: If They Have Their Dollars, We Have Our God

Aug 10th 2018, 11:00, by Dan Lyman

Trump dominating negotiation over jailed American pastor

The Dark Side Comes After Alex Jones (Star Wars Parody)

Aug 9th 2018, 23:26, by Adan Salazar

‘If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.’

Watch: Someone Plastered Several Trump Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Aug 9th 2018, 22:54, by Adan Salazar

Street artists vow to spread Trump Derangement Syndrome in response to leftist vandalism.

Dog Defends German Couple From Violent Migrants

Aug 9th 2018, 22:10, by Kit Daniels

Migrants stop their attack after dog bites one of them

Watch: Journalists Infiltrate Antifa

Aug 9th 2018, 21:46, by Ben Warren

Cutting-edge journalists go behind enemy lines in Portland’s Antifa

Google Searches for ‘Infowars’ Skyrocket After Tech Purge

Aug 9th 2018, 20:16, by Mikael Thalen

Censorship campaign backfires as interest in Infowars goes through the roof

Video: Man Breaks Legs after Scaling Border Wall

Aug 9th 2018, 20:05, by Adan Salazar

Footage shows man drop from 30-foot height in California.

Migrant Saved by Swedish Refugee Activist Turns Out to be A Wife Beating Child Abuser

Aug 9th 2018, 20:00, by Paul Joseph Watson

Pathological altruism.

Researchers Work on Tiny Spider Bot That Performs Surgery Inside Your Body

Aug 9th 2018, 19:45, by Ben Warren

Could potentially repair tissues, destroy tumors

Trump Admin Makes Major Moves to Export Soybeans to EU

Aug 9th 2018, 19:08, by Ben Warren

State Department wants to lower tariffs, cut red tape

The Social Media Purge: Is the Mises Institute Next?

Aug 9th 2018, 18:59, by Kit Daniels

But you can help fight back by taking small steps today

Report: College Applicants Rejected for Following Alex Jones on Twitter

Aug 9th 2018, 18:43, by Adan Salazar

‘This data collection and usage is an entirely new level of social engineering that is trying to change society.’

Study Links High-Variety Diets to Obesity

Aug 9th 2018, 18:42, by Ben Warren

Anecdotal diet advise under scrutiny

Cancer Drug Improves After Adding Arsenic

Aug 9th 2018, 18:20, by Ben Warren

Combo makes chemotherapy more effective

Ocasio-Cortez: Socialized Medicine Cheap Because Reduced “Funeral Expenses”

Aug 9th 2018, 17:57, by Ben Warren

Implied people would stop dying after implementing Medicare for all

EU’s Proposed Trade Route to Bypass UK Actually Hurts Ireland!

Aug 9th 2018, 17:40, by Ben Warren

Post-Brexit spite plan backfired

UK Tests Giving Homeless People Barcodes

Aug 9th 2018, 17:07, by Adan Salazar

New initiative called Greater Change hands homeless people a QR code.

China Reverses Oil Tariffs

Aug 9th 2018, 17:02, by Ben Warren

Realized retaliatory move created greater loss

Central Banks Eye Blockchain Technology

Aug 9th 2018, 16:48, by Ben Warren

Take heed to how monetary Tzars incorporate pro-liberty tech

Pence: “We Must Have American Dominance in Space”

Aug 9th 2018, 16:31, by Ben Warren

Pentagon mulls Space Force for 6th branch of military

Migrant Surge Taxing Mental Health Facilities, Say Finnish Officials

Aug 9th 2018, 16:22, by Ben Warren

One facility’s daily cost per migrant patient is 200 euros

Video: The Absolute State of the UK Right Now

Aug 9th 2018, 15:47, by Paul Joseph Watson

Boris did nothing wrong.

Alex Jones’ New Message To Trump And Twitter

Aug 9th 2018, 15:38, by Adan Salazar

Infowars ban part of larger election meddling effort.

Watch Live: Infowars Banned: Patriots Stand Up For Free Speech

Aug 9th 2018, 14:59, by Ben Warren

Tune in now while you can!

‘Stand Up and Fight – Awaken Your Nation’ – Hungary PM to Flemish Youth Patriots

Aug 9th 2018, 14:58, by Dan Lyman

Orbán warns of disappearing culture

Apple Says It Is ‘Monitoring’ The Infowars App; Threatens To Censor If It Becomes ‘Harmful’

Aug 9th 2018, 13:48, by Steve Watson

App has shot to number one on the charts after big tech censorship.

Hillary Fan Quits ICE After Anti-Trump Social Media Messages Surface

Aug 9th 2018, 12:00, by Dan Lyman

Posts considered violation of Hatch Act

Video: Masked Antifa Thug Attacks Security Guard With Megaphone

Aug 9th 2018, 11:50, by Paul Joseph Watson

Chaotic scenes outside Portland City Hall.

‘We Need More Banning’: Weekly Standard Calls For More Big Tech Censorship In Wake Of Alex Jones Purge

Aug 9th 2018, 11:10, by Steve Watson

“I’m not even trolling when I say that we need more banning.”

Liberal defends Infowars: ‘I don’t want them deciding what ideas I can read and what I can’t

Aug 9th 2018, 10:59, by Steve Watson

Writer and comedian Andrew Doyle believes the decision of online media platforms to remove content by the conspiracy theorist website InfoWars was wrong.

“Heavily Armed” Muslim Extremists Arrested In NM; Trained 11 Children To Commit School Shootings

Aug 9th 2018, 10:47, by Steve Watson

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 39, and Lucas Morten were operating the makeshift compound in Amalia, New Mexico.

Israel And Hamas Are On The Verge Of WAR As More Than 150 Rockets Rain Down On The Holy Land Overnight

Aug 9th 2018, 10:42, by Steve Watson

According to the IDF, over 150 projectiles were launched from the Hamas-run enclave as of early Thursday morning; 25 were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Rudy Giuliani: Robert Mueller is Now Implicated in Collusion and Soft Coup Attempt

Aug 9th 2018, 10:38, by Steve Watson

According to Giuliani this information/evidence will surface over the next year to year-and-a-half, and will lead to a fundamental change in the institutions of the Department of Justice and FBI.

Trump Trade War Causing “Rare Cracks” Within China’s Communist Party

Aug 9th 2018, 10:35, by Dan Lyman

China’s outlook has become grim, says government policy advisor

CNN Panicking: Warns of ‘Unsettling’ Signs Dems Are Losing Hispanic Voters to Trump

Aug 9th 2018, 10:34, by Steve Watson

A number of political consultants and pollsters on the left were witnessing “unsettling signs” that Democrats would not see a large enough turnout among Hispanics and Latinos on Election Day.

Twitter Plans ‘Hate Speech’ Crackdown After Backlash From Upset Employees

Aug 9th 2018, 10:30, by Steve Watson

Twitter also plans to evaluate whether the company needs to better police “off-platform behavior.” 

Border Patrol Chief: Wall Will ‘Most Certainly’ Help Secure Southern Border

Aug 9th 2018, 10:25, by Dan Lyman

Existing sections already effective, she says

Rothschild Worried About New World Economic Order

Aug 9th 2018, 10:25, by Dan Lyman

President Trump, rise of populism rattle banking behemoth

Video: Watch What Happened When Alex Jones Found Out He was Censored

Aug 8th 2018, 23:11, by Adan Salazar

No globalist is safe.

Pakistani Grooming Gang Rapists Lose British Citizenship

Aug 8th 2018, 22:57, by Ben Warren

Preyed on girls as young as 13

‘Forbidden Information’: Alex Jones Launches Nationwide Grassroots Campaign

Aug 8th 2018, 22:19, by Adan Salazar

Red pill your town or neighborhood in this fight for free speech.

Ezra Levant: “If Trump doesn’t bust up Big Tech monopolies, they’ll bust him up”

Aug 8th 2018, 22:09, by Paul Joseph Watson

A warning for the president.

Rand Paul Delivers Letter from Trump to Putin

Aug 8th 2018, 21:24, by Mikael Thalen

‘The letter emphasized the importance of further engagement in various areas…’

High School Students Reprimanded for NRA Shirts

Aug 8th 2018, 21:24, by Mikael Thalen

History teacher kicks one student out of class for refusing to remove pro-gun attire

Alex Jones’ Written Statement on Internet Censorship

Aug 8th 2018, 21:02, by Kit Daniels

This is a dangerous precedent that can be used against any ideology, left or right.

Colbert: Alex Jones Banned For Promoting ‘Race War’

Aug 8th 2018, 19:18, by Jamie White

Leftist late night comic builds straw man to misrepresent Infowars.

Voter Fraud: 670 Ballots Cast in Georgia Precinct with 276 Voters

Aug 8th 2018, 18:29, by Adan Salazar

Voting irregularities come as state investigated other instances of voter fraud.

Farage: UK Politician “More Likely” to Become PM After Burka Remark

Aug 8th 2018, 18:01, by Ben Warren

Politically incorrect, pro-Brexit politician puts establishment on notice

What Pundits Get Wrong When Explaining “Democratic Socialism”

Aug 8th 2018, 17:38, by Ben Warren

Socialism’s violent history exposed

Shock: FDA Acquiring ‘Fresh’ Aborted Baby Parts to Make ‘Humanized Mice’

Aug 8th 2018, 17:25, by Jamie White

Government plans to collect fetal tissue to fuse mice with ‘human immune systems.’

US-China Trade Dispute Weighs on Prices

Aug 8th 2018, 17:22, by Ben Warren

Oil prices drop after China showed a slowdown in demand

Must See: Michael Savage Interviews Alex Jones Over Assault on Free Speech

Aug 8th 2018, 17:13, by Jamie White

Future of the First Amendment and internet freedom at stake.

NYC Cracks Down on Ride-Sharing

Aug 8th 2018, 17:01, by Ben Warren

Legislation to allow minimum pay rate for drivers

Ingraham Defends Infowars: ‘Coordinated’ Purge of Sources ‘We Trust and Like’

Aug 8th 2018, 16:53, by Jamie White

Big Tech launching their own ‘insurance policy’ to ensure more nationalists don’t gain power.

Senator Slams Harris’ Call for More Kavanaugh Documents

Aug 8th 2018, 16:46, by Ben Warren

Tells her she already said she’s voting no

Natural Measles Immunity Better Than Vaccines – Report

Aug 8th 2018, 16:29, by Ben Warren

Routine measles vaccinations lead to worrisome consequences

The War to Destroy Alex Jones, Part 2

Aug 8th 2018, 16:26, by Adan Salazar

Many strange things can be implemented on the basis of ‘protecting the herd.’

Media files:

The Attack On Infowars is Deep State Cyber Warfare

Aug 8th 2018, 16:23, by Paul Joseph Watson

This is REAL election meddling.

Major Donor: UK PM No Longer Fit to Lead

Aug 8th 2018, 16:12, by Ben Warren

Wants a Brexiteer to lead nation out of EU

Alex Jones’ Message to Jack Dorsey Concerning The Purge

Aug 8th 2018, 15:23, by Adan Salazar

Will you be on the right side of history?

Index on Censorship Slams Big Tech Banning of Infowars

Aug 8th 2018, 14:32, by Paul Joseph Watson

Provocative speech “should be protected”.

Watch Live: Unperson Patient Zero

Aug 8th 2018, 14:07, by Ben Warren

Big Tech strives to pull all plugs from Infowars’ access to you!

Twitter Users Whine And Cry After Company Refuses To Ban Infowars

Aug 8th 2018, 13:40, by Steve Watson

“He hasn’t violated our rules”.

A Racist Communist Famine Grows In South Africa

Aug 8th 2018, 12:38, by Dan Lyman

South Africa a cautionary tale for America

The List: Platforms that Have Banned Infowars and Alex Jones

Aug 8th 2018, 12:30, by Adan Salazar

Enemies of freedom assemble to silence independent alternative media.

‘I’ll Have You Killed!’ Duterte Scolds 100+ Corrupt Philippines Cops Brought Before Him

Aug 8th 2018, 12:03, by Dan Lyman

Hardline leader touts zero tolerance for police corruption

Green Party ‘Space Alien’ May Have Wrecked Dem’s Hopes In Ohio

Aug 8th 2018, 12:00, by Dan Lyman

Candidate says parents from distant planet

Former Obama Official Demands Twitter Ban Alex Jones

Aug 8th 2018, 11:57, by Paul Joseph Watson

While Howard Dean says Jones advocates “nazism”.

Facebook: Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Don’t Violate ‘Hate Speech’ Rules

Aug 8th 2018, 11:40, by Steve Watson

Videos posted to Farrakhan’s Facebook page show the Nation of Islam leader claiming that Jews are secretly controlling government agencies to suppress black Americans.

‘Truth is treason in empire of lies’: Ron Paul on Big Tech censorship

Aug 8th 2018, 11:37, by Steve Watson

“Challenging the status quo is what they can’t stand and it unnerves them, so they have to silence people.”

InfoWars App Overtakes CNN on Charts, CNN Lobbies Apple to Censor

Aug 8th 2018, 11:33, by Steve Watson

InfoWars shot up the charts following censorship of its accounts on most major platforms.

Socialist star Ocasio-Cortez strikes out: All endorsed candidates lose Tuesday primaries

Aug 8th 2018, 11:29, by Steve Watson

The socialist pulled off a stunning victory last month in New York, and is now attempting to parlay that win into helping other leftists win Democratic primaries.

CENSORED: Disqus Bans Infowars, Entire Alex Jones Network of Websites

Aug 8th 2018, 11:25, by Steve Watson

Disqus sent Alex Jones a vague message saying they banned him for being “in violation” of their terms of service.

Trump-Backed Balderson Claims Dramatic Victory In Crucial Ohio House Race

Aug 8th 2018, 11:15, by Dan Lyman

Democrats desperate for upset ahead of November elections

Democrats Blame Russians For Ohio Loss, Turn On The Green Party!

Aug 8th 2018, 11:15, by Steve Watson

They’re blaming Russia for their loss and saying the Green Party are agents of the Russkies!

Watch: Alex Jones’ Official Statement on Internet Purge

Aug 8th 2018, 04:22, by Adan Salazar

Tech companies funded by communist China engaged in REAL election meddling.

Top Attorney Calls Big Tech Infowars Ban Deeply Concerning

Aug 7th 2018, 22:44, by Paul Joseph Watson

Suggests purge of Alex Jones was an abuse of power.

Mattis in “Complete Agreement” With DOD, White House on Space Force

Aug 7th 2018, 22:30, by Ben Warren

Military space plans not ready for full disclosure

Americans Reject NYT Poll Calling For Twitter to Ban Infowars

Aug 7th 2018, 22:26, by Dan Lyman

Public overwhelmingly opposes censorship of Infowars

Asbestos Found in Crayons

Aug 7th 2018, 21:45, by Ben Warren

Well-known carcinogen linked to thousands of cases of mesothelioma

Police Station Attacked In Stockholm ‘No-Go Zone’

Aug 7th 2018, 21:22, by Dan Lyman

A car containing low-grade explosives was used to ram the gates

Calorie Counting Menus Help Diners Lose One Pound Over Three Years – Study

Aug 7th 2018, 21:08, by Ben Warren

You read that right

Democratic Socialism Would Cost $218 Trillion Over 30 Years – Report

Aug 7th 2018, 20:32, by Ben Warren

Would exceed all of Europe’s current levels of spending

Rosie O’Donnell Unhinged: Trump Supporters are Paid to Attend Rallies

Aug 7th 2018, 20:17, by Adan Salazar

Conspiracy theories a major symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Italian Official Wants to Tax Migrants to Fund Pro-Italian Family Policies

Aug 7th 2018, 20:14, by Ben Warren

Favors native newborns over public debt

Astronomers Witness First Mass Eruption From a Foreign Star

Aug 7th 2018, 19:57, by Ben Warren

Ejection carried one billion trillion grams of material

NATO Fighter Jet Accidentally Launches Missile Near Russian Border – Estonian Army

Aug 7th 2018, 19:45, by Ben Warren

Launch occurred with Spanish crew during a training flight

Donald Trump Jr. Reacts To Infowars Censorship: ‘Really About Purging All Conservative Media’

Aug 7th 2018, 19:45, by Jamie White

President Trump’s son sees canary in the coal mine with social media’s purge of Alex Jones.

Drone Taught to Herd Birds From Airports Autonomously

Aug 7th 2018, 18:13, by Ben Warren

New control algorithm allows single drone to protect airspace

Trump Snubs Amazon, Walmart in Business Leader Dinner

Aug 7th 2018, 18:01, by Ben Warren

Both leaders lobbied against president’s steel, aluminum tariffs

NATO Offering Membership to Georgia a “Threat to Peace” – Russian PM

Aug 7th 2018, 17:44, by Ben Warren

Says offer would be absolutely irresponsible

Infowarriors Fear Drudge Next Victim of Censorship Purge

Aug 7th 2018, 17:37, by Jamie White

Highly-trafficked conservative site may be muzzled like Infowars.

Here Are 410 Movies Made Under The Direct Influence And Supervision Of The Pentagon

Aug 7th 2018, 17:36, by Adan Salazar

‘These documents for the first time demonstrate that the US government has worked behind the scenes on over 800 major movies…’

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