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thumbnail Science Fiction is Finally Becoming a Reality…

Nov 17th 2017, 20:06, by Thoughty2

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Mugabe blijft tegen alle verwachtingen in toch aan als president van Zimbabwe

Nov 19th 2017, 20:30, by Silvia Videler

Anti-American Hate-Filled Liberals Fail In Attempt To Disrupt Annual Holiday Celebration In Saint Augustine, Florida

Nov 19th 2017, 20:20, by Silvia Videler

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New post on Now The End Begins


Klik:>Anti-American Hate-Filled Liberals Fail In Attempt To Disrupt Annual Holiday Celebration In Saint Augustine, Florida

by Geoffrey Grider

I am always proud to be an American, but last night especially so. And I was very proud of my town who showed classy and mature behavior to people who were only there to disrupt and cause trouble. Yes sir, love trumped hate last night alright. It truly did.

“…what country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? let them take arms. the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson, Nov. 13. 1787.

Oh, the red-hot irony of it all. Last night, at St. Augustine’s annual and always beautiful Nights Of Lights celebration, anti-American protesters show up and formed a ring around the bandstand and attempted to take the event hostage. They were their to show their hatred of “AmeriKKKa” and it’s “history of racism”. But as I looked around, it was obvious I was in the middle of an enormous pool of diversity with more ethnicities than I could count, and everyone was peacefully assembled to watch the show. How very ironic.

On the bandstand, I watched talented singers and presenters from a variety of different races, all working in harmony together and by the smiles on their faces really enjoyed being there. Blacks, whites and Latinos all having a great time together. Imagine that. The only stain on the evening were the minions of George Soros, the ANTIFA wannabees, demanding that Americans go back to the 19th century and relive our history all over again.

Alt-Left Liberals Invade Saint Augustine But Fail To Disrupt Annual Holiday Celebration:

This is what I saw at the Nights Of Lights in Saint Augustine last night. If you are reading this via email, please click here to watch the video. 

As I watched the protesters, what struck me the most was the hatred they had in their hearts for the country they lived in, and the utter disrespect they have for anyone who dares to disagree with them. They demanded an “end to the KKK”, but not a single white supremacist was evident anywhere in the crowd. Like ISIS in the Middle East, they seek to tear down statues and historical monuments from our past they don’t like. Fascism is like that, no one is allowed to have a differing opinion.

They were there to “protest fascism” and they did it just like fascists would do with fear, intimidation and mob mentality. Just like the KKK.

But the townspeople of America’s oldest city didn’t take the bait. In true and wonderfully American style, 10,000 people of all ethnicities  allowed the hated-filled Alt-Left snowflakes to have their say unmolested. Not one person threw anything at them or engaged them in a verbal shouting match. We allowed them to have their freedom of speech guaranteed to them in the Constitution of the ‘AmeriKKKa’ they hate so much.

I am always proud to be an American, but last night especially so. And I was very proud of my town who showed classy and mature behavior to people who were only there to disrupt and cause trouble.

Yes sir, love trumped hate last night alright. It truly did.



Geoffrey Grider | November 19, 2017 at 11:28 am | Tags: Alt-Left, ANTIA, Nights Of Lights | Categories: Alt-Left, The Big Story | URL:

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Vervolging, dat staat ons te wachten

Nov 19th 2017, 20:17, by Silvia Videler

Aangeleverd door: It’s Me

De wereld door de bril van Ben Jager. Ditmaal: Zimbabwe

Nov 19th 2017, 17:57, by Silvia Videler


Geachte lezer,


TV of dagbladen – allemaal dezelfde oppervlakkigheden – desinformatie.

(hetzelfde (dus) ook over het gekonkel in Den Haag; wat er tijdens de formatie is geritseld)


Over ‘t algemeen weten we/de meesten van ons vrijwel niks over Zimbabwe. Ver weg.

Een paar dingen misschien.

– blanke boeren massaal onteigenen, en verjagen ook nog – als ze er al levend van af komen.

– mijnbouw – mineralen als koper, goud, diamant, meer?

– koloniale geschiedenis, vml. Britse kolonie, of eigenlijk lidstaat Gemenebest.

– buurland Zuid-Afrika

– (illegale) jacht op olifanten – in wildparken; en illegale export van ivoor.

– traditie van het (laten) neerschieten, neerstorten, verongelukken van politieke tegenstanders



Toch is er heel wat meer wat Zimbabwe interessant maakt – voor bankiers, globalisten, mijnbouwgiganten.

Je moet ruime ervaring hebben in Afrika, en met Afrikaanse Afrikaners, en de opportunisten/avonturiers uit de hele wereld die loeren op lucratieve deals  om te kunnen vermoeden wat er gebeurt in zo’n land als mensen geld/rijkdom/macht ‘ruiken’.


Dit speelt er nu in Zimbabwe op de achtergrond.

Van jaren grootschalige zwendel (door machthebbers) met de opbrengst van de diamantmijnen,

De militaire opbouw door de VS in het hele continent

Eindeloos veel schandalen in alle politieke partijen

Bijzonder veel, en waardevolle, bodemschatten



Zimbabwe: Domestic Rivalries, US-China Competition Underlie Political Crisis

The political turmoil in Zimbabwe is a product of both domestic factional rivalries and broader international political intrigue. Don’t let the corporate media impose its usual superficial narrative on the events in Zimbabwe; as with all things Africa, there’s so much more than meets the eye.


Zimbabwe’s ruling elite is using funds coming from diamond exports to finance its Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), accused of several human-rights abuses while helping President Robert Mugabe to remain in power for decades, a report shows.

According to anticorruption campaign group Global Witness,

the country’s diamonds are channelled through Dubai, Belgium and Mozambique by a complex network of cross-owned firms based various places including Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, South Africa and Mauritius.

What those companies have in common, the London-based group said in the report“Official figures from theKimberley Process show Zimbabwe has officially exported over $2.5 billion indiamonds since 2010. However, only $300 million of that sum has made into thecountry’s coffers, the group said in the report entitled “An Inside Job.”Lost hopes: Zimbabwe’s diamonds(vid.):

Ever since NKOMO died, Dictator Mugabe has been plunderingZIMBABWE’s assets – recently he said, “What’s yours is MINE and what’s mine is Mine.

And so the People continue toSTARVE while MUGABE gets fat & rich off the spoils of his plunder.

I was there when NKOMO kept Mugabe ‘honest’ and things were better.

When NKOMO died,MUGABE started seizing those good farms that were the essence of Africa’sBreadbasket, employing thousands, providing THE PEOPLE with food,education,& healthcare.

$15 billion worth of diamonds was pillaged under Mugabe’s watch


the workers were taken care of in all respects – food, water, housing, health care –                                           but were chased off the Farm when MUGABE took over and his MINISTERS seized the land for themselves.


This is NOT Black Empowerment, just GREED!!!  “


OVERVIEW OF ZIMBABWE’S MINERAL RESOURCE POTENTIAL                                                 

90% deposits occur associated with Archaean greenstone belts and surrounding granitoids            Richest greenstonebelts in the world

Platinum Group Metals               

The natural resources of Zimbabwe are coal, chromium ore, asbestos, gold, nickel, copper, iron ore, vanadium, lithium, tin and the platinum group metals. The main products that Zimbabwe exports includes precious stones, precious metals, tobacco and ores.


A Nov. 17 investigation by Nick Turse, a journalist and American military scholar, found that the United States maintains at least 60 bases or military outposts throughout Africa,

the U.S. is using AFRICOM as a “laboratory” where it can experiment with “a different kind of warfare and a different way of posturing forces”:

“There are a myriad of ‘lily pads’ or small forward operating bases

former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, the military would create “hub” bases on three continents



it also enhances the ability of participating forces to engage in police operations against unarmed civilians, counter-insurgency operations, and even conventional military operations against the military forces of other countries.

The IMET program brings African military officers to military academies and other military educational institutions in the United States for professional training.

Nearly all African countries participate in the program

Foreign Military Sales Program (FMS)

This program sells U.S. military equipment to African countries

Military is complicit in Mugabe misrule

Statement of the Global Pan African Movement on the intervention in Zimbabwe     The generals of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces have been part of the repressive government. The huge problems of Zimbabwe cannot be resolved by the same soldiers who have been partners with Mugabe in the past 37 years.


those who were looting the country found it easier to use the currency of empire while the people were issued with useless bonds notes.     The successes of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange was another indication of the amount of wealth that was circulating among the generals and political operatives.  


Since independence in 1980 one of the ways of dealing with rivals was through car accidents or other forms of political assassination. Generals of the Zimbabwe military from the time of Josiah Tongagara to General Mujuru understood the experiences of political assassination. Thus when the former Vice President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa was fired in the week of November 4 2017 he quickly fled the country. He was very aware of the multiple unexplained deaths of prominent Zimbabweans.


This paramilitary operation that killed over 20,000 in Matabeleland.  There is still a need for the truth about this mass killing. In the past year Mnangagwa has been locked in a life and death struggle with those elements who had surrounded Grace Mugabe. Grace Mugabe had aligned herself with a group that was associated with Dr. Jonathan Moyo.

Over twelve years ago, it was the same Jonathan Moyo who had termed ZANU-PF a shelf party.

* JILIA LYNNE WALKER is the Chairperson of the North American Branch of the Global Pan African Movement.


Zanu PF voorzitter Tembla Mliswa, op persconf. In Harare:  Minister Moyo onderhoudt banden met entiteiten verbonden aan de CIA. M.n. de Rockefeller Foundation, welke lopen via de U.S. Ambassy in Harare.

Mugabe noemde Moyo “devil incarnate”,

En zei dat ZANU PF was geïnfiltreerd met “weevils

(plaaginsect dat graangewassen verwoest) en de partij van binnenuit verziekt);_ylu=X3oDMTByZTJwYXBkBGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwM5BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1511132422/RO=10/    


Het paramilitaire verleden van vice-president Mnangagwa; lees ook over ‘Team Lacoste’:   


mvgr. Ben Jager

Diverse Nieuwsfeiten, verzameld door: Nico Talma

Nov 19th 2017, 16:21, by Silvia Videler

Human Animal Robot Revolution Breaking News November 2017

Nov 19th 2017, 13:22, by Silvia Videler

Aangeleverd door: Luitjen Westra



Human Animal Robot Revolution Breaking News November 2017

Human Animal Robot Revolution Breaking News November 2017 Fukushima & Worldwide Nuclear Waste Crisis Documentary Part1

Het is al werkelijk zo ver dat de overheden ons openlijk laten weten dat we “genaaid” worden

Nov 19th 2017, 13:12, by Silvia Videler

Aangeleverd door: Luitjen Westra

Tja, of we dat al niet wisten!!! Ze lachen zich slap, maar dat lachen van hen zal spoedig vergaan, als ze zich verstoppen in hun zelf gecreëerde holen en spelonken.



Is this Navy Pilot telling us we are F^%$ed

It would appear so, because for all the press and coverage this stunt got, the main question or purpose went unnoticed. RFB

Nederland is het donkerste gat op aarde. Insider Ronald Bernhard komt in dit interview met waarschuwing

Nov 19th 2017, 12:18, by Silvia Videler

Aangeleverd door: Sam Jansen



MasonicWorld-Are You Ready For IT:Nicholson1968

Nov 19th 2017, 11:07, by Silvia Videler

Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

Nov 19th 2017, 11:00, by Silvia Videler

Aangeleverd door: Luitjen Westra



Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don’t even know what that is, but it’s happening all around us right now. This sys…

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thumbnail Putin Delivers Over Two Thousand Tonnes Of Humanitarian Aid To Syria’s Golan Heights Region Of Daraa: U.N. Demands Israel Leave Golan Heights

Nov 18th 2017, 23:48, by Volubrjotr

KHMEIMIM /Syria/, November 18. /TASS/. Russian officers have delivered more than 2,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid to residents of the populated locality of Al-Shakrahiyah in the Syrian region of Daraa, Chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria General Sergei Kuralenko said at a daily briefing on Saturday. The Russian center […]

thumbnail Texas Shifts Away From The Federal Reserve: State’s New Silver Gold Bullion Depository

Nov 17th 2017, 00:20, by Volubrjotr

AUSTIN, Texas (Nov. 15, 2017) – The Texas Bullion Depository took a step closer becoming operational earlier this month when officials announced the location of the new facility. The creation of a state bullion depository in Texas represents a power shift away from the federal government to the state, and it provides a blueprint that […]

thumbnail Russia Starts T-90S Main Battle Tank Deliveries To Iraq

Nov 16th 2017, 23:17, by Volubrjotr

DUBAI, November 15. /TASS/. Russia is implementing a contract for the delivery of T-90S main battle tanks to Iraq, the press office of Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation told TASS at the Dubai Airshow 2017 on Wednesday. Contract with Kuwait to supply T-90MS tanks can be signed before year end Iraq Authorizes […]

thumbnail Russia Delivers Massive Bombing Strike Against U.S. Israeli Terrorists Near Syria’s Abu Kamal

Nov 16th 2017, 19:20, by Volubrjotr

MOSCOW, November 15. /TASS/. Six Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers of Russia’s Aerospace Force have delivered a massive air strike against the [U.S. Israeli Proxy Army] Islamic State (ISIS, a terror group outlawed in Russia) near the Syrian city of Abu Kamal, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Wednesday. “Six Tu-22M3 long-range bombers, which have taken off […]

thumbnail Top 11 Countries In Which Bitcoin is Banned

Nov 16th 2017, 01:31, by Volubrjotr

Countries around the world have a wide ranging view of the digital currency bitcoin or a “virtual currency.” Western superpowers like the United States and United Kingdom have shown a positive attitude towards the new technology. Some countries like Canada and Australia are still deliberating on what to do about Bitcoin, legally. Bitcoin Digits Coming […]

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Trump says he now regrets not leaving three college basketball players in a Chinese prison

Nov 19th 2017, 18:52, by Rebekah Entralg

President Donald Trump attacked LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, a UCLA basketball player Sunday afternoon, saying that he should have “left them in jail.”

Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 19, 2017

LaVar Ball told ESPN Saturday that he was skeptical Trump had much to do with the release of his son and his two teammates.

“Who?” Ball responded when asked about the president’s involvement. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”

And though Trump wrote Ball doesn’t believing shoplifting is a “big deal,” Ball said Saturday he was just primarily happy to have his son back home.

“As long as my boy’s back here, I’m fine,” he said. “I’m happy with how things were handled. A lot of people like to say a lot of things that they thought happened over there. Like I told him, ‘They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.’ I’m from L.A. I’ve seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses.”

Trump has made a number of tweets in the past calling out various athletes and sports commentators, people of color in particular.

He blamed ESPN host Jemele Hill for the network’s ratings after she called Donald Trump a white supremacist on Twitter. He “withdrew” the White House invitation for the Golden State Warriors after calling out player Stephen Curry for hesitating on accepting the invitation. Trump has also attacked NFL owners for allowing their players to follow the silent protest of kneeling during the national anthem, started by NFL player Colin Kaepernick over a year ago.

None of those tweets, however, have reached the level of what the president wrote this morning, suggesting that an American teenager should have remained in a Chinese jail because he was not satisfied with how the athlete’s father responded.

Dan Scavino, the president’s social media manager, weighed in on Saturday following Ball’s comments saying, “[LiAnegelo] would be in China for a long, long time” without the President’s interference.

Wannabe @Lakers coach, BIG MOUTH @Lavarbigballer knows if it weren’t for President @realDonaldTrump, his son would be in China for a long, long, long time! #FACT

— Dan Scavino Jr. (@DanScavino) November 18, 2017

LiAngelo Ball, along with two of his teammates were arrested in China for shoplifting from three stores during a team trip.

Trump, who was traveling across Asia last week, said he personally asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for assistance and later seemingly begged for gratitude after the players were ultimately released.

Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 15, 2017

The UCLA players, however, did in fact thank Trump. At a news conference last week Cody Riley, one of the UCLA basketball athletes arrested with LiAneglo, said, “To President Trump and the United States government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. Thank you for helping us out,” Riley said. LiAngelo Ball echoed his teammate’s statement.

President Trump even acknowledge their thank-you.

To the three UCLA basketball players I say: You're welcome, go out and give a big Thank You to President Xi Jinping of China who made…..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 16, 2017

White House officials just called losing your health insurance a tax break

Nov 19th 2017, 16:15, by Rebekah Entralg

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday that the president “is not going to sign a bill that raises taxes on the middle class, period.” Unfortunately for Mulvaney, both the House and Senate tax bills would do just that, but he’s now trying to spin millions of people losing their health insurance as them getting a tax break.

While both plans vary as to what deductions are maintained or repealed and the timing of when certain tax breaks will be implemented, at the center of both plans is a giant tax cut for corporations. Reducing the corporate tax rate from 30 percent to 25 percent is expensive, costing an upwards of $1.5 trillion dollars over the next decade.

The Senate’s solution to pay for it includes the repeal of the individual mandate, a measure in the Affordable Care Act that requires individuals to be covered by health insurance. According to the Congressional Budget Office, this would result in both middle class tax hikes and 13 million more uninsured Americans over the next ten years.

CBO just released a distributional analysis of repealing the individual mandate. When combined with the JCT tax analysis, it's truly shocking. Via @MichaelSLinden:

— Topher Spiro (@TopherSpiro) November 18, 2017

Mick Mulvaney, however, said Sunday there is a “benefit if the repeal goes away” because it is a tax on middle class families. Marc Short, the White House Director of Legislative Affairs made the same argument on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning. Short says the mandate harms middle-income families most and applauds the Senate’s decision to include it in their tax bill.

The White House is appearing to use a 2012 decision by the Supreme Court that deemed the Affordable Care Act constitutional to their advantage. A key part of that decision included classifying the individual mandate as a kind of tax. Republicans are now arguing that since SCOTUS ruled the individual mandate was a tax, it must be addressed in a tax bill; however this sinister maneuver will leave millions of Americans worse off so that corporations can get a tax break.



Asked multiple times, White House spokesman refuses to clarify if Trump has unendorsed Roy Moore

Nov 19th 2017, 15:58, by Zack Ford

On ABC’s This Week Sunday morning, George Stephanopoulos drilled White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short for answers as to whether President Trump still supports Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct. At least half a dozen times, Short dodged blatant yes-or-no questions, leaving room for Trump to be satisfied if Moore ends up winning the special election next month.

Short started the interview by hanging his hat on the “if true” caveat — that Trump would believe the allegations are disqualifying only if they were somehow proven to be true. As the White House has said on other occasions, Trump is essentially washing his hands of it by leaving it up to the people of Alabama to decide.

But Stephanopoulos was unsatisfied with these responses and pressed Short to clarify whether Trump actually believes the women who have made accusations against Moore. “Obviously, George, if he did not believe the women’s accusations were credible, he would be down campaigning for Roy Moore. He has not done that. He has concerns about the accusations,” Short said. The implication seemed to be that Trump’s lack of campaigning should be seen as a condemnation of Moore.

But then Short immediately began defending Moore too. “But he’s also concerned that these accusations are 38 years old, Roy Moore has been in public service for decades, and the accusations did not arise until a month before the election,” he continued. “So we’re concerned about several aspects of the story; we’re very concerned about the allegations, but at this point, as I’ve said, we think it’s best for the people of Alabama to make the decision for them.”

Stephanopoulos pointed out that Short still had not actually answered whether Trump believes the women, but Short insisted that he had. As the back-and-forth continued, Stephanopoulos asked Short several times to clarify with yes-or-no answers about Trump’s ongoing support for Moore and whether he believes the accusers, but Short could not provide those simple answers, again leaning on the people of Alabama.

Eventually, Stephanopoulos asked whether it would be the “right decision” if the people of Alabama did, in fact, elect Moore. “I think that the right decision will be what the people of Alabama decide,” Short replied.

Before the allegations came to light, Trump openly supported Moore, having quickly endorsed him after he won the Republican primary. When asked about Moore’s many controversial opinions, such as past support for criminalizing homosexuality and barring Muslims from serving in Congress, Trump dodged the question, crediting the people of Alabama for liking Moore.

Short’s waffling responses reflect comments White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made Friday when she defended Trump for attacking Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) over allegations against him, despite having called his own accusers liars and not similarly attacking Moore. “I think in one case specifically, Senator Franken has admitted wrongdoing. The president hasn’t. It a very clear distinction,” she explained, seeming to pin liability on specific admissions of guilt. She also went on to say that Moore could still sue his accusers, a point that Short echoed Sunday.

It’s also not a new tactic for Trump to defer to the states to avoid taking a side on a controversial issue. Over the course of his campaign, for example, Trump’s position on transgender rights (which Moore notably opposes) slowly shifted from indifferent support to “hopefully the states will make the right decisions.” Just like the equivocating over the allegations against Moore, Trump said at one point, “I don’t view it as civil rights or not civil rights.” By relying on ambiguous language and deferring responsibility to other decision-makers, Trump attempts to play both sides of the issue while still holding out for an outcome that benefits him.

In this case, if Moore wins, Trump stands to gain by holding onto a Republican seat in the Senate, while creating the appearance that he’s not standing by someone accused of sexual abuse. When Stephanopoulos asked Short if Trump would work with Moore as a Senator, Short confirmed, “The president works with all members of Congress. That’s his role.”

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe fired as party chief, as threats of impeachment mount

Nov 19th 2017, 15:05, by Elham Khatami

After weeks of political unrest, Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU-PF, voted Sunday to fire President Robert Mugabe as its party chief, and asked him to resign as the country’s leader by Monday or face impeachment. 

The party also voted to oust First Lady Grace Mugabe from the party entirely and to replace President Mugabe with Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who Mugabe fired weeks ago. Mugabe had sought to appoint his wife as Mnangagwa’s successor.

The firing of Mnangagwa led to a surprising sequence of events. Last week, the military took over the government, claiming that it was protecting Mugabe and his wife as they zeroed in on the president’s inner circle to weed out corruption and criminals. The President and First Lady were ultimately placed under house arrest. Zimbabweans welcomed the coup, marching in the streets in unprecedented numbers to express their opposition to Mugabe.

While Mugabe remains the President of Zimbabwe (he has been the country’s sole ruler since its independence 37 years ago), his dismissal as party leader is significant. According to the BBC, the move heightens the pressure against Mugabe, as moves to impeach him as President if he fails to resign begin to materialize.

Amid cheers by members of ZANU-PF’s Central Committee, Obert Mpofu, minister of home affairs, announced the decision to fire Mugabe at a meeting Sunday. According to Al-Jazeera, Mpofu blamed Grace Mugabe and her advisers for abusing her position and taking advantage of the President.

“We meet here today with a heavy heart because Mugabe’s wife and her close associates have taken advantage of his frail condition and abused the resources of the country,” Mpofu said, according to Al-Jazeera. “I warmly welcome you all to this historic meeting which will mark a new era, not only for our country but for the party.”

Delegates responded with chants against the First Lady and shouted about the President, “He must go!”

Zimbabweans have blamed Mugabe for the country’s economic problems, including drastic currency hyperinflation and deflation. His record on human rights is also dismal and, under his rule, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and press freedoms have suffered.

Ivanka’s signature real estate deals were disasters linked to drug cartels and money laundering

Nov 18th 2017, 21:47, by Casey Michel

Before her father became president, Ivanka Trump tied herself more closely to two of her father’s international projects than any others.

One, in Panama, was the current president’s first international foray — a building, according to the developer, that Donald Trump wanted to be Ivanka’s “baby.” The other, in Azerbaijan, was a project Ivanka herself claimed she “oversaw” — one for which, according to an Azeri lawyer involved with the project, the president’s daughter “personally approved everything.”

Neither project succeeded, at least from the Trumps’ point of view. The board of directors of Panama’s Trump Ocean Club eventually fired Trump’s management company, citing budget over-runs and improper bonuses. Meanwhile, the development of Trump Tower Baku was so poorly managed — thanks to shoddy construction and missing payments — that The New Yorker dubbed the building “Trump’s worst deal.” Both remain marked blots on the president’s supposed business chops — and on the record of his daughter, who remains a special adviser to the president.

But a pair of recent, in-depth investigations reveal the bungled buildings point to far more concerning missteps than mistimed bonuses or poor designs. The president and his daughter appear to have been, at best, unwitting accomplices to money laundering and grand corruption on a significant scale.

The project in Azerbaijan has been tied to allegations of money laundering from the Azeri dictatorship and those close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard; the project in Panama has been tied to allegations of money laundering from South American drug cartels. In both instances, the Trumps apparently ignored clear signs of the corruption and money laundering drenching Ivanka’s pet projects.

“Trump’s current wealth has depended in part on securing significant infusions of untraceable foreign funds.”

“Trump’s business approach,” wrote anti-corruption group Global Witness in a recent report, “has been to lease his name and for him and his family to drum up sales in some of the world’s dirty money hotspots, in some instances aided — knowingly or unwittingly — by networks of money launderers. The result is that Trump’s current wealth has depended in part on securing significant infusions of untraceable foreign funds.”

While neither the president nor his daughter appear willing to comment on their dealings in Panama or Azerbaijan, a series of reports over the past few months have helped highlight how Trump and his daughter missed even the most basic red flags when it came to these buildings.

Panamanian Paper

The president’s and his daughter’s Panamanian construct, Trump Ocean Beach, was once described by Ivanka as her family’s “largest project in all of the Americas.”

In a report published last week, Global Witness details how the building to which Trump leased his name helped launder “proceeds from Colombian cartels’ narcotics trafficking.” And as Global Witness found, Donald Trump himself “was one of the beneficiaries” of such laundering practices. Information available from a bonds sales prospectus revealed that the Trump Organization would see revenue from every unit sold at Trump Ocean Club.

Even if Trump and Ivanka were somehow unaware that the building served as a spigot for laundering cartel cash, it would have been difficult to miss the signs that Trump Ocean Club — set up during the years that Panama came into its own as an offshore haven — was being used for money laundering on a massive scale.

There were several obvious signs that Trump Ocean Club was laundering cash:

  1. Many of the units were purchased in cash, an easy means of obscuring payments. According to the lawyer for a convicted fraudster — a criminal who acted as a “key player” in laundering drug money at Trump Ocean Club, per Global Witness — the cash that purchased the Trump Ocean Club units found its way to Panama via “mules” crossing the border from Colombia.
  2. Numerous units were purchased in bulk, a common practice behind money laundering.
  3. Numerous units were purchased via anonymous, untraceable shell companies, dozens of which contained “Trump” in their names. Anonymous shell companies, as real estate brokers from Seattle to New York to London can attest, remain one of the most popular means of laundering ill-gotten gains.
  4. Some purchases were even conducted via “bearer shares,” according to sources. “Bearer shares,” in which the holder of a certain piece of paper is the literal holder of the related share, remain so notoriously linked to money laundering that they’ve been outlawed in jurisdictions like the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, and — as of 2013, after the bulk sales at Trump Ocean Club — Panama.

“When I was in Panama I was regularly laundering money for more than a dozen companies.”

As with other assorted Trump properties, including those in South Florida, many of the clientele in Panama were among the wealthiest actors from Russia — a reality that may have piqued the interest of special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Some of the buyers, according to those interviewed by Global Witness, were connected to Russia’s mafia underworld, a type of client familiar to Trump.

But if these glaring signs weren’t enough, a Reuters investigation also found that Alexandre Henrique Ventura Nogueira, the building’s primary broker, admitted that he offered money laundering among his services. “When I was in Panama I was regularly laundering money for more than a dozen companies,” said Ventura Nogueira, who was arrested in Panama a few years ago on charges of forgery and fraud.

According to Reuters, Ventura Nogueira worked closely with Ivanka on the Panamanian project, meeting with her at least 10 times. Ventura Nogueira told the publication that Ivanka was “ultimately responsible for all aspects of the [Trump Ocean Club] licensing deal for the Trump Organization.” The building, added Global Witness, came with Ivanka’s “personal touch.”

The president's daughter praised her Panamanian project on her Facebook. (SCREENGRAB)

The president’s daughter has remained mum publicly on the project, despite singing its praises in its early days. “Some people say it resembles a giant ‘D,’” she said a few years ago, laughing.

According to information available, the president looked to profit handsomely from the building: “Trump stood to gain $75.4 million from the [Trump Ocean Club] by the fall of 2010,” according to Global Witness, pointing out that the building was “one of Trump’s most lucrative licensing deals to date.” Moreover, Global Witness added, the Trumps “likely continue to profit from the Trump Ocean Club” — a likelihood the president, and his daughter, continue to avoid addressing, ignoring questions from multiple reporters about the Panama property.

The Azeri Laundromat

While the Trumps’ involvement in Panama netted them a fine profit, their work in Azerbaijan didn’t reach nearly the same level of revenue. As an in-depth look from The New Yorker’s Adam Davidson earlier this year found, the Trump Tower Baku project attempted to capitalize on the country’s oil boom, which coincided with the country’s slide into kleptocracy. The project was effectively taken over by Ivanka — and began floundering almost as quickly.

Not only was Ivanka the most senior Trump Organization official attached to the project, but, as she said, she also “oversaw” the building’s construction nearly from the get-go.

“Corruption warning signs are rarely more obvious.”

At the beginning, Ivanka wasn’t shy about pushing the project to her international audience. On her website, Ivanka claimed that the “new Trump Tower will join a wave of modern architecture in the city and will make for an exciting addition to the Trump Organization’s expanding portfolio.” Elsewhere, on her Instagram, Ivanka lavished praise on the building’s host city, saying the building would open in 2015.

But then, things started to go wrong. The building’s location, for some reason, saw the tower placed in one of city’s lesser-developed neighborhoods, rather than the heart of Baku. The Trumps also opted to work with close relatives of Azerbaijan’s then-transportation minister, Ziya Mammadov — an oligarch described by U.S. diplomats as “notoriously corrupt even for Azerbaijan.”

The red flags for the project in Azerbaijan, a country that remains a stalwart of international kleptocracy, were impossible to miss.

As an assistant dean at George Washington University Law School told Davidson, “The entire Baku deal is a giant red flag — the direct involvement of foreign government officials and their relatives in Azerbaijan with ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Corruption warning signs are rarely more obvious.”

According to Davidson’s research, the construction of the building, which may well have been used to launder funds from those tied to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, put the Trumps in possible violation of the U.S.’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The FCPA, originally passed in 1977, remains one of the U.S.’s primary tools in combating foreign corruption, prohibiting American individuals and companies from bribing foreign officials. Indeed, the FCPA was, as Southern Illinois University Law Professor Mike Koehler wrote a few years ago, the “first law in the world governing domestic business conduct with foreign government officials in foreign market.”

For good measure, the Iranian government maintains an outsized track record of using shell companies — especially American shell companies — to hide its financing, including, in one notable instance, holding a New York skyscraper to draw revenue and skirt sanctions.

Trump has made his opposition to the FCPA known in the past, describing it once as a “horrible law.” But even the president, and his daughter alongside, isn’t immune from laws he may dislike. The allegations of the Trumps’ dealings in Azerbaijan were significant enough that multiple senators in Washington called for an inquiry into the president’s and his daughter’s work in Baku.

At some point earlier this year, Ivanka removed all information about the Azerbaijan project from her website, although it remains available via Internet Archive.

A screenshot from Ivanka's website, since taken down, praising her project in Azerbaijan – a project later described as "Trump's worst deal."

And the building, as anyone who’s visited Baku recently will note, stands as a shell – stripped of its promise and Trump’s name alike.

Baku's no-longer-Trump Tower, looking abandoned. Sad! #azerbaijan #baku

— Joshua Kucera (@joshuakucera) February 9, 2017

American kleptocrats

The Trumps have distanced themselves from the projects once shepherded by Ivanka in both Panama and Azerbaijan – but not before both projects attracted allegations of massive money laundering, and not after the president and his daughter decided to ignore some of the clearest signs of grand corruption that exist.

It remains unclear if the Trumps were aware of the direct sources of cartel-linked funds in Panama, or of how gleefully Azerbaijan’s dictatorship or Iran’s Revolutionary Guard viewed the Trumps’ Baku project. As Global Witness wrote, “This narrative of plausible deniability re-occurs across Trump’s projects.”

But as the FCPA makes clear, even a willful blindness isn’t a sufficient defense against allegations of international bribery and money laundering. Neither, in Ivanka’s case, is scrubbing your website of references to a building tied to kleptocrats’ funds — nor ignoring the most glaring signs of drug cartel money laundering, plain for the rest of us to see, from voters to special prosecutors alike.

Conservatives will not stop pushing the ‘Pence rule’ as a solution to sexual harassment

Nov 18th 2017, 19:04, by Casey Quinlan

As stories of powerful men masturbating in front of women, forcibly kissing and groping women, and forcing teenage girls’ heads into their crotch have gained national attention, it’s sparked widespread conversation about how to prevent sexual harassment and assault.

The solution seems obvious: The best way to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault of women and girls is for men not to sexually harass and assault women and girls. But conservatives appear to be less interested in finding ways to teach men how to co-exist with women, who comprise 47 percent of the U.S. labor force, than discussing how best to avoid women altogether.

In particular, conservative writers are increasingly focused on the “Mike Pence rule,” pointing out that Vice President Mike Pence does not eat dinner alone with women who are not his wife and does not go to events where alcohol is being served when his wife is not present. Pence first revealed this detail in a Washington Post article published in March.

Mike Pence’s policy of avoiding being alone with women other than his wife looking better every day, though widely mocked when it first became known.

— Brit Hume (@brithume) November 17, 2017

On Friday, the National Review published a piece with the headline, “In the Age of Sexual Misconduct, How is Mike Pence a Problem?” The writer, David French, insists that this rule is not about suggesting that men will assault women if they are alone with them — but, as he continues to lay out his argument, he refers to the motivations behind the rule as “an accurate view of man’s fallen nature.”

French argues that people are sometimes attracted to each other in professional settings, regardless of their marital status. He doesn’t explain why those people, regardless of their gender or marital status, can’t be expected to exercise judgement. French also ignores the reality that men are capable of harassing other men and women are capable of harassing other women. Do men never meet with other men alone? Must bisexual people always have a third party present when meeting with anyone they work with?

French goes on to write that abiding by such a rule “protects both sides from” reputational harm, suggesting that high-profile men must always worry about women lying about them.

Second, variations of the Pence rule protect both sides from reputational harm. It’s a simple fact that observing a married man alone at dinner with a woman other than his wife can start tongues wagging, and it’s also a fact that leaders of Christian ministries have often had to take extreme measures to protect against intentional sabotage of their reputations. I know leaders who never travel alone in part because of actual past hostile attempts to place them in compromising positions (with photographic evidence). If we should understand anything in 2017 it’s that our politics is vicious and poisonous. The more high-profile you become, the more careful you should be.

What starts tongues wagging is not the actual fact of a man and women sitting alone together. It is the perpetuation of heterosexist assumptions about how men and women must interact and the misogynistic idea that men cannot be interested in the friendship, intellect, or skills of women.

The fear that people are carelessly making allegations against men out of bitterness or simply or for fun looks pretty silly when you consider the risks people take in reporting harassment.

As part of a 2016 survey, women told Harvard Business Review they were worried about retaliation from their harasser or the organization they work for if they reported. Women have a lot of reasons to ignore or downplay harassment, whether it happens to them or someone else because it seen as the price women have to pay for excelling in a male-dominated workplace, according to HBR.

French’s third reason for supporting the Pence rule is to protect women against “actual predators.” French writes, “Moreover, corporate implementation of the rule is like a flashing sign that says, ‘This workplace aims to be safe and professional.’” I’d argue that an alternative and far more productive way to flash a sign that a workplace aims to be safe and professional is by reminding its employees of its sexual harassment policy, asking for feedback and questions on that policy, and considering ways to strengthen that policy.

When men write about fixes such as the Pence rule, they forget that there actually is existing research on the subject of sexual harassment and none of it suggests that men should stop meeting with women. Experts on organizational psychology say employers need to have clear policies on harassment, provide assurances that this reporting harassment will not be retaliated against, and explain what retaliation is, give employees confidentiality of complaints, if possible, and explain to employees how to report harassment.

But French is not alone in his focus on the “Pence rule” in the midst of sexual harassment allegations. In October, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, tweeted the alleged instances of sexual assault and harassment that dozens of women say Harvey Weinstein committed could have been avoided if Weinstein simply didn’t meet with women one-on-one at all — referring to Pence’s rule.


If Weinstein had obeyed @VP Pence's rules for meeting with the opposite sex, none of those poor women would ever have been abused.

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) October 11, 2017

At the time, several male journalists joined in to say they supported the Pence rule as well.

So Rule 1 going forward: any man asks a woman to visit him in a hotel room is up to no good. Pretty old rule. Oldie but goodie.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 11, 2017

Josh Barro, a senior editor at Business Insider, argued the problem was office happy hours that “blur the lines between business and leisure.” Politico labor editor Timothy Noah said companies should take a “small, practical step to limit sexual harassment” by making it a fireable offense to hold a closed door meeting.

Small, practical step to limit sex harassment: Make holding closed-door meetings with ANYONE a fire-able offense.

— Timothy Noah (@TimothyNoah1) October 27, 2017

Women and men responded to Noah to tell him that this step was neither small nor practical. When people pointed out that someone may want to talk about an issue privately with a colleague because it is a sensitive matter, Noah said the solution was to speak quietly. When taken to this conclusion, it becomes clear just how absurd the “Pence rule” is in practice.

Not only is it absurd, but it is also deeply harmful to the careers of women in the workplace. When men avoid women for fear of looking “improper” or for fear that they can’t control themselves, they deprive women of opportunities to gain sponsors in their careers and to build better working relationships with colleagues and supervisors.

The walls are closing in on Jared Kushner

Nov 18th 2017, 18:09, by Melanie Schmitz

Senior White House Adviser Jared Kushner has spent much of the past few months playing a cat-and-mouse game with special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators working to unearth possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. But several media reports this week detailing missing documents that the president’s son-in-law may have kept from congressional investigators suggest that the walls around him may be closing in.

On Friday, The New York Times reported that Kushner had been forwarded a chain of emails during the 2016 campaign from someone looking to set up a meeting between then-candidate Trump’s people and Vladimir Putin. Senate Judiciary Committee members have accused Kushner of hiding the emails from investigators, among a number of other things.

According to the report, Alexander Torshin, deputy governor of the Russian central bank, sought to meet with Trump in May 2016, reaching out through a Christian advocate from West Virginia named Rick Clay. The Times noted that Torshin “has been linked both to Russia’s security services and organized crime,” and allegedly laundered money for the Russian mob through Spanish banks during his time in Parliament, a charge he has denied.

The email chain, titled “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite,” detailed a request that the two parties meet over a dinner for wounded veterans that Clay had arranged in Louisville, Kentucky that month. Then-candidate Trump was set to appear at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual convention in the same city that week. (Torshin himself is a member of the NRA and, as the Times reported, “a vocal advocate for gun rights in Russia.”) Torshin reportedly believed that the Russians had “shared Christian values” with the Trump campaign.

The email managed to make its way through campaign aide Rick Dearborn to the upper echelons of the Trump campaign, in which Kushner was serving as a senior adviser. Kushner, according to NBC News, “rebuffed” the request, telling Dearborn and other campaign staff that the offer hadn’t been verified.

According to a letter his lawyer, Abbe Lowell, sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday, Kushner at the time wrote, “Pass on this. A lot of people come claiming to carry messages. Very few we are able to verify. For now I think we decline such meetings.”

Clay, for his part, told the Times that he agreed with Kushner’s decision.

“He told me it was inappropriate,” Clay said, referring to Dearborn, who had forwarded the rejection. “I agreed with him.”

However, Torshin eventually got his way, meeting with the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., at the aforementioned NRA convention that month. According to NBC, the two were seated next to each other during a private dinner that weekend.

The latest developments follow on the heels of news that Kushner may have been less than forthcoming about the campaign’s interactions with WikiLeaks.

According to CNN, in July, Kushner told congressional investigators that he “did not recall” whether anyone on the campaign had contact with the website, adding that he had not personally contacted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange himself.

But a letter from Judiciary Committee members Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the committee’s chairman, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), its top-ranking Democrat, subsequently showed that this may not have been the case. According to the letter, which was sent to Kushner’s attorney on Thursday, Kushner in fact received an email from Trump Jr. in September 2016 regarding several Twitter messages WikiLeaks had sent him. Kushner then forwarded the email to campaign spokeswoman and current White House communications director Hope Hicks.

Both Trump Jr. and then-candidate Trump appear to have acted on at least a few of the messages WikiLeaks sent.

“[…] Other parties have produced September 2016 email communications to Mr. Kushner concerning WikiLeaks, which Мr. Kushner then forwarded to another campaign official,” Grassley and Feinstein wrote on Thursday. “Such documents should have been produced in response to the third request but were not.”

Screenshot of Grassley and Feinstein's letter to Kushner's attorney.

In a statement to CNN on Friday evening, attorney Lowell responded to the letter directly, calling it a “classic gotcha” moment.

“Mr. Kushner was asked if he had contacts with Wikileaks, Guccifer or DC Leaks and said no. He also said he did not know of such contacts by the campaign,” Lowell wrote. “From all I have now seen, his statement was accurate then as it is now. In over 6 hours of voluntary testimony, Mr Kushner answered all questions put to him and demonstrated that there had been no collusion between the campaign and Russia.”

Alabama governor says she plans to vote for Roy Moore, despite sexual assault allegations

Nov 18th 2017, 16:10, by Casey Quinlan

On Friday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) told reporters that she plans to vote for Judge Roy Moore, who is running in the state’s U.S. Senate special election, despite allegations that he approached teenage girls and in some cases, sexually assaulted them. Her statements come as Moore’s wife, Kayla Moore, maintains he will not step out of the race.

“I will cast my ballot on December the 12,” Ivey said. “And I do believe that the nominee of the party is the one I will vote for.”

The governor said she wanted a Republican in the Senate to vote on “things like Supreme Court justices.”

Although Ivey told reporters that she had “no reason to disbelieve any of [the women accusing him],” she called the timing of the allegations “a little curious.”

Many Republican senators have pulled their support of Roy Moore, as more women have come forward about their alleged experiences with Moore from when they were teenagers. The Greater Birmingham Young Republicans have also disavowed Moore, though many other prominent Alabama Republicans and groups continue to support him, according to the Washington Post.

Last week, the Post published the first in a series of stories about the allegations. In it, the outlet reported how a 32-year-old Moore had approached a 14-year-old Leigh Corfman outside a courtroom in 1979, offering to watch Corfman for her mother — who was there to deal with a child custody issue — and later asking Corfman for her phone number. On later occasions, Corfman said, he allegedly kissed her, took his clothes off, groped her over her bra and underwear and guided her to touch him over his underwear. In that same report, three other women also claimed that Moore had approached them when they were teenagers, asking them for dates.

Since then, five other women have come forward with their own allegations about Moore. One woman, Beverly Young Nelson, said that when she was 16, Moore had offered to drive her home from her waitressing job, but instead parked his car in the back of the restaurant, forced her head into his crotch, and groped her. Speaking with on November 15, Tina Johnson also claimed that Moore sexually assaulted her during a visit to his law office to sign over custody of her son to her mother, with whom he had been living at the time. Johnson was 28 and in the middle of initiating a divorce from her husband at the time.

The list goes on. Another woman, Gena Richardson has since come forward, saying that Moore approached her in a mall when she was a teenager and that, when she did not give him her number, he called her at school to ask her out. When she agreed to meet him, she alleges he forced a kiss on her. Becky Gray also claims that she met Moore at a mall. Gray was 22 when she repeatedly turned Moore down for several dates. According to Gray’s account, when she complained about Moore to a manager, the manager said other women and girls had complained about Moore on previous occasions.

Wendy Miller told the Post that she was 14 when Moore first spoke to her and 16 when he began asking her out on dates.

Moore has continuously denied that the stories are true.

Ivey’s decision to stand by Moore isn’t entirely surprising, given that the two share similar views on many issues, including the removal of Confederate statues and LGBT rights. One of Ivey’s first major decisions as governor was to protect the state’s Confederate monuments from being removed: the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017 prohibits the removal, alteration, and relocation of monuments on public property that have been in place for more than 40 years.

In May, Ivey also signed legislation that protects faith-based adoption organizations that choose not to place children with same-sex parents, based on the agency’s religious beliefs.

“This bill is not about discrimination, but instead protects the ability of religious agencies to place vulnerable children in a permanent home,” Ivey stated at the time.

A new Fox News poll conducted Monday through Wednesday showed that the allegations against Moore may be having an impact on his numbers: Democrat Doug Jones has an eight-point lead over Moore among likely voters in the Dec. 12 special election.

Virginia Tech teaching assistant apologizes for his white supremacist statements. Sort of.

Nov 17th 2017, 21:43, by Luke Barnes

The Virginia Tech teaching instructor accused of being an avowed white supremacist has apologized for his beliefs, but maintains that they have also been oversimplified and distorted.

Mark Daniel Neuhoff, who previously taught English composition, was discovered in September to have posted a series of inflammatory, racist comments on social media. “I want white supremacy,” one post read. “Whites must be in control if we are to preserve Western culture.” Neuhoff went on to describe how America had been “hijacked by Judeo-Talmudic supremacists and thus are culture has become Judaized.”

The posts caused a storm of controversy at Virginia Tech. A collection of former graduate students introduced a petition to remove Neuhoff from his position. Protestors interrupted President Tim Sand’s annual State of the University speech, criticizing his failure to condemn Neuhoff. Meanwhile, the student who discovered Neuhoff’s posts, Tori Coan, has accused Neuhoff of encouraging his friends to dox her. She received more than 70 phone calls from a blocked number. Neuhoff denies this, and Blacksburg Police are investigating.

In an interview with ThinkProgress however, Neuhoff said he had disavowed white supremacy. The posts, he explained, were made over several years when he was still trying to form his political ideology. He now says he considers himself a paleoconservative, like Pat Buchanan. “I think that white supremacy, as we understand it, [is an ideology] that we are superior to others in some way, with violent connotations,” he said. “That’s wrong. I abhor all violence.” He added that he thought white supremacist organizations like Vanguard America are full of “cancerous, toxic people. I denounce them.”

“I want to live in a society surrounded by best people that are going to reject any sort of backwardness,” he continued. “[What white supremacists want] is to go into the woods and build a new town. I think that’s what they want, and it’s unrealistic and stupid.”

Neuhoff was also keen to apologize for a Facebook profile picture which featured the caption “Good Night Left Side” with an outline of a Dodge Challenger, the same kind of car that James Alex Fields used to kill Charlottesville protester Heather Heyer during August’s Unite The Right rally. “I’m really sorry about that, it’s bad taste,” Neuhoff said. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

But while Neuhoff rejected the explicit white nationalism of the groups that had marched in Charlottesville, he also maintained several beliefs which are extremely common among white nationalists, notably questioning the Holocaust. “The way we look at the Holocaust is unscientific and unhistorical”, he said. “The primary evidence is eyewitness testimony, not material evidence. Chemically speaking, it is unlikely that Zyklon B was used, and records show that Germany had them as prisoners to deport to Madagascar.”

Neuhoff also seemed to go back-and-forth on his beliefs about multiculturalism in the United States. On the one hand, he admitted that African Americans were “crucial to the development of the [United States]… with an unique cultural legacy” and that America “had always had a multiracial heritage.” On the other hand he was extremely concerned about “flooding the nation with migrants,” the prospect of whites becoming a minority in the U.S., and ethnic groups showing pride in their homeland (like La Raza). Neuhoff also seemed to downplay the potential implications of a hypothetically white supremacist society, describing it, in its ideal form, as “just a society where white Europeans make the key decisions.”

Since the discovery of Neuhoff’s posts, he has removed himself from social media and deleted accounts, and he said he is frightened of Antifa. “I’ve started to feel on the left there’s increasing violence,” he said. “I have no idea who these people are, it’s terrifying.” He says he will not be teaching next semester, but helping to design and research a class on freedom of speech.

Neuhoff’s own vagaries over his views on whether and how Americans should approach multiculturalism is a trait often seen in fringe right-wing ideologues, who often backpedal on their professed beliefs — or tough-guy image — after they are exposed to outside audiences. Neuhoff said that he’d learned from this incident that white supremacist language which people spoke in online spaces like 4chan didn’t translate well to the real world. He further explained the appeal of his beliefs by citing Paul Joseph’s assertion that “conservatism is the new punk rock, giving the middle finger to the people saying you can’t do this or say that.”

For Neuhoff, the problem is that there are now a lot of middle fingers pointing right back.

White House: Only men who admit to sexual assault should be investigated for it

Nov 17th 2017, 21:05, by Zack Ford

During Friday’s White House Press Briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders fielded questions about President Trump’s Thursday night tweets calling for an investigation of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) in response to accusations of sexual assault. Sanders rejected any suggestion that Trump should likewise be investigated for any of the accusations made against him.

“This was covered extensively during the campaign,” she said. “We addressed it then. The American people spoke very loud and clear when they elected this president.”

When asked to clarify how Trump and Franken were any different, Sanders responded, “I think in one case specifically, Senator Franken has admitted wrongdoing. The president hasn’t. It a very clear distinction.”

The implication seemed to be that men who are accused of such behavior should be believed, and if Franken had simply denied the allegation, no investigation would be necessary. This is besides the fact that Trump was previously caught on video bragging about the way he gets away with sexually assaulting women because of his fame and wealth. “I just start kissing them,” he said on the tape. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

The idea that admitting to the allegations is a qualifying factor for investigation was further solidified in discussion that followed about Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate who has also been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Moore, like Trump, has denied the allegations against him, implying the women accusing him of abuse are lying.

Follow-up questions addressed the fact that Trump said during the campaign that he would sue the women who accused him of sexual misconduct. Sanders couldn’t say why Trump hadn’t yet sued them, but she suggested, “That’s an option that Roy Moore has on the table.” She did not suggest it was an option for Franken.

When asked if Trump still believes his accusers are liars, Sanders dodged the question, saying simply, “The president has spoken about this multiple times and has denied all of those allegations.”

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Nov 18th 2017, 13:10, by dago15

Von MAX THOMA | Jagdszenen in Niederbayern – nach dem blutigen Gemetzel in der Rottaler Asylunterkunft werden die Auswirkungen auf die ehemals beschauliche bayerische Kleinstadt zunehmend bizarrer: Nach einer mutmaßlichen Gruppenvergewaltigung von Kulturbereicherern an einem 47-jährigen Kasachen machte dieser kurzen Prozess mit einem seiner Peiniger und kastrierte diesen nach kasachischer Sitte. Nachdem er ihn im […]

Video-Kommentar des Berliner AfD-Politikers Nicolaus Fest zum ehrenwerten Herrn Tajani

Nov 18th 2017, 08:45, by dago15

Worüber ist diese Woche zu berichten? Auch über diesen Freitag hinaus bleiben uns die Balkon-Bilder der Jamaika-Sondierer erhalten. Propagandistisch ist das von den Staatssendern gut gemacht – der Balkon erinnert viele an die Papstwahl. Doch könnte man beim Nebeneinander der Lindner, Dobrindts und Göring-Eckardt auf dem Balkon auch an ein Kasperle-Theater denken. Welche Assoziation die […]

Die „Abwicklung“ einer ehemals freien Gesellschaft Das „Merkel-Faktotum“

Nov 17th 2017, 20:30, by PI

Von CANTALOOP | Die „Hausangestellte“ der Bundesrepublik hat in den letzten Jahren heimlich, still und leise, so wie es eben ihre Art ist, eine autokratische Eigendynamik und einen speziellen Duktus entwickelt, die in der langen Geschichte Deutschlands und in dieser Kombination sicherlich ihresgleichen suchen. Das nun ausgerechnet eine CDU- Frau, die so bescheiden, friedvoll und […]

Steilvorlage für „It-Girl“ Aydan Özoguz Bombastisch – Linda Sarsour ist „Glamour – Frau des Jahres“!

Nov 17th 2017, 19:15, by PI

Von JOHANNES DANIELS | Allahu Akbar – the winner is … Linda Sarsour! Das amarikanische Glamour-Magazin (Condé-Nast-Gruppe – US-Printauflage 2,2 Millionen) huldigt einem neuen Frauenideal: Linda Sarsour ist der kommende Inbegriff des linksliberalen All-American-Bling-Girls! Amerikas Trump-kritische Presse zumindest liegt der palästinensisch-stämmigen „Menschenrechts-Aktivistin“ zu Füßen! Gemeinsam mit weiteren „antifaschistisch-glamourösen“ Grazien des Washingtoner „Women’s March“-Komitees wurde die LGBT-, […]

Lesenswerter Artikel von Prof. Wolfgang Streeck in der FAZ Für Merkel ist die Messe gelesen

Nov 17th 2017, 18:07, by kewil

Die Ära Merkel geht zu Ende, und das ist auch gut so. Allmählich erwachen die deutsche Politik und ihre Öffentlichkeit aus ihrer postdemokratischen Narkose. Merkels basale Herrschaftstechnik bestand bekanntlich darin, statt Wähler für eigene Ziele zu mobilisieren, den Wählern anderer Parteien die Gründe zu nehmen, zur Wahl zu gehen – durch so unauffällig wie möglich […]

Brief mit Wappen und Alpenglühn Bayern-Minister gratuliert Bayern-Bystron

Nov 17th 2017, 16:48, by dago15

Von PETER BARTELS | Die Deutschen mögen keine Ironie … Boulevard – Binse!! Aber die Sonne scheint, Kleiber, Spatz und Meisenschar laben sich an Sabines grüner Weltrettungssäule und Dobrindt labert auf PHOENIX von der Nacht in Jamaika …. Also mal wieder “4 Finger für ein Halleluja”, auch wenn’s wahrscheinlich nur ein “Luja, sog i” wird: […]

Merkels “dankbare” Gäste Falkenfels: MuFl–Unterkunft zu Kleinholz verarbeitet

Nov 17th 2017, 14:45, by dago15

Von EUGEN PRINZ | Letzten Samstag (11.11.) alarmierte eine in der Unterkunft für unbegleitete minderjährige Asylbewerber in Falkenfels (Landkreis Straubing-Bogen/Niederbayern) angestellte Betreuerin die Polizei, weil eine Gruppe von Merkels jungen Gästen in dem Heim alles kurz und klein schlägt. Die Einsatzzentrale des Polizeipräsidiums Niederbayern schickte mehrere Polizeistreifen zu der Flüchtlingsunterkunft. Vor Ort wurde festgestellt, dass […]

Kritische Anmerkungen zur BVerfG-Rechtsprechung betr. den »ethnischen Volksbegriff« Wer schützt die Verfassung vor Karlsruhe?

Nov 17th 2017, 12:50, by dago15

Das gescheiterte Verbotsverfahren gegen die NPD zeigte vor allem eines: Der Volksbegriff in der neuen, bunten, vielfältigen Bundesrepublik wird unter Generalverdacht gestellt. Plötzlich ist jeder, der ein „deutsches Volk“ als Grundlage Deutschlands behauptet, potentieller Verfassungsfeind! Die Verfassungsrichter in Karlsruhe passen ihre Urteile also zusehends der herrschenden Politik an. Deren Kennzeichen ist die Auflösung aller identitären […]

Zimmermann lehnt Antwort einer Anfrage ab Monheims Bürgermeister spricht „Jouwatch“ Pressestatus ab

Nov 17th 2017, 11:45, by byzanz

Von MICHAEL STÜRZENBERGER | Nachdem Monheims Bürgermeister Daniel Zimmermann (Foto) die Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa wegen angeblicher „Volksverhetzung“ in einem Flyer angezeigt hatte, schickte ihm Journalistenwatch eine Presse-Anfrage. Seine Antwort auf die sachbezogenen acht Fragen ist absolut unverschämt und zeugt von einer erheblich linksgestörten Weltanschauung, die auch seine Grundstücksschenkung im Wert von 845.000 Euro an zwei […]

Innerhalb weniger Tage mehrere Angriffe Brutale Messerattacken schocken Köln

Nov 17th 2017, 10:42, by dago15

Von MARKUS WIENER | Klingenstadt Solingen – das war einmal. Heute ist eindeutig Köln die Messerstadt Nummer Eins im Westen. Am schönen Rhein wird nicht nur fröhlich gezecht, sondern auch rücksichtslos zugestochen bis der Arzt kommt. Seit Jahren häufen sich im öffentlichen Raum brutale Messerattacken aus nichtigen Anlässen oder schlichter Habgier. Die polizeilichen Täterbeschreibungen klingen […]

#Merkelherbst 2017 | #”Schutz suchen” vor “Schutzsuchenden” NRW: 15-Jährige von Asylanten vergewaltigt

Nov 17th 2017, 07:37, by Erwin Mustermann

Ahlen/Münsterland: Im Ahlener Stadtteil Dolberg soll ein 25-jähriger Mann eine 15-Jährige vergewaltigt haben. Nach Auskunft von Polizeipressesprecher Peter Spahn hat sich der Übergriff offenbar am Mittwochabend gegen 22.30 Uhr auf einer Parkbank ereignet. Das Mädchen und der Asylbewerber kannten sich laut Polizeipressesprecher. Noch am Mittwochabend habe die Minderjährige die Tat der Polizei gemeldet und angezeigt, […]

Neuer “Faux-Pas” von Joachim Herrmanns Trottel-Truppe Syrischer „Gefährder“ mit Fußfessel reist per Billigflug einfach aus

Nov 17th 2017, 06:30, by PI

Das Versprechen von Wahlverlierer Joachim Herrmann, CSU, lautete mantraartig: „Sicherheit durch Stärke!“. Angesichts des neuen Skandals um Herrmanns Trottel-Truppe eher ein grober Versprecher. Was nützt die Beobachtung von islamischen Zeitbomben, sogenannten „Gefährdern“ durch deutsche Behörden? Wie man beim Weihnachtsmarkt-Attentäter Anis Amri sah – nichts! Nun beweist ein weiterer haarsträubender Fall, dass all die angeblichen Sicherheitsmaßnahmen zum […]

PI-NEWS-Interview mit dem AfD-NRW-Sprecher Martin Renner: „Wir müssen lernen, Positionen von Personen zu trennen“

Nov 16th 2017, 21:00, by dago15

Eine Woche nach dem Bundesparteitag der AfD in Hannover findet am 9./10. Dezember der Landesparteitag der NRW-AfD in Kalkar statt. Nach dem Weggang des bisherigen Co-Sprechers Marcus Pretzell ist die Zukunft des eher liberal-konservativ positionierten AfD-Landesverbandes ungewiss. Werden die „Pretzellianer“ auch künftig das Sagen im bevolkerungsreichsten Bundesland haben oder gibt es die von vielen so […]

Patriotisches Youtube-Format Laut Gedacht #59: Die Jamaikanisierung Deutschlands

Nov 16th 2017, 20:11, by dago15

Die „Jamaika“-Sondierungsgespräche gestalten sich zäh, aber kommen voran. Sogar beim großen Streitthema Familiennachzug ist Einigung in Sicht. Das Auswertige Amt erklärt bereits jetzt, was da auf uns zukommt. Im Konflikt mit Berliner Linksextremisten setzt die Stadt auf Dialog. Wenige Monate nach den letzten Ausschreitungen in der Rigaer Straße gibt es erstaunliche Ergebnisse zu verzeichnen. Die […]

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Giftig spul…!!

Nov 18th 2017, 12:52, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

Een boek van een journaliste, Carey Gillam, die voor persbureau Reuters werkte en het landbouw-industriële conglomeraat Monsanto onder de loep had. De afgelopen twintig (!!) jaar. Een kenner dus, die preciés datgene vertelt, wat we eigenlijk al vermoeden. Het middel glyfosaat wordt door Monsanto gepresenteerd als volkomen veilig, terwijl de bewijzen voor het tegenovergestelde, gewoon overal op straat blijken te liggen. Een boek over die afgelopen twintig jaar, waarin ze vertelt over haar verworven inzichten op dit gebied. Over haar diepe kennis van het middel glyfosaat en over de inzichten in de werking van de aanpak van ‘RoundUp’-fabrikant Monsanto. Een must-read voor elke burger. Wij plaatsen de inleiding en het voorwoord van het boek. …

Pax Judeïca is groeiende..

Nov 18th 2017, 08:15, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

In een oproep tot waakzaamheid, schrijft Arend Zeevat over de immense ‘samenzwering’, die in de wereld zich aan het manifesteren is. Een verbond, gebaseerd op de onderdrukking van het ‘gewone volk’.. Door krachten, die zichzelf hoog in aanzien hebben, en kennelijk vinden dat zij uitverkoren zijn, het bestuur van deze Aarde in handen te nemen. Het uitlokken van oorlogen, die ervoor zorgen, dat ‘gewone mensen’ elkaar het leven ná staan, is één van de grote manipulaties die plaatsvinden. Maar het is vooral de kern van het verhaal, dat veel duidelijk zal maken. Voor hen die kijken en zien en voor hen die luisteren en horen..! …

Kijk.. De mens-vernietigende robots zijn er..!

Nov 17th 2017, 13:17, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

Robots zijn al lang niet meer ‘dienstbaar’, zoals de meeste mensen nog denken dat ze zijn. En.. hopen dat ze zijn! Want dat is het algehele beeld, dat door de krachten achter de schermen wordt gevoerd aan de wereldburger. Robots zijn er om de mens dienstbaar te zijn. Nou, wanneer je dit artikel hebt gelezen, zul je moeten constateren, dat we de snelheid niet meer bij kunnen houden.. De robot is uit de fles..! De ontwikkelingen en de variëteit van die ontwikkelingen op het gebied van kunstmatige intelligentie. En alles mág en kán daarbij. Mensen vermoorden met robot-drones? Jazeker, als die persoon maar een (potentiële) terrrrrorrrist is. Eh.. was.. Zulks ter afweging van.. robots natuurlijk. Geïnformeerd door het ‘surveillance-systeem’ waarvoor we -na de golf van terrorisme- ZELF hebben goedgekeurd..! Hier het hele verhaal. …

Het verschil tussen ‘nepgetuige’ en nepgetuige..!!

Nov 16th 2017, 09:38, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

En terwijl de discussie oplaait over ‘nepnieuws’ uit Rusland, zitten we midden in een NRC-nepnnieuwsverhaal. Inderdaad gaat het dan hier over het MH17-‘nepgetuige’-verhaal rondom Tweede Kamerlid Pieter Omtzigt. Wat NRC hier presteert, zou een roddelblad als Story of Privé niet misstaan. Een boel rotzooi en oproer creëren en zelf al;s intrigant en aanstichter van de onrust, uit de wind blijven.. Wat er WERKELIJK gebeurt is, in het kader van de door Omtzigt gepresenteerde Oekraïense getuige, hebben we nog nergens gehoor of gelezen.. Jij wel..? Tijd dus om Pieter Omtzigt’s verklaring dus te lezen.. En NRC? Die gaat door met het zelfs het aftreden eisen van Omtzigt.. Nepnieuws van een nepkrant..? …

Amerika al 60 jaar verspreider van.. NEPNIEUWS..!!

Nov 14th 2017, 23:56, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

Allemaal nepnieuws uit Rusland de laatste tijd. Het ondergraaft onze democratie en is gericht op het totaal ontwrichten van onze maatschappelijke processen in het westen. Maar was dat westen niet al lang de speelbal van al die Amerikaanse mediapolitiek? Al vele decennia lang; feitelijk vanaf het einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog..? Er is nog geen journalist of politicus, die dit fenomeen heeft aangehaald. Kennelijk zijn we zó verbonden aan het Amerikaanse denken en doen, dat we Rusland véél enger vinden, dan onze identiteit verliezen aan de Amerikaanse inmenging. En dat die er is,..? Lees en kijk hoe klokkenluider dr. Udo Ulfkotte de vloer aanveegt met de CIA en de Amerikaanse imperialistische ondermijning van de Europese identiteit.. Een boek over regelrechte inmenging in de journalistieke werking van kranten, Tv-journaals etc. Waarom wordt dit FEIT zelden of niet genoemd? Komt vast door de contra-contra-fake-fake-news-inspanningen van de VS… …

Zo wordt Pieter Omtzigt geframed..?!

Nov 13th 2017, 14:32, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

Pieter Omtzigt heeft onzorgvuldig gehandeld door een ‘nepgetuige’ op te voeren bij een MH17-hearing, in mei van dit jaar. Maar vele nieuwsbronnen houden zich aan zorgvuldigheid door het woord ‘nepgetuige’ tussen leestekens te plaatsen, waarmee de essentie van het woord NIET wordt bedoelt. Kijken we feitelijk naar de zaak, dan is het ‘framen’ van Pieter Omtzigt, die ‘lastige MH17-luis-in-de-pels’, een reële optie.. Hier het hele verhaal. …

Schatgraven naar de zielsdiamant..

Nov 11th 2017, 15:45, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

Een diamant is niet of nauwelijks zichtbaar in schemerige of donkere plaatsen. Maar zodra het licht erop begint te schijnen, ‘doet’ de waar ie goed in is… Weerspiegelen, reflecteren, ombuigen en creëren.. Het licht breken in ontelbare aantallen regenboogkleuren. Zelfs bij een simpele kaarsvlam.. De vergelijking die Arend Zeevat in deze column maakt, tussen de diamant en de menselijke zielsdiamant, is relatief simpel. Als je de vergelijking maar wilt zien..! Het licht, het Universele licht dat in jouw Ziel reflecteert en ongeziene reflecties hier op Aarde brengt. Overdreven wellicht, maar in de essentie is een diamant ook ‘niets anders dan een steen’.. Kortom, we hebben een spiegel nodig om onszelf in te reflecteren en de essentie van een (ziels-)diamant om onze eigen kracht van reflectie te kunnen waarnemen. Een schitterende weerspiegeling in deze column..! …

WHO-gerotzooi met kankerverwekkende glyfosaat/RoundUp..!

Nov 11th 2017, 15:05, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

Binnenkort dient de EU te beslissen over verlenging van vergunning voor de toelating van glyphosaat (RoundUP) Belangrijk daarbij is de waarschuwing die de WHO had gegeven over dit goedje. Waarschijnlijk kankerverwekkend was het oordeel.. En nu is dat ‘teruggedraaid’… Hoe is het mogelijk dat deze Wereld Gezondheids Organisatie, eerst de classificatie ‘waarschijnlijk kankerverwekkend’ geeft, om daarna deze weer in te trekken..?? Door intern een concept studierapport over de kankerverwekkende eigenschappen van glyfosaat te manipuleren..! En dat is het, als bevindingen van wetenschappers eigenhandig worden verandert.. Toch ? Alleen al de twijfel over dit uiterst omstreden ‘product’ zou reden genoeg moeten zijn, het NIET MEER toe te laten op de wereldmarkten in het algemeen en de EU in het bijzonder. Maarrr… Genetisch gemanipuleerde zaden en gewassen kunnen niet zónder dit middel..!! Dáár zit de kneep.. Zie daar de onmogelijk positie waarin veel overheden zich gewerkt hebben. Zódanig dat het tijd is voor fraude kennelijk!! …

11:11 De magie van de ‘Elf’ in de 11..

Nov 11th 2017, 10:11, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

Zie jij ook de 11-en combinaties om je heen flirten..? Dan wordt het tijd voor bezinning, aldus Steve Pavlina, de schrijver van dit artikel, dat we al eens plaatsten in februari 2009..! Het wordt tijd dat je je realiseert, dat de 11, de elven die jij tegenkomt, een ‘teken aan de wand’ zijn..! Deze cijfers duiken niet ‘zomaar’ op, kansberekening-technisch. Maar kijk vanuit metafysica, dan gebeurt er iets heel anders…! Lees dit artikel voor een nieuwe kijk op ’11’…! Kan het zijn dat JIJ degene bent die je vergeet in de magie van het leven? Dat JIJ jezelf doét kijken naar precies dát 11-moment..? 11:11 Is dus een soort wakeup call, een initiatie in een ‘aha’-moment van realisatie dat er iets groots gaande is. Iets ‘magisch’.. …

Belgische staat ontwijkt de Belgische belastingen…?

Nov 9th 2017, 13:47, by GuidoJ. 300w, 450w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />

De Belgische overheid, die net als de Nederlandse staat, zou moeten strijden tegen constructies in belastingparadijzen, blijkt al jaren zelf aandelen te hebben op de Britse Maagdeneilanden. Dat onthullen de Paradise Papers, zo vond de redactie van het Belgische magazine ‘De Tijd’ uit. De Belgische staat is al jaren mede-eigenaar van InfraAsia Development (Vietnam) Limited. En in tegenstelling tot wat de naam doet vermoeden, is dat bedrijf niet gevestigd in Vietnam, wel op de Britse Maagdeneilanden..! …

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thumbnail Scientists Discover Herb That Fights Dementia And Increases Memory By 75%

Nov 19th 2017, 03:09, by (RiseEarth)

by Natural Care Box

A team of scientists has shown that sniffing rosemary can increase the memory by 75%. This multi-purpose medicinal herb offers numerous health benefits due to which it has been commonly used throughout the history.

One interesting fact is that the ancient Greeks wore rosemary springs in the hair while studying for their exams.

This amazing herb has been used to boost long-term memory and alertness for millennia. Even the famous Shakespeare mentions the incredible benefits of the rosemary in “Hamlet”.

A study conducted at the Northumbria University, Newcastle in 2003 found that smelling rosemary is related to “an enhancement of performance for overall quality of memory and secondary memory factors”.

After ten years, these scientists scientifically explained the cognitive-boosting abilities of the herb. Namely, the experts followed twenty people as they performed subtraction exercises and visual information processing tasks and other tests. They assessed the mood of the participants before and after the exposure to the rosemary scent and took blood samples.

The study involves 66 people altogether, and they were randomly assigned to either the rosemary-scented room or another room with no scent.
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thumbnail The Five Ego Traps To Avoid in Meditation

Nov 19th 2017, 03:06, by (RiseEarth)

by Chad Foreman; The Way of Meditation

Spiritual Ego

With so many people joining the meditation revolution what are some of the pitfalls to be avoided? Generally speaking meditation is meant to eliminate an ego or self centred attitude which always wants more and more and replace it with a serene and content, dare I say enlightened way of being, but is it possible that meditation can increase your ego and contribute to your emotional and psychological suffering?

A Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Master Chogyam Trungpa claims that it can do just that and he warns of meditation being an ego trap and called it spiritual materialism.

Here are the five ego traps to avoid in meditation:

1) The Identification Trap

This is probably the most obvious trap, or at least it is obvious to others if you go around claiming you are enlightened, but it is also the most subtle and hard to understand. To believe there is some fixed separate person that is enlightened is exactly what the ego does. The ego is believing in some fixed identity that endures over time, instead of the ever changing relationships and processes which life actually is.
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thumbnail Silicon Valley Exec Has Created A New Religion That Will Worship A ‘Godhead’ Based On Artificial Intelligence

Nov 19th 2017, 03:01, by (RiseEarth)

by Michael Snyder; The Economic Collapse

I know that the headline sounds absolutely crazy, but this is actually a true story. A Silicon Valley executive named Anthony Levandowski has already filed paperwork with the IRS for the nonprofit corporation that is going to run this new religion. Officially, this new faith will be known as “Way Of The Future”, and you can visit the official website right here.

Of course nutjobs are creating “new religions” all the time, but in this case Levandowski is a very highly respected tech executive, and his new religion is even getting coverage from Wired magazine

The new religion of artificial intelligence is called Way of the Future. It represents an unlikely next act for the Silicon Valley robotics wunderkind at the center of a high-stakes legal battle between Uber and Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous-vehicle company. Papers filed with the Internal Revenue Service in May name Levandowski as the leader (or “Dean”) of the new religion, as well as CEO of the nonprofit corporation formed to run it.

So what will adherents of this new faith actually believe?
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thumbnail The ‘Time Travel’ 1860 Painting That Appears To Show A Woman Engrossed In An IPHONE

Nov 18th 2017, 13:17, by (RiseEarth)

by Cheyenne Macdonald;

Scene was spotted in 19th century Waldmüller painting at the Neue Pinakothek
It shows a woman walking down a path, appearing to hold a smartphone
Despite the uncanny resemblence experts say she's holding a hymnbook

At first glance, it appears a baffling anachronism – a woman in 19th century dress walking head down through the countryside, with her eyes glued to a smartphone.

The bizarre scene was spotted in an 1850s Waldmüller painting at the Neue Pinakothek museum in Munich by retired Glasgow local government officer Peter Russell.

At first glance, it appears a baffling anachronism – a woman in 19th century dress walking head down through the countryside, with her eyes glued to a smartphone. The bizarre scene was spotted in an 1850s Waldmüller painting

While the true explanation behind the painting may be far more time-appropriate, the century-old piece bears remarkable similarity to a scene that’s become all too familiar today, as ‘distracted walkers’ dominate the sidewalks with phone in hand.
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thumbnail Cannabinoids Show Potent Antibacterial Activity Against Six Different Strains Of MRSA

Nov 18th 2017, 13:10, by (RiseEarth)

by Lori Alton; NaturalHealth365

Over the past five years, the infection rates for MRSA, or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, have doubled. Yet, we know that cannabinoids can help address this serious health threat. In fact, the scientific proof is stunning! (a perfectly safe solution is available – now)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), MRSA affects 94,000 Americans each year, and claims the lives of over 18,000 – a grim testimony to the ability of bacteria to mutate and become impervious to antibiotics that were formerly effective. With researchers scrambling to discover novel ways of combatting drug-resistant pathogens – new research offers hope.

Recent studies have shown that the constituents found in medical cannabis can aggressively combat the MRSA pathogen.

Cannabis contains over 70 therapeutic cannabinoids

Cannabinoids (CBD) are fatty acids that occur naturally in the cannabis sativa plant. They are also found naturally – in the form of endocannabinoids – inside the human body, where they help govern immune function, appetite, sleep, memory, cognition and the perception of pain.

Researchers have long known of the antibacterial properties of cannabis. Preparations from cannabis were investigated in the 1950’s as highly active topical antiseptic agents for the mouth and skin.
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thumbnail Colorado Doctors Claim 11-Month-Old Died From Marijuana Overdose

Nov 18th 2017, 12:34, by (RiseEarth)

by PJ Amirata; The Alternative Daily

Today, doctors in Colorado are reporting the first-ever recorded overdose from ingesting too much cannabis. The patient was an 11-month-old baby boy who had been suffering seizures.

According to the report published by a team of doctors, the infant was admitted to the hospital after having a seizure. In the days leading up to his admittance, the baby was lethargic and heaving. Other than these problems, the boy was healthy.

While in the hospital, the boy was unresponsive and got much worse. After doctors intubated him to keep breathing, his nervous system started to shut down. Suddenly, his heart stopped and doctors tried everything they could, from infusions to CPR, but they were ineffective. One hour later, the boy died.
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thumbnail Hidden Passage Discovered Underneath Chichén Itzá

Nov 18th 2017, 12:24, by (RiseEarth)

by Gary Manners; Ancient Origins

After two months of investigations using state of the art non-invasive imaging equipment, as well as the good old-fashioned technique of crawling through tight spaces on hands and knees, archaeologists conducting surveys at the Chichén Itzá site have announced the discovery of a passageway underneath the 1000-year-old temple complex.

Deep Vision Technology

Researchers from the Great Mayan Aquifer Project, led by underwater archaeologist Guillermo de Anda, have been using an impressive array of technology to survey the area, including LIDAR to detect surface features, radar to penetrate surfaces around the ruins, and a relatively new technology called tri-dimensional electric resistivity tomography', or 'ERT-3D'.

Kukulkan temple pyramid is being surveyed with multiple imaging technologies (Image: Chris Millbern/ INAH/GAM)

With this surveying technique they have been mapping the subterranean features around the temple and hope to produce a 3D map of the suspected ‘elaborate underworld’ as reported in an Ancient Origins article in October.
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thumbnail How to See Yourself As Others See You

Nov 17th 2017, 03:12, by (RiseEarth)

by Body Mind Soul Spirit

It is common, and commendable, to be curious about how others see you in general, or in specific situations. The more insight you have in this area, the less time you are apt to lie awake at night, wondering. And even when you may have acted differently in a specific situation, upon review, this insight generally provides the best answer for moving forward.

It is quite possible to see yourself exactly as other people see you; however, this takes courage, and the development of some insight. So, if you dare, have a peek in the mirror…

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung


1. Understand that other people are your mirror.

A simple concept, yet one that many people are either unwilling, or unable, to grasp.Summed up, it is simply that other people reflect you. Your emotions, your traits, and your feelings are reflected back at you from other people either through in-kind responses or through predictable reactions to the emotions or feelings that you’re issuing.

Perhaps even more surprising is the reality that the reflection is perfect, even if the “reflector” is almost invariably not. For example, you might feel condescension, irritability, or dismissiveness toward another person, which lowers your estimation of them and causes you to treat them less seriously; yet in doing so, you ignore the fact that they reflect your negative appraisal of them.
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thumbnail The Inner Peace Effect

Nov 17th 2017, 03:07, by (RiseEarth)

by Deane Thomas;

How can we possibly play an integral role in global peace when our own world seems to be in such disarray? On the surface it seems a bad news story is permanently happening, and this filters into our day-to-day mindset. Not to despair we are here to share a beautiful insight to how we are making a contribution to good news! Our mindset not only shapes our own internal patterns and state of mind but also reflects how we relate to the outside world.

Each of us has our own unique life journey and how we interact with Mother Earth and each other. When we look outside, in many ways we see little progress towards serious issues that affect the planet and her citizens. Today, we are able to make a far more positive contribution, by reaching peace within our self.

Peace within conveys a particular energy to the outside world. After all, we are all part of the collective consciousness. When we make positive choices in our own lives, this immediately is converted into an energy, which ripples outward. As the energy flows outward, within us, we become far more aware and conscious of all that is.

A shift in consciousness is happening across the globe, yet we very rarely hear about it. Modern day technologies allow us to connect with other like-minded individuals, bypassing mainstream media. This is a tool that is being utilized far more, by awakened souls, to convey their messages. Switching off the television, or not reading the news, is one sure way to hook into the higher consciousness. In reality, not listening to the noise, allows our mind to seek something far more powerful.

Inner peace is not something that is achieved overnight; it is a process that, in many ways is a game. The game is played between the mind and heart/soul which is literally all within our self. We begin to reach the very core of our life, and remove anything that is not our own truth. Simultaneously, we open up to the powerful energies within, to truly transform our life path. It is a free will choice, as always, the way in which we choose to live our lives.
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thumbnail Harvard Med School Researcher Discusses The Science Of Where “Consciousness” Comes From

Nov 17th 2017, 03:04, by (RiseEarth)

by Arjun Walia; Collective Evolution

As Nikola Tesla said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of it existence.” And truly, we are living in the beginning stages of a second scientific revolution, one where scientists from all over the world are coming together to emphasize something that has tremendous implications for us all — that physical matter is NOT the only reality.

It’s called non-material science, and despite what skeptics might think, it’s a field full of published studies just as rigorously researched as those in the ‘hard’ sciences. As the American Institutes for Research (AIR) has concluded:

The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted. Effects of similar magnitude to those found in government-sponsored research at SRI and SAIC have been replicated at a number of laboratories across the world. Such consistency cannot be readily explained by claims of flaws or fraud.

The statement above is more than two decades old, written in the same year the U.S. government declassified parts of their STARGATE program, through which they investigated and used psi concepts such as telepathy and remote viewing.
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thumbnail 3 Characteristics Of A True Political Awakening

Nov 17th 2017, 03:03, by (RiseEarth)

by Sigmund Fraud; Waking Times

History is written by the winners, or so they say, but there is an agreed upon version of our story that is taught to us in school and reinforced in everyday life by the media and government propagandists. Coasting through life haphazardly believing in this standardized version of reality is a form of consciousness, a contemporaryt way of relating to a world where the individual is consumed by the group, and truth becomes evermore out of reach.

The typical level of political awareness in our society is fairly basic, simplified and incomplete, but it serves as a functional trap for the mind and the imagination, pigeon-holing individuals into a conformist. This psychological trap preys upon two basic human traits: conservatism and progressivism. And because these traits are biologically hardwired into the human psyche, they are exploited as a fissure to create disharmony and division amongst the public.

Many people only rise to a level of political consciousness which allows them to understand their predisposition to one or the other of these traits. Awareness often ends here, with extreme devotion to one side of the publicized political spectrum.

The truth is that human societies have always needed an even distribution of people with each of these idealogical tendencies in order to achieve a balance between our need for external and internal control, protection and care. Political awakening involves rising above the prescribed psychology of division, into a position of appreciation of the qualities which unite us all.
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thumbnail 5 Ingredients to Completely Detox Your Skin

Nov 16th 2017, 23:38, by (RiseEarth)

by Power Of Positivity
Your skin is your largest organ. Is it time to detox your skin?

“The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it is constantly in contact with the elements. Pollutants and dirt from the environment can clog your pores, and toxins from your diet can cause your complexion to suffer…(but) a few small changes (can) greatly improve the look and feel of your skin.” – Shari Forschen, N.P.

What our skin does

Our skin is one of the largest organs of the body (measured in weight and surface area.) Comprised of two layers – the dermis (inner) and epidermis (outer) – the health of our skin is vital to our overall well-being.

The skin has three main functions: protection, regulation, and sensation. Protection is the skin’s primary role against “mechanical impacts and pressure, variations in temperature, micro-organisms, radiation, and chemicals.”

Regulation functions of the skin span many physiological elements: body temperature, peripheral circulation, and fluid balance.
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thumbnail Driving Yourself Sane with Meditation

Nov 16th 2017, 23:37, by (RiseEarth)

by Chad Foreman; UPLIFT

Slowly Going Sane

‘Wisdom of the ordinary’ is how the old school Zen Masters would describe being sane. Being sane is simply life as it is. Right now. Infuriating to grasp intellectually; the way of meditation is mysteriously simple. Just seeing things as they are before getting caught up in descriptions, evaluations or stories of the present moment.

It turns out sanity is not to be found in conforming to the correct idea of reality but instead in the direct experience of the basic sanity of mindful awareness.

Finding sanity in beliefs or concepts is stressful and leads to the idea that you are insane if you do not believe the correct version of reality.

Wars have been fought over correct versions of religious scriptures and ‘non-believers’ executed; it’s no wonder there is so much pressure to believe the same thing as everyone else and ‘fit in.’ But, increasingly, modern people do not fit into the traditions of the past.
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thumbnail Psychic Abilities: How To Recognise Them And Develop Them Turther

Nov 16th 2017, 23:34, by (RiseEarth)

by The Witch

Dear Magical Recipes family, I am sure that many of you are aware of your psychic abilities and mediumship skills and I chose to dedicate a piece of work on how you can identify which aspects are more evolved and how you can further improve your abilities.

We are going to explore how the different chakras are related to our psychic/mediumship skills and familiarise you with opening and closing your chakras, which is step one to all psychic work.

Psychic abilities: Everybody has psychic abilities, while some are more adept at using them, everybody can strengthen these skills. The traditional schools of thought have identified three main ways of receiving information using psychic abilities based on the source (or which means we use to connect and get information).

The psychic can receive information : -about a person/event etc by linking with the person or the area (auric reading), -an object which acts as a link (psychometry) or -by connecting with spirit guides and ancestors (mediumship).

Now let’s have a look on which channels of communication we are using to receive this information (or how we receive the information once connected). These channels of communication are usually referred to as psychic abilities/gifts/senses and they are known as the clairs (from French clair: clear). The clairs show us how we communicate with spirit and how we have our messages delivered. The three traditional ways are:
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thumbnail Soul Mate or Life Partner? 10 Elements of a Soul Mate

Nov 16th 2017, 23:32, by (RiseEarth)

by Rebelle Society

Soul Mates. Soul Reminders. Soul Connections. We hear about it, read about it and some of us are lucky enough to experience it. We are all curious and most of us want one.

“Your soul mate makes you feel entirely intact, like no piece is missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great supporter and long-time companion, but is limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit.” ~ Dr. Carmen Harra

Soul mates differ from life partners. Some people, not ever encountering a soul mate or soul connection, settle down with a life partner. These relationships can be very satisfying. They are often built on mutual trust, respect and friendship.

You see, in life, we have no control over timing and sometimes less control of circumstance. Some cannot wait forever in hopes of encountering a soul mate, so they are satisfied with a mature life-partner relationship. For some it is about survival, security or simple companionship, and the word soul mate does not resonate. The concept may seem flighty, dreamy and unrealistic. Life circumstance, timing, availability, security and many other factors may all influence our relationship choices…


… chances are if you are open, ready and blessed enough to meet a Soul Mate in this life time it will happen unanticipated and unexpected. It can feel unsettling, destabilizing and ungrounding because it is a different connection than any other you have had.
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thumbnail 5 ‘Controversial’ Ancient Books That Could Shatter The Foundations Of History

Nov 16th 2017, 03:10, by (RiseEarth)

by Ivan; Ancient Code

Throughout the years, archaeologists have come across incredible discoveries. Some of these discoveries are ancient manuscripts which have been found to portray history from a different point of view. A controversial point of view.

Nemours ancient books tell a different side of history. A different side of human origins, and a different side of human capabilities. These ancient texts, usually considered mythological in nature oppose nearly everything set forth by mainstream scholars and modern history.

Some of them are partially accepted, while some of their pages have been dubbed as a myth because they shake the very foundation of what we know about our civilization.

Regrettably, while these books are real and part of history, the history we’ve been taught throughout the years has ignored them entirely.

This is why in this article, I’ll take you on a journey and introduce you to five ancient books that are both controversial and fascinating, and could shake the very understanding of human history.

I find them beyond fascinating.
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thumbnail “The Great Rejuvenator” — Modern Science Validates The Healing Power of the Amalaki Fruit

Nov 16th 2017, 03:09, by (RiseEarth)

by Core Spirit

The ancient time proven writings of Ayurvedic Medicine, which translates into “Knowledge of Life”, hold some of the oldest and most complete historical medical texts on healthy living existing on record. Within this expansive group of medical texts there exists hundreds of specific herbal formulations and herbal remedies designed to deliver maximum potency and efficacy balancing the body naturally.

With this cherished amalaki juice fruit botanical formula, look to maintain the body in an improved state of balanced health and overall mild detoxification. Ayurveda focuses upon energy and balance for each individual person.

Amalaki is great support and nutrition for the digestive tract, among other wonderful benefits including optimal function of the inner and outer skin, arteries, blood purification and liver rejuvenation.

Amalaki refers to the herbal use of the amla fruit, also called Indian gooseberry. The word amla literally means “sour,” and its other name, dhatri, means “mother” or “nurse.” Its associations point to Amalaki’s reputation as being greatly nourishing and supportive for a great array of body systems and all the body types, or doshas.

As the principal ingredient in Chyawanprash, the pillar Ayurvedic antioxidant superfood, Amalaki boasts a catalogue of benefits, including:
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thumbnail Cremated Remains of the ‘Buddha’ Discovered in Chinese Village

Nov 16th 2017, 03:06, by (RiseEarth)

by Owen Jarus; Live Science

The cremated remains of what an inscription says is the Buddha, also called Siddhārtha Gautama, have been discovered in a box in Jingchuan County, China, along with more than 260 Buddhist statues.

The translated inscription on the box reads: "The monks Yunjiang and Zhiming of the Lotus School, who belonged to the Mañjuśrī Temple of the Longxing Monastery in Jingzhou Prefecture, gathered more than 2,000 pieces of śarīra [cremated remains of the Buddha], as well as the Buddha's teeth and bones, and buried them in the Mañjuśrī Hall of this temple," on June 22, 1013. At the site where the statues and Buddha remains were buried, archaeologists also found the remains of a structure that could be from the Mañjuśrī Hall.

Yunjiang and Zhiming spent more than 20 years gathering the remains of the Buddha, who is also sometimes referred to as Gautama Buddha, the inscription notes.

"In order to promote Buddhism, they wanted to collect śarīra [Buddhist relics]. To reach this goal, both of them practiced the instruction of Buddhism during every moment of their lives for more than 20 years," the inscription says. "Sometimes they received the śarīra from others' donations; sometimes they found them by chance; sometimes they bought them from other places; and sometimes others gave them the śarīra to demonstrate their wholeheartedness."

The inscription does not mention the 260 Buddhist statues that were found buried near the remains of the Buddha. The archaeologists aren't sure whether or not the statues were buried at the same time as the cremated remains, wrote the team of archaeologists, who were led by Hong Wu, a research fellow at the Gansu Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, in two articles published recently in the journal Chinese Cultural Relics.
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thumbnail Scientists Look For Signs Of Alien Life On Newly Discovered Planet

Nov 16th 2017, 03:01, by (RiseEarth)

by Mac Slavo;

A mere 11 light-years away from our Solar System, a newly discovered exoplanet is the second-closest we’ve ever found that’s temperate enough to potentially host and sustain life. The Earth-sized exoplanet was just discovered and scientists are already searching for signs of life.

Ross 128 b orbits the inactive red dwarf star, Ross 128, in the system’s “Goldilocks zone.” This zone is known as the area in perfect distance from a star to support life. The planet is also probably rocky, not gaseous; and it’s at a distance from its star that means the temperature could be hospitable to life as we know it.

It was found using the European Southern Observatory’s High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) in Chile – the most precise instrument of its kind. And it took researchers a long time to nail down. “We started to observe this star in July 2005,” astronomer Nicola Astudillo-Defru of Geneva Observatory told ScienceAlert. “Since 2013, our monitoring started to be more intense, and only after acquiring 157 observations was the signal of the planet strong enough to be detected.”

The researchers were able to discover the planet using the radial velocity method of planet detection. This method differs from the transit method we usually hear about but it shows this technique still has a whole lot of potential for finding new exoplanets.
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thumbnail 8 Signs That You Are Experiencing Light Body/Merkaba Activation

Nov 15th 2017, 03:08, by (RiseEarth)

by Conscious Reminder

Heard about Merkaba Activation?

Merkaba is a state when you are totally aware. When your spiritual field is filled with immense amount of love; abundant light begins to fuel your soul and you know what happens?

Your Merkaba or light body is awakened! This will give you the ability to unlock the 4th and the 5th dimension of your physical and spiritual form.

Isn’t that amazing?

Here are some signs of Merkaba activation; check out whether it is happening to you:

1. Intense physical pain:

You will have to bear intense physical pain which may be chronic or persistent. This pain is bound to happen if you think about it in terms of the DNA; because when the light body forms, many changes take place at the genetic level which gives rise to physical pain which is intense and excruciating in nature. But the good part about this pain is that right now it may feel like it is killing you but the truth is that it is liberating you by freeing you of disease and even slowing down the process of ageing!
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thumbnail Tourists Are Flocking To South America To Take THIS Drug And Cure Diseases

Nov 15th 2017, 03:05, by (RiseEarth)

by Katherine Marko; The Alternative Daily

Some swear that taking ayahuasca is like having ten years of therapy in one night. But this mind-altering substance should not be taken lightly, and only under the supervision of an experienced shaman. If you’ve ever thought of participating in a spiritual retreat that includes ayahuasca, then here’s what you need to know.

What is ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca (pronounced eye-uh-WAH-skuh) is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness that usually last between four to eight hours after ingestion. Hugely popular, this thick brownish liquid with a muddy herbal taste, is generally found in the Amazonian regions of Brazil and Peru. Here, ayahuasca is considered a traditional and legal medicine, which is why tourists from around the world flock to partake in ceremonies.

Most are conducted at jungle retreats by legitimate shamans who screen for physical and mental stability, and are highly-experience in handling severe psychological responses to the psychedelic substance. Hallucinations can be mild or extremely visionary, and some believe these visions are life-altering.
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thumbnail Happy Holidays – California City Demands Church Stop Feeding the Homeless

Nov 15th 2017, 03:01, by (RiseEarth)

by Vic Bishop; Waking Times

It’s tough to say when our societal values shifted so dramatically, but for some reason now, government at large has decided that charity for the homeless is a crime. In a society with such stunning abundance, efforts to feed the homeless are being met with legal challenges and even police action in America. This is a disturbing trend which has been gaining steam in recent years.

In the latest publicized event, authorities in California have demanded that the United Methodist Church in Malibu, CA stop its meager yet hope-giving program of offering hot meals to the city’s homeless. The church has been giving away only 100 meals a week, on Wednesdays, since 2014, which is a relatively small humanitarian contribution in a wave of homelessness which has descended on the West Coast since the housing crisis of 2008 and now spurred on by the excesses of the regions tech industry.

“It’s a safe place,” said Michah Johnson, who is homeless. “And everyone is welcome. And the food is really good. It’s home-cooked. And there’s TLC involved.”

“The church is very helpful,” he added. “They keep my spirits up. They keep me accountable. When you’re homeless, it’s very easy to slip off and become jaded.” [Source]

This is nothing new, as we have seen for the last few years authorities have been cracking down on efforts by citizens around the nation who attempt to help the homeless by providing food for them. Without the help of churches, citizens and other devoted organizations, our homeless neighbors are left to scavenger for sustenance, as noted by a member of Malibu United Methodist Church.
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thumbnail ‘Plugging In’ Your Intuition — A Meditation Technique to Expand Consciousness and Balance Thoughts

Nov 14th 2017, 03:19, by (RiseEarth)

by Core Spirit

Has it ever happened that your phone beeped, and you knew it was your client. Some call it a hunch, others, a fleeting flash of intuition. The word intuition is derived from the Latin in + tuiri (to look at), and in psychological terms, it’s nothing more than connecting, within a context, a range of information that the unconscious mind is absorbing every minute.

“Our unconscious mind observes and stores every ounce of data,” says neurolinguistic programming expert Malti Bhojwani. “And when needed, it picks up relevant information and presents it to us.

For instance, you know it is your client’s text, because you had sent him/her one earlier, and your unconscious mind calculated the time it would take for him/her to read it, based on information it had about his/her work schedule.” Intuition is like a signal that tells you to do something or not, pulling you in a certain direction so that you end up being at the right place at the right time.

It may tell you that your orientation feels right or wrong. Most often, it comes to you unexpectedly. The ability to use your intuition is like using a muscle, says Mumbaibased Bhojwani. And like any other muscle in the human body, the more you use it, the stronger it grows. Bhojwani, who has discussed the phenomenon in her recent book, Don’t Think of a Blue Ball, tells you how to recognise a hunch, and strengthen it using simple techniques.
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thumbnail Psychic Self-Defense: How To Protect Yourself From Curse

Nov 14th 2017, 03:14, by (RiseEarth)

by Conscious Reminder

Have you been cursed? Voodoo? Someone put a spell on you?

How do you protect yourself from potential curses?

Learning to psychically defend yourself is part of becoming a spiritually strong being.

Do you believe in Curses?

Some do and most don’t.

It doesn’t matter. You can still be affected.

Since the Church no longer believes in curses and the scientific community laughs at hexes, nothing can be done.

The bulk of so-called “mental illnesses” are attributed to the work of witchcraft, especially if they hear “voices” in their head.
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thumbnail What Does it Mean If You Have the Letter X in Your Palms?

Nov 14th 2017, 03:05, by (RiseEarth)

by Healthy & Tasty Recipes

Many types of research are done about the lines in the palms, and every line has a meaning. Usually, the lines in the palms are connected with people’s personalities and their prospects in life, career, marriage, health, and money.

We are going to dedicate this article to the letter X.

The meaning behind having the letter X on both hands is not Palmistry nor any superstitious technique coming from India. This is an ancient method from Egypt and Greece, and their citizens used it to predict the future of people.

The last fact about this process originates from the era of Alexander the Great. Alexander himself had two X’s in both of his palms, and according to his royal advisers, he was the most powerful leader.

More than 2 million people from all around the world have been studied from the STI University in Moscow. This research serves to understand the link between the letter X and people’s destiny.

The findings say that people with letter X in their palms were extraordinary. So, here belong some of the greatest world leaders ever, Putin, the President of Russia, and Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th President of the USA.
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Multipurpose malinche, an attractive and useful ornamental

Nov 18th 2017, 18:01, by Ed Bernhardt

Here’s another attractive ornamental that’s a favorite Costa Rican backyard patio shrub. You’ll find malinche (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) growing in just about any barrio in the country. Its unmistakable bright red or yellow flowers resemble those of the giant poinciana trees, and so it’s called dwarf poinciana in English. Other common names include Barbados fence flower and paradise flower. Costa Ricans call it hoja sen or clavelina.

Malinche is a native plant of Mesoamerica that is now found around the world in tropical regions. This hardy shrub-like tree grows to no more than three meters, but is usually pruned to maintain a compact shape for border hedges. The leaves are double-pinnate, and the stems usually have small thorns. The beautiful flowers bloom most of the year and attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden.

Leading nurseries often carry malinche, but you also can collect seeds from local plants or start cuttings. The seeds can be planted in recycled plastic cups with several holes punched in the bottom and filled with prepared potting soil. It takes about two weeks for the seeds to germinate, and another month or two before the young plants are ready for transplanting to the garden, preferably in full-sun locations. Cuttings can be started in cups and take about the same time. Rooting preparations help stimulate root growth and speed up the process.

Malinche grows in poor soils but responds well to additions of organic compost fertilizer for better growth and flowering. As the plants reach about a meter tall, pinch the leading new growth of each stem to form a compact, bush-like shape.

Malinche is a hardy ornamental that has no serious insect problems or plant diseases, and it does not need watering in the dry season. These attributes place it high on the list of eco-friendly garden plants. And it has several other beneficial uses. A small handful of the leaves can be used in an infusion of one cup of boiling water as a laxative and to reduce fevers, while the same amount of flowers in an infusion promotes menstruation. The leaves can also be used as a maceration to treat insect bites and skin conditions, such as fungal and bacterial infections or rashes. The roots and seedpods produce a red dye, and the dried flowers soaked in water act as a natural insect repellent.

As you can see, malinche offers much more than attractive flowers around the home. It’s a multipurpose plant that has become a beloved friend to many a Costa Rican. Will you, too, invite this new friend into your garden?

Originally published on April 14, 2011.

Send your gardening comments and questions to me at:

Read more of Ed Bernhardt’s monthly Home Gardening columns here.

For more information on tropical gardening – naturally – and upcoming Sunday workshops, visit Ed’s website or contact him at 612w” alt=”140724EdBernhardtcolumnfooter” width=”560″ />

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Costa Rican Friday Happy Hour #3: ‘El Otro Gol’

Nov 17th 2017, 23:07, by Katherine Stanley

Maybe it was this morning’s story on what to expect at the World Cup 2018, now that the field of 32 has been selected. Or maybe it’s this gorgeous summery afternoon that’s inspiring many people to kick a ball around at their local park.

Either way, the song in our heads this Friday is Grammy-winning group Gandhi’s “El Otro Gol,” a celebration of Costa Rican soccer in general and the 2002 World Cup in particular. “Whether your field is a pasture or the beach next to the sea / I just want to play, and no one is stopping me,” the lyrics proclaim.

The video offers some terrific Costa Rican soccer footage from years past, perfect for some Friday-afternoon dreaming of games to come:

What are your favorite Costa Rican songs or musical memories? Tell us at

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World Cup 2018: Who’s lurking behind the usual suspects?

Nov 17th 2017, 14:38, by Peter Berlin / AFP

Lionel Messi knows the teams he fears most at the 2018 World Cup: champions Germany, Brazil, France and Spain.

“I think that at the moment, they’re the strongest teams who look the best, are playing the best, with the best individuals,” Messi told TyC Sports, an Argentine TV channel, last week.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner identified the key criteria that will spearhead their challenges: strong squads, star players, a team identity and looking the part.

But while naming the would-be contenders isn’t hard, what is in store for the rest of the 32-team field?

The usual suspects

The five giants have won 13 of the last 16 World Cups between them. Spain and Germany both qualified without losing, while Brazil sealed first place in the South American group with four rounds to play.

France won their group but, as in the Euros last year, were alternately brilliant and toothless, such as in a shocking 0-0 draw at home to Luxembourg.

Argentina squeaked through by winning their last game, away at Ecuador, and inevitably it was Messi who hit a hat trick to save his nation when staring into the abyss of elimination. How Italy wish they had a Messi in their ranks. But that near miss hardly bodes well for a country dreaming of emulating the Diego Maradona-inspired victory of 1986.

Yet form can be misleading, as Spain and Brazil’s crushing losses to the Dutch and Germans four years ago showed.

Sleeping giants

England won in 1966, but since then the nation that invented the sport and boasts the richest league in the world, has reached just one semifinal. Gareth Southgate, the England manager, has been blooding youngsters from the successful youth teams and there is reason for optimism in England, but maybe 2018 will come too soon.

According to FIFA, Mexico has the third highest number of registered footballers – behind only Brazil and Germany – amongst World Cup finalists, yet in 15 finals appearances, they have never gone past the quarters.

With 142 million people, Russia have the biggest population of any of the finalists. The Soviet Union once reached a semifinal, but that was a long time ago and in a different world. Recent scandals surrounding Russian sport mean that success for the hosts might be greeted with more suspicion than acclaim.

Small nations with big hopes

With a population of just over three million and two World Cup titles, Uruguay are again following their own successful template. They have produced enough top-end talent, led by Luis Suárez, Diego Godin and Edinson Cavani, to give them a chance of beating anyone.

Croatia have Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Ivan Perisic, which is good, but they finished second to Iceland in their qualifying group, which is not.

Portugal have Cristiano Ronaldo, but their greatest success – winning the 2016 Euros – came despite playing without the world player of the year for three-quarters of the final.

Belgium are enjoying a golden generation, but Switzerland and Denmark have only silver and bronze.

Poland, not such a small nation in population terms, have the prolific Robert Lewandowski, the top scorer in global qualifying with 16 goals.

Underdogs with sharp teeth

In 2002, as joint hosts, Japan and South Korea ran deep into the knockout rounds. This time, along with Australia, they lack world-class talent but bring a work ethic that makes them teams to avoid.

Colombia, Senegal and Nigeria bring skill, pace and power and a bad habit of agonizing exits caused by careless errors or bad luck.

Serbia and Morocco both qualified impressively but lack the star man who can make a difference. Iceland will strive to continue to defy gravity.

Happy to be back

Peru, once regulars, had not qualified since 1982 until they beat New Zealand on Thursday. They prepare for Russia ranked an unlikely 10th in the world.

Dour Sweden, former finalists, smothered Italy in a playoff, but if the smell of glory draws Zlatan Ibrahimovic out of retirement, a blunt instrument would acquire a sharp edge.

Egypt have won more African titles than any other nation but their World Cup record is miserable, and this is only their third appearance.

Those that make a draw kind

Costa Rica reached the last eight in 2014 and are ranked 22nd, but alongside Iran and Tunisia will still be the teams in the third pot everyone wants to draw.

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia both won games in the first of their four finals appearances but neither has won since and their last points came when they drew 2-2 in Stuttgart in 2006.

Panama may already have used up their miracle, scoring two minutes from the end of their qualifying campaign to beat Costa Rica, eliminate the United States and qualify for their first finals.

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The blue skies (and waves) of summer

Nov 16th 2017, 03:26, by The Tico Times

With December just two weeks out, we’re dreaming of summer days like this one at Playa Conchal.

To celebrate Costa Rica’s dazzling verano and tourism high season, we’re preparing a special Print Edition for publication Dec. 5. The free 16-page publication will feature an Insiders’ Guide to Costa Rican travel featuring some of our beloved columnists; a Costa Rican map with essential travel information; a December-May Cultural Events Calendar; and some of our favorite stories, columns and photos. It will be distributed nationwide through April 30; we also plan to reprint and update the edition throughout that period.

Learn more about advertising in this special edition here; ad deadline is Nov. 22.

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The power of kindness: Karma Tribe in Costa Rica

Nov 16th 2017, 02:22, by Pavi Ramani

I arrived in Costa Rica a year ago to teach English to third graders at a private school in Jacó. My Spanish was limited to “¿A qué hora llega el próximo bus?” – what time does the next bus get here? – but nevertheless, I was excited to live at the beach and experience the pura vida lifestyle.

After I had settled comfortably into my new routine, I found myself looking for an extracurricular activity that didn’t involve 25 children or watching Netflix. I wanted to get involved in something positive for the community.

I asked around and spoke to my fellow schoolteachers, and I was surprised to hear that several of them volunteered for a local organization called Karma Tribe – part humanitarian movement, part tech start-up.

“It’s an amazing project that’s going to change the world!” my colleague Jacqueline told me excitedly. “It’s a new way for people to connect and start helping each other.” She encouraged me to get in touch with Dave Grillot, the founder, living in the nearby town of Playa Hermosa.

When I met Dave, I was impressed by his enthusiasm to make positive things happen, his inspiring team, and his ambitious vision to create a worldwide movement based on kindness.

Karma Tribe is a global community of people who help each other for free. It works through a website, funded and designed by Dave himself, which is an online social network platform where people can make a profile, and then offer and request services of any type.

After you receive help from someone through Karma Tribe, you leave them a reference on their profile, like “Juan helped me fix my bicycle. Thanks Juan!” This keeps the platform transparent, in the style of AirBnB.

Everything on Karma Tribe is given from the heart, with no expectations of anything in return.

I found the concept intriguing, and I was amazed to see the variety of interesting favors available on the Karma Tribe website. People from around the world were offering things like graphic design help, tourism guidance, marketing help, ukulele lessons, and offering to walk your dogs, to name a few.

I joined the platform and answered a request that caught my eye. A woman named Silvia in Cartago was requesting English classes. This was the beginning of a delightful relationship. Silvia and I began to meet once a week on Skype, speaking 30 minutes in English, and 30 minutes in Spanish. As an unintended consequence of wanting to help her, my dream of learning Spanish is starting to come true, and my vocabulary goes beyond public transportation schedule requests. I also now have a new friend.

Courtesy of Karma Tribe

Since I had experience working in the film industry, Dave asked me to help with the creation of the Giant Heart Video Contest promotional video. After several weeks of severe sleep deprivation, we were able to launch our cyber video contest.

It was a resounding success. The winning video, “Los Ríos No Se Devuelven,” selected by our five celebrity judges as “most inspiring the viewer to make a change for a better world,” was promoted to one million views on the Karma Tribe Facebook page, sending a highly inspirational message throughout Latin America about the power of coming together as a community to create change.

It still gives me goosebumps to know that I played a role in creating waves through social media for an important environmental purpose.

After the contest ended, my role evolved to being a photographer for Karma Tribe’s biweekly beach clean-ups, as well as a production assistant for their weekly Facebook Live show “Blissin’ Out” on Sunday mornings, where we conduct interviews with inspiring people from Costa Rica and share their messages with thousands of viewers.

Courtesy of Karma Tribe



Meanwhile, Karma Tribe has grown steadily, and now has over 3,100 members in 56 countries helping each other through the platform.

When Dave revealed his plan to me to create a crowdfunding campaign to bring Karma Tribe to the next level, I was overjoyed and truly excited. He has given so much to the community, and now it is fitting that he reaches out to the community for support to spread kindness around the world in a bigger way. (The campaign will support Karma Tribe’s efforts to build an app to make the platform more accessible, and to make it possible to coordinate community projects.)


Karma Tribe is a rare opportunity to “be the change.” You can find out who you can help and connect with them. If there’s something you need, and you are financially limited, you might find it being offered by a fellow kind soul. Imagine if this grew to millions of members, helping each other in every country of the world!

“When you give from the heart, what you get back is far greater.” My experience with Karma Tribe has proven the power of this philosophy. I gave to the project, and I have gotten back so much more: friendships, experiences, connections, unexpected opportunities and deep fulfillment from the knowledge that I am making a difference.

I hope that the people of Costa Rica will rally around this beautiful cause to spread the spirit of generosity around the world.

Do you believe in the power of kindness?

Pavi Ramani lives in Costa Rica, teaching English and learning Spanish. Her passions include travel and wildlife, and she hopes to explore this beautiful country even more in the future.

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Coming in December: a special Tico Times Print Edition

Nov 15th 2017, 20:11, by The Tico Times

Have you missed flipping through a copy of The Tico Times as you enjoy your morning cafecito? We have, too. So we’re very happy to announce that as part of the changes we’ve been working on since our relaunch on Sept. 1, we’ll be publishing a special High Season Print Edition this December.

The free 16-page publication, in honor of Costa Rica’s tourism high season, will feature an Insiders’ Guide to Costa Rican travel featuring some of our beloved columnists; a Costa Rican map with essential travel information; a December-May Cultural Events Calendar; and some of our favorite stories, columns and photos. It will be distributed nationwide from Dec. 5-April 30; we also plan to reprint and update the edition throughout that period.

Learn more about advertising in this special edition here; ad deadline is Nov. 22.

To become a distributor of this free edition, please contact us ( or 4000-0838). Distributors will be listed on our website with links to their own sites or Facebook pages, as well as in stories on our site in your area of the country.


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11 circumstances with a negative impact on property values in Costa Rica

Nov 15th 2017, 13:22, by Ivo Henfling

There is an amazing number of undesirable conditions that can have a negative impact on your property value in Costa Rica. The time to look at these is before you purchase, Then you still have time to change your decision.

By buying a property in Costa Rica, you will have the advantage that certain negative circumstances don’t exist here – nuclear plants, heavy industry, sinkholes or fracking, just to name a few.

But Costa Rica has its own set of issues. Some of them you get used to after a while. I like William Toles Father’s quote: “You can get used to hanging if you hang long enough.”

You should do all the necessary homework before you close on your property purchase. Knowing the facts will make it easier to walk away from the purchase, rather than trying to revert any of the following 11 circumstances:

  1. Garbage dump or landfill

In Costa Rica,  there are open dumps as well as landfills; open dumpsites are legal here. Both have a huge impact on property value. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find out when and where future open garbage dumps and landfills will be created.

They both contaminate the soil, groundwater and drinking water, and generate unhealthy toxic gases. If your property is downwind from an open dumpsite, the smells can be horrible at times. And if your property is on the route of the garbage trucks as they come and go, the foul odors will also influence your property value.

  1. Train tracks

In Costa Rica, the railroad’s right of way is five meters on either side of the railroad track. A property next to the railroad track has a registered easement on the property title.

President Jose María Figueres closed the Costa Rican Railway Institute (INCOFER) in June 1995, prompting many homeowners to incorporate the five-meter right of way on their side of the track into their property by moving their fence or wall. There are several condominiums that have houses built on the five-meter line.

In 2005, passenger trains were reactivated and they service certain areas of the Central Valley.  Therefore, if there is an unused railroad track behind the property you want to buy, there is a risk in doing so. The property value will take a massive blow if and when the train starts running again.

  1. Power lines

Do power lines cause cancer? You will find articles that say there are hundreds of studies that show that EMF pollution will affect your health. Others say they won’t, but that the lines should be buried because they’re ugly.

However, both health and visual concerns are perfectly good reasons for property buyers to say no to an otherwise well-priced and beautiful property.

  1. Waste and recycling warehouse

There are many small warehouses that recycle materials in Costa Rica. Some are located in industrial parks but I have seen quite a few in residential areas. In Costa Rica, a large variety of articles are recycled, such as paper, plastic, cardboard, electronics, metals, batteries, waste oil, toner, tires, adhesive, polymer and asbestos residues, solvents and chemical products, copper, aluminum, cans and many others.

Some of these products are toxic waste and others are a fire hazard. Having a waste and or recycling warehouse in the neighborhood will reduce your property value.

  1. Highway frontage

The Costa Rican government does not build new highways very often, but it does happen. A whopping 32 years passed between the design and inauguration of only 77 kilometers of the famous Highway 27. The highway project between San Carlos and the Central Valley was started 48 years ago and is still not finished.

Nonetheless, you don’t want to have thousands of cars coming by your bedroom window every day. Do your homework about projects and plans in your area.

  1. Airport

Unless you’re deaf, living near an airport can be a noisy situation. Fortunately, we don’t have that many airports in Costa Rica – and even when the government plans a new one, it will take a lifetime to find the financing to build it.

If you don’t know the country well, it is pretty easy to find out where the airports are located. Google has an incredible feature that will show you every airport on national territory when you do a search for airports in Costa Rica.

  1. Hoarders

Having hoarders next door is nothing that you can really plan for. The good thing is that you will notice a hoarder on your first visit. A car wreck sitting up front, tires in the front yard and a backyard full of junk will show you all you need to know.

You might want to peek over the neighbor’s fence before buying; it will save a headache and a lot of money.

  1. Crime

Unless you’re a criminal yourself or want to buy pot close to home, you probably want to stay away from high-crime areas. It is pretty easy to find out if there are many home invasions or other crimes where you want to purchase a property. Be aware that only violent crime will affect property values in Costa Rica.

  1. Volcanoes

Volcanic eruptions will definitely impact property value. Unfortunately, we don’t know when a volcano will erupt. And when it will, is it going to be dust or rocks flying through the air? How much will the homeowner suffer from this eruption?

I once had a client who didn’t want to live close to a volcano. I recommended he should buy a property in Florida but to stay away from Wakulla.

  1. Landslides

When visiting a property you want to buy, look up.  If there is a mountain above the property, you want to check on landslides. A landslide downhill from your property will also affect you. See if the property might need any retainer walls. They can either make a serious dent in your finances or hurt your property value if you don’t build them.

  1. Flooding

There are certain areas in Costa Rica that will flood during the rainy season, every year. Unless you enjoy a wading pool in your living room, do your homework.

How much?

There is no true formula to calculate how much the property value will be reduced due to the above factors. Some real estate agents recommend analyzing properties with similar physical attributes that are not influenced by these circumstances.

I have seen statistics from large U.S. cities that carry the most incredible data, such as a figure that shows housing prices within 0.1 miles of a registered sex offender fall by 4% on average. In Costa Rica, we don’t have statistics like that, so we cannot use them to calculate the effect certain circumstances have on property values.

In my opinion, it is very difficult to appraise a property correctly, as I have stated in another article. It’s impossible to say if there is a 10% or a 25% impact on the value due to some circumstance. So how should you handle this?

You could come up with all kinds of formulas that calculate variables, but you won’t know what the value is until you have a buyer’s agreement to purchase. Start asking the price that your real estate agent recommends. Otherwise, study the market. If the property doesn’t sell, keep lowering your price until you have a serious offer.

Ivo Henfling, a Dutch expat who has lived in Costa Rica since 1980, founded the American-European Real Estate Group in 1999 which was the first functioning MLS with affiliate agents from coast to coast. Ivo Henfling can be reached at (506) 2289-5125 / 8834-4515 or at

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Costa Rican student creates buffalo burger, sausage company

Nov 15th 2017, 13:19, by Mitzi Stark

There is a new, healthy way to eat burgers and sausage, thanks to a class project by 24-year-old Andrea Bolaños.

Bolaños produces these products from buffalo meat, which has lots of protein but less fat and cholesterol than beef.

This young executive made her first buffalo sausages as a student at the National Technical University (UTN) in Balsa de Atenas for a course in meat production and technology, starting out with experiments in mixing and stuffing ingredients in the industrial kitchen at the school. Her work paid off: she won first place at a student exposition and decided to form a company, which she named Caffer Embutidos de Búfalo in honor of the Latin name of the African or Cape buffalo, Syncerus caffer.

Bolaños buys the meat on the hoof from one of the farms raising buffalo in and around Sarapiquí. That way she can pick out the animals she wants and ensure a good supply of lean meat. She buys about one hundred kilos of buffalo meat per month – and the company is still growing. An expanded market and more products lie ahead.

A buffalo burger with all the fixings. Caffer Embutidos via Facebook, photo by Alejandro Regidor

Her interest in food production dates to well before her college days, she explained.

“My mother worked when I was a girl, so I did a lot of the cooking at home,” she told The Tico Times. “I liked to cook and began exploring new ideas then.”

A neighborhood butcher shop introduced her to all the varieties of meat, which she added to her menus at home. She later worked in food service at a restaurant and catering companies, and decided to take the course at UTN to broaden her scope of recipes.

Encouraged by the success of her buffalo sausage, she quit her job and started the company two years ago. Her boyfriend, Jorge Arguedas, a chef, has joined her one-woman staff, and her parents help out with some of the work. But it’s still long days for Bolaños and her helpers, selecting, testing, delivering and starting up new markets.

“There is no rest,” she admits, but with a smile. She says she plans to continue and to expand by selling her products at fairs and expositions and trying to get into the major chain stores. She looks to attract customers who are health conscious and concerned about their diets, or prefer natural food without chemical additives.

An experimental variation is a buffalo lunch meat that is not yet available for purchase. Bolaños plans to develop other cuts of meat as well.

Caffer Embutidos de Búfalo sells packages of three generously-sized sausages at ¢4000. Hamburger patties are four (100 g) for ¢3000 or two (250 grams) for ¢4000. Stores carrying the label with the golden buffalo horns are few in number for now, but you can find the products at the following stores: Menodito Central en Escazú, Muñoz y Nanne en San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Vive Verde in Belen, Menodito de la Esquina in Heredia, Punto de Encuentro in Barrio San José de Alajuela, and the Carne Botique in Grecia. Learn more at the company’s website.

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Amateur Fishing Club names 2017 Tarpon Champion

Nov 15th 2017, 11:48, by Todd Staley

There are sounds, sights, and smells associated with events that happen in our lives. Later, when something similar passes by, an instant replay video appears in our minds and it is like experiencing the original event all over again.

One of these is the goosebump-producing rattling of the gills when a tarpon goes airborne. The best way to describe that sound would be listening to a pair of maracas on steroids. Once you hear it, you never forget it.

Costa Rica is world-famous for its tarpon fishing. All along the eastern seaboard, these prehistoric monster fish – which travel easily between salt and fresh water – are available in the ocean, rivers and lagoons. Recently a number have been caught on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. The fish are not indigenous to Pacific waters; scientists believe they are passing through the Panama Canal.

Tarpon have been taken along the southern Pacific side of the country, too, as well as the Nicoya Peninsula. The northernmost capture recorded in Pacific waters was in El Salvador.

For years, anglers in Costa Rica used only artificial lures to catch tarpon. Old timers will remember the Porter Sea Hawk, a weighted lure that looked like half a pencil with a couple of hooks hanging from it: strange looking, but extremely effective. Bomber grub tail jigs, MirrOlure M-65’s, and both floating and sinking Magnum Rapalas also caught their fair share of tarpon. Today, one of many types of sardine looking minnows are jigged for bait and offered up dead or alive on a circle hook. They are like popcorn to tarpon.

Tarpon are a fish of brute force that grow over 200 pounds, make magnificent jumps and are the light-tackle anglers’ equivalent of bull riding. That is why the Club Amateur de Pesca puts on four tournaments a year to determine the grand champion of tarpon fishing in Costa Rica.

Second-place winner Melvin Rudelman coaches “Rookie of the Year” Erick Rudelman. Club de Pesca de Costa Rica

The Club was officially formed in 1946, and the 2017 tarpon tournaments marked the 69th year of the event. The all-release tournaments are held each year in May, August, September, and October. The angler with the most releases is crowned champion of the year. The tournaments are held over the weekend. Competitors fish half a day on Friday, all day Saturday, and half of Sunday.

Tarpon are readily available year-round, and September and October prime months, but the May tournament was the most productive this year with 167 tarpon released. Carlos Paez landed an amazing 19 tarpon to take first place, followed closely by Melvin Rudelman with 17 fish. Paez also took first place in the second leg in August with seven fish, and Claudio Poma and former Vice President Luis Liberman each had six.

Grand Champion Carlos Paez and third-place winner, former Costa Rican Vice President Luis Liberman. Club de Pesca

The tournament total dropped to 69 fish in August. Fishing picked back up a bit in September when 107 fish were caught. Franco Alvarenga and Rolando Montealegre each finished with eight fish to take the top two spots.

October was a blowout, with Tropical Storm Nate and other weather systems affecting most of Costa Rica. Only 27 tarpon were caught, and Club President Jose Schifter took top honors with five fish, while Carlos Paez and Rolando Montealegre each had four.

This tarpon could not resist the fly presented by fly fishing champion Mark Evans. Jesse Males / The Tico Times

When all the tournaments for the year were tallied up, Carlos Paez wore the crown as Tarpon Champion 2017 with 30 releases, followed by Melvin Rudelman with 25 and Luis Liberman with 24.  Rudelman’s 10-year-old son Erick was named “Rookie of the Year,” with an amazing 10 tarpon. Mark Evans won the fly fishing division with five tarpon. The top ten spots  are listed below.

                 69th  TORNEO DE SABALO
                                   GENERAL POSITIONS


Paez Soto Carlos R.






Rudelman Melvin






Liberman Luis






Alvarenga Franco






Montealegre Rolando






Brown Cynthia






Montealegre Javier






Schifter Jose






Poma Claudio





The Club Amateur de Pesca meets every Monday evening in the Sabana area of western San José. Public invited. Information with Grace Mora, mornings at 2232 3430.

Read more ‘Wetline Costa Rica’ columns here.

Todd Staley has run sport fishing operations on both coasts of Costa Rica for over 25 years. He recently decided to take some time off to devote himself full time to marine conservation. Contact him at

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Hungary defeats Costa Rica 1-0 in international friendly

Nov 14th 2017, 21:26, by Katherine Stanley

Costa Rica's Ronald Matarrita (R) vies with Hungary's Barnabas Bese

Coming off a brutal 0-5 loss to Spain on Saturday, the Costa Rican Men’s National Team was hoping for redemption in Budapest – but it was not to be.

Hungary scored in the 36th minute when Nemanja Nikolic redirected the ball into the net past goalie Leonel Moreira,  converting a free kick from Ronald Ugrai.

A sluggish Sele didn’t present much danger for the Hungarian defense, and heads home from its European tour without much to show for it.

FIFA will hold its World Cup 2018 raffle on Dec. 1 to determine the composition of the eight groups that will face off when the tournament begins.

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Your 2 hourly digest for Earth Matters – (Verborgen) nieuws

Oude Media Nieuwe Media
Earth Matters – (Verborgen) nieuws Rich Site Summary 

03-12-17 | Observatie en gathering GEO-Engineering | Delft

Nov 9th 2017, 12:42

(Henny de Waart) Vanuit jouw hart observeren. We kunnen het! We weten hoe de weg loopt van hoofd naar hart…

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Your 2 hourly digest for Vrije Wereld

Oude Media Nieuwe Media
Vrije Wereld
Civiele Inlichtingendienst 

Docu v/d week #176 – Princess Diana – Unlawful Killing

Nov 11th 2017, 23:26, by Vrije Wereld

In het Verenigd Koninkrijk gecensureerde documentaire geregistreerd door Keith Allen over de moord begaan door het Britse koningshuis op Diana Spencer princess of Wales en haar partner Dodi Al-Fayed op 31 augustus, 1997 en de...

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Belästigung – Weinstein-Skandal: Sänger Morrissey sieht “enttäuschte” Frauen

Nov 18th 2017, 11:02, by ( Redaktion)

“Die Leute wissen genau, was passiert. Und sie spielen mit”, sagt der Sänger über sexuelle Übergriffe

Gleichstellung – Frau am Steuer: Pionierinnen in Männerdomänen

Nov 18th 2017, 11:00, by ( Redaktion)

Über Frauen, die Busse lenken und zu Pionierinnen in Männerdomänen wurden. Ein Blick zurück in “andere” Zeiten zeigt, wie mühevoll die Fahrwege zur Gleichstellung waren – und wie wenig lange das alles eigentlich her ist

Rechnungshof – Von Steuerentlastung profitieren Männer viel stärker als Frauen

Nov 17th 2017, 18:51, by ( Redaktion)

Der Rechnungshof sieht eine ungleiche Wirkung der Reform und kritisiert Schritte zur Erhöhung der Kluft

USA – Belästigungsvorwürfe gegen demokratischen US-Senator Franken

Nov 17th 2017, 06:56, by ( Redaktion)

Senator entschuldigt sich – Bei den Republikanern tobt Machtkampf um den beschuldigten Kandidaten Moore weiter

#metoo und Folgen – Londoner Old-Vic-Theater liegen viele Vorwürfe gegen Kevin Spacey vor

Nov 17th 2017, 06:51, by ( Redaktion)

20 Beschuldigungen wegen “unangemessenen Verhaltens” des Schauspielers

Patrice Fuchs – Warum in Schweden mehr Frauen sexuell belästigt werden

Nov 16th 2017, 13:57, by ( Redaktion)

Die Debatte im Norden unterscheidet sich von jener hierzulande – und auch die Politik schaut nicht weg

Netzpolitik – Kritik an App, die Frauen auf Fotos digital “abschminkt”

Nov 16th 2017, 10:28, by ( Redaktion)

Feature von “Make App” wird von Kritikern als frauenfeindlich eingestuft, “Abgeschminkte” sehen teils wie Zombies aus

Sexuelle Belästigung – Die unterschiedlichen Grenzen des Erträglichen

Nov 16th 2017, 07:00, by ( Redaktion)

Die rote Linie zwischen dem, was als sexuelle Belästigung, und dem, was nur als Danebenbenehmen empfunden wird, ist individuell

#MeToo – Übergriffe auch für Künstlerinnen in Schweden an der Tagesordnung

Nov 15th 2017, 13:42, by ( Redaktion)

600 Schauspielerinnen setzen ihre Namen unter Berichte von sexuellen Übergriffen am Theater, in Opernhäuser oder beim Film. Zuständige Ministerin zeigte sich schockiert

Parlament – Berichte über weitverbreitete sexuelle Übergriffe im US-Kongress

Nov 15th 2017, 09:13, by ( Redaktion)

Abgeordnete: Opfern im Plenarsaal an die Genitalien gefasst. Reform soll es erleichtern, sexuelle Übergriffe zu melden

Gleichberechtigung – Mehrheit in Australien stimmt für gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe

Nov 15th 2017, 07:45, by ( Redaktion)

Das australische Volk hat in einer brieflichen Befragung deutlich Ja gesagt zur Legalisierung der gleichgeschlechtlichen Ehe. Die Gegner unter dem früheren Premierminister Tony Abbott wollen den Kampf weiterführen

Gesprächsrunde – #MeToo und die Folgen: “Die Täter waren bisher Schattenwesen”

Nov 15th 2017, 06:00, by ( Redaktion)

Sexuelle Gewalt und Belästigungen beschäftigen seit Wochen die Öffentlichkeit. DER STANDARD sprach mit den Expertinnen Maria Rösslhumer, Nora Ruck und Ursula Kussyk über Täterschaft und Männerbilder

Sexismus-Debatte – Kamerafahrt über Beine: “Anne Will”-Team entschuldigt sich bei Verona Pooth

Nov 14th 2017, 11:01, by ( Redaktion)

“Der Kameraschwenk über Schuhe u. Beine von Verona Pooth in unserer gestrigen Sendung ging gar nicht!”, hieß es auf Twitter

Blog: Über die Verhältnisse – Ungeschminkte Frauen als Antwort auf #MeToo? Völlige Fehleinschätzung!

Nov 14th 2017, 08:48, by ( Redaktion)

Manche Tipps im Zuge der #MeToo-Debatte bitte nicht zu Hause nachmachen. So rät eine Autorin, die hohen Schuhe einfach wegzulassen, dann wird sich diese Belästigungssache schon erledigen

Alabama – Druck auf Republikaner Moore wächst wegen Belästigungsvorwürfen

Nov 13th 2017, 21:23, by ( Redaktion)

Eine Restaurantmitarbeiterin wirft Roy Moore, der in Alabama für einen Senatssitz kandidiert, Übergriffe aus den 1970er-Jahren vor

#MeToo – Sexuelle Belästigung: Was Unternehmen lernen müssen

Nov 13th 2017, 06:00, by ( Redaktion)

Übergriffe am Arbeitsplatz sind ein Thema für die Führungsebene, sind ExpertInnen überzeugt, auf Prävention werde aber immer noch zu wenig Wert gelegt

Demonstration – Hunderte bei #MeToo-Protestmarsch in Hollywood

Nov 13th 2017, 05:05, by ( Redaktion)

Demonstration gegen sexuelle Gewalt und Belästigung am Arbeitsplatz

Sexismusdebatte – Junge Männer auf der Suche nach einem neuen Männerbild

Nov 12th 2017, 11:09, by ( Redaktion)

#MeToo thematisiert sexuelle Übergriffe und brachte einige ältere Männer in Erklärungsnot. Wie reagieren junge?

Feminismus – Laurie Penny: “Es tut sicher weh, Sexist genannt zu werden”

Nov 11th 2017, 11:00, by ( Redaktion)

Laurie Penny ist eine der populärsten Feministinnen der Gegenwart. Anlässlich ihres neuen Buches “Bitch Doktrin” spricht sie über ihr Dasein als Aktivistin, darüber, warum Anspruchsdenken zu sexueller Gewalt führt und ihr die Geduld mit dem Mann als “sozialem Phänomen” langsam ausgeht

Intersex – Initiative für drittes Geschlecht im Nationalrat geplant

Nov 10th 2017, 13:39, by ( Redaktion)

SPÖ und Neos wollen Verfassungsgericht zuvorkommen – Intersex-Juristin skeptisch

Nach laustarker Kritik – Tripadvisor markiert Hotels, in denen sexuelle Gewalt gemeldet wurde

Nov 10th 2017, 08:30, by ( Redaktion)

Hotelbewertungsportal blendet Warnhinweis bei betroffenen Gaststätten ein

Kopf des Tages – Jahrtausendelange Geschichte: Männlich, weiblich und divers

Nov 9th 2017, 16:32, by ( Redaktion)

Das dritte Geschlecht ist keine Erfindung der jüngeren Vergangenheit, sondern Realität seit Anbeginn der Menschheit

Umfrage – Outing am Arbeitsplatz: Homosexuelle sehen überwiegend Vorteile

Nov 9th 2017, 13:46, by ( Redaktion)

Ein Outing im Job sehen viele Homosexuelle als positiv – dennoch gehen in Deutschland und Österreich relativ wenige einen solchen Schritt

Sexualpolitik – Kolonialnostalgie und die “gefährliche” Sexualität

Nov 8th 2017, 05:00, by ( Redaktion)

Die Genderforscherin Gabriele Dietze untersucht, wie über den Körper Diskriminierungsformen geschaffen werden, etwa durch Erzählungen von “gefährlichen Migranten “. In ihrem neuen Buch über Sexualpolitik versucht sie, diese Mechanismen offenzulegen.

Untersuchung – Indische Missbrauchsopfer werden weiter erniedrigt

Nov 8th 2017, 04:30, by ( Redaktion)

Vorhandene Gesetze und Regelungen werden zu lasch umgesetzt, zeigt ein Bericht von Human Rights Watch

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Actueel nieuws, speciale aandacht voor cultuur, culinair en Amsterdam. 

thumbnail ‘#metoo: De man kan zijn drift om te winnen ook temmen’

Nov 18th 2017, 09:40, by Door: Nathan Vos

Niemand heeft wat aan ongerichte drift, schrijft Zin-hoofdredacteur Nathan Vos. Laat mannen hun drang tot harde actie omsmeden tot een energieke kracht. Zij buigt voorover, de mannelijke collega’s veren meteen overeind. Kennelijke echtgenoten die, soms met kinderfoto’s en al, zich onbeschaamd op Tinder aanbieden. Na vijf bier luisteren ze amper meer naar wat zij te vertellen heeft, hun hoofd al bi

thumbnail Auto over de kop geslagen in Zuidoost

Nov 18th 2017, 09:34, by Door: Het Parool

Een automobilist is zaterdagnacht rond 03.00 uur over de kop geslagen op de Gooiseweg in Zuidoost. De politie wist de bestuurder uit de auto te bevrijden. Het is niet duidelijk hoe de automobilist over de kop kon raken, maar de auto heeft vermoedelijk de berm geraakt waarna de bestuurder het voertuig probeerde te corrigeren. De bestuurder was niet onder invloed van alcohol, aldus de politie. Het s

thumbnail Boom Chicago opent ‘film-escaperoom’

Nov 18th 2017, 09:26, by Door: ANP

Het Amsterdamse comedygezelschap Boom Chicago opent in december een ‘Escaperoom-theater’ aan de Rozengracht in Amsterdam. Escape Through The Movies is geen standaard escaperoom, maar een interactieve ervaring door meerdere kamers waarin komieken van Boom Chicago een grote rol spelen, zo meldt het gezelschap.Escape Through The Movies is geïnspireerd op de geschiedenis van het Rozentheater, dat vroe

thumbnail Gewapende overval bij restaurant in Nieuw-West

Nov 18th 2017, 09:23, by Door: Het Parool

Twee overvallers zijn met een vuurwapen zaterdagnacht rond 03.00 uur een restaurant aan de Pieter Calandlaan in Nieuw-West binnengedrongen. De twee overvallers hadden een vuurwapen bij zich. Ze konden geen buit maken en zijn gevlucht.Het is onduidelijk hoeveel mensen er op dat moment in het restaurant aanwezig waren. De politie doet onderzoek wie er voor de overval verantwoordelijk is.

thumbnail Deze man was decennialang dé grimeur van Sint en Piet

Nov 18th 2017, 09:00, by Door: Patrick Meershoek

Dit jaar bezoekt Sinterklaas de stad met Spaanse edellieden, maar decennialang creëerde grimeur-in-ruste Ton van den Heuvel de klassieke Zwarte Pieten. ‘Op straat werkte ik de Sint even snel bij.’ Drie jaar geleden is hij er echt mee opgehouden. “Er belde nog weleens iemand voor het een of ander, maar dan vertelde mijn vrouw dat ik geen werk meer aannam. Ik was negentig, en zij vond het wel mooi g

thumbnail Schreeuwend tekort aan koks in Amsterdam

Nov 18th 2017, 09:00, by Door: Vera Spaans, mmv Jiske van Haga

In Amsterdam gaan nu elke week bijna vier horecagelegen­heden open. Het resultaat: een schreeuwend personeelstekort. ‘Huisje, baantje, brommertje’. Het was een van de opmerkelijkste personeelsadvertenties van het jaar: eind augustus schreef chef-kok Ron Blaauw op Facebook dat koks die bij hem in dienst kwamen een leasescooter zouden krijgen én woonruimte. Hij kreeg er 240 reacties op, zei hij. Inm

thumbnail Autodieven gingen jarenlang als profs te werk

Nov 18th 2017, 09:00, by Door: Paul Vugts

Een Amsterdamse bende zou jarenlang op bestelling en strak georganiseerd auto’s hebben gestolen. Een aantal van de wagens is omgekat en verscheept naar het buitenland. Tien verdachten staan vanaf maandag voor de Amsterdamse rechtbank. De hoofdrollen waren voor de drie Amsterdamse broers Z. en een neef, 22 tot 29 jaar oud. Samen met drie anderen (28 tot 40 jaar) zouden zij een gestructureerde crimi

thumbnail Ernstig ongeval op de Stadhouderskade

Nov 18th 2017, 08:28, by Door: Het Parool

Een vrouw is zaterdagochtend op de Stadhouderskade onder een vrachtwagen terecht gekomen en hierbij zwaargewond geraakt.  De vrouw werd op de fiets door de vrachtwagen aangereden. Het is onbekend hoe dit heeft kunnen gebeuren. De politie heeft de vrouw onder de vrachtwagen vandaan weten te halen. Ze is met onbekend letsel naar het ziekenhuis afgevoerd.De bestuurder is aangehouden en overgebracht n

thumbnail Sinterklaas komt weer aan in het land

Nov 18th 2017, 08:22, by Door: ANP/ Het Parool

Sinterklaas komt zaterdag weer in het land. De goedheiligman zet aan het begin van de middag voet aan wal in het Friese Dokkum. De landelijke intocht, die rechtstreeks op televisie is te zien, gaat ook dit keer weer gepaard met een protest van tegenstanders van Zwarte Piet.Dokkum verwacht zo’n 25.000 mensen die Sinterklaas en zijn gevolg van dichtbij komen bekijken. Op diverse plekken in de stad s

thumbnail Winterse smaken in een intieme kelder op Vuurtoreneiland (8)

Nov 18th 2017, 08:15, by Door: Hiske Versprille

Het Winterrestaurant op Vuurtoreneiland is wonderbaarlijk en verrukkelijk – meer een avond wég dan een avond uit. Het eten is goed, maar kan nog beter. Het Vuurtoreneiland ligt voor Durgerdam in het IJmeer. Vroeger waren er soldaten gelegerd en wees het schepen de weg, tegenwoordig kun je er eten. Een oud IJveer, dat om stipt half zeven vertrekt vanaf het Lloydhotel, doet ongeveer drie kwartier ov

thumbnail Hier komt Sinterklaas aan in Amsterdam en omstreken

Nov 18th 2017, 08:00, by Door: Het Parool

Op zaterdag 18 november zet Sinterklaas voet aan land in Dokkum. Vanaf die dag kun je hem ook in Amsterdam en omstreken zien. Op deze plekken komt hij aan in en om Amsterdam. Binnenstad, officiële intochtTraditiegetrouw vaart de stoomboot van Sint over de Amstel naar het Scheepvaartmuseum. Hij vertrekt bij De Omval rond 10.00 uur, en arriveert om 11.30 bij het Scheepvaartmuseum. Daar spreekt hij d

thumbnail De Pietwijzer: welk type Piet vind je waar?

Nov 18th 2017, 08:00, by Door: Het Parool

Bij de officiële intocht in Amsterdam op zondag zien de Pieten eruit als 16e eeuwse Spaanse edellieden. Maar welk type Piet tref je bij de andere intochten in en rondom de stad? Tuindorp OostzaanDe Pieten bij de intocht in Tuindorp Oostzaan zijn, zoals het Sinterklaascomité Tuindorp Oostzaan zelf zegt, ‘traditioneel’. Dat wil volgens hen zeggen: zwart geschminkt en met pruik op. De oorbellen blijv

thumbnail Het rechtse bijtertje tegen linkse hobby’s

Nov 18th 2017, 08:00, by Door: Michiel Couzy

Ze ageert tegen krakers en tegen hoofddoekjes bij de politie. Ze protesteert tegen al te gerieflijke opvang van uitgeprocedeerde asielzoekers en openlijk geknuffel van uitkeringstrekkers; Marianne Poot is het rechtse bijtertje van de VVD-fractie. Deze week was ze er snel bij om een spoeddebat aan te vragen over de grimmige viering van de WK-kwalificatie van het Marokkaanse voetbalelftal en spoorde

thumbnail Verloskundigen slaan alarm over drukte in de stad

Nov 18th 2017, 07:21, by Door: ANP

Verloskundigen luiden de noodklok over de toegenomen druk op verloskunde-afdelingen van ziekenhuizen. De problemen zijn het grootst in de regio’s Amsterdam en Rotterdam. Het gebeurt steeds vaker dat barende vrouwen niet terechtkunnen in het ene ziekenhuis en worden doorgestuurd naar een ander ziekenhuis. Verloskunde-afdelingen kampen in Amsterdam en Rotterdam met pieken in het aanbod en een gebrek

thumbnail Toen kon mijn moeder nog soep voor me maken

Nov 18th 2017, 07:00, by Door: Roos Schlikker

Het is koud in de tuin, ik warm mijn handen in de zakken van haar jas die ik al maanden draag en speel met het tandenstokertje dat ik erin aantrof. Typisch zij. Altijd bezig met poetsen, poeren en flossen. “Een mooi gebit gaat je leven lang mee.”Dat is dan gelukt, denk ik en schud meteen mijn hoofd. Ik moet het bitter buiten de deur houden. Ik weet niet hoe ik hier gekomen ben. Ik ken dit huis hel

thumbnail Brandweer redt man van balkon in Oost

Nov 18th 2017, 06:55, by Door: Het Parool

De brandweer heeft zaterdagnacht om 2.45 uur een man van het balkon van een woning in de Eerste van Swindenstraat in Oost gered. De man werd met een ladderwagen naar beneden gehaald. De brand ontstond door een onbekende oorzaak in de slaapkamer van de bewoner, zegt een woerdvoerder.De bewoner is naar het ziekenhuis afgevoerd omdat het slachtoffer rook had ingeademd.

thumbnail Welke morele plicht heeft prins Bernhard?

Nov 18th 2017, 06:00, by Door: Michiel Couzy en Maarten van Dun

Het vastgoedbezit van prins Bernhard is inzet van een maatschappelijke discussie, nu vastgoedbeleggers grote invloed hebben op de woningmarkt. Hebben handelaren in vastgoed de morele plicht goed voor de stad te zorgen? En ligt dat anders voor een prins? Voortgestuwd door de lage rente, de krapte op de woningmarkt en hoge rendementen, kopen beleggers steeds meer huizen in Amsterdam. Eén op de acht

thumbnail ‘Zakenprins’ Bernhard: een grote belegger van koninklijken bloede

Nov 18th 2017, 06:00, by Door: Michiel Couzy en Maarten van Dun

Prins Bernhard jr. (47) heeft privé en met zijn bv’s 349 adressen in Amsterdam en is daarmee een van de grootste vastgoedbonzen. De verhuur gaat niet altijd even netjes. Het was een buitenkans voor de zes studenten: een woning van 137 vierkante meter in Amsterdam-West, met zes kamers en een tuin. De lange zoektocht naar een geschikte kamer had eindelijk resultaat.Tijdens de bezichtiging bleek de w

thumbnail Vastgoedbezit prins Bernhard is nóg groter

Nov 18th 2017, 06:00, by Door: Michiel Couzy en Maarten van Dun

Het vastgoedimperium van prins Bernhard van Oranje is veel groter dan zijn privébezit van 102 adressen. Uit onderzoek van Het Parool blijkt dat hij ook via bv’s vastgoed in handen heeft. In totaal bezit de neef van de koning, zoon van prinses Margriet en Pieter van Vollenhoven, 590 Nederlandse adressen, waarvan 349 in Amsterdam. Dit zijn huizen, winkels en kantoren. Hiermee is hij een van de groot

thumbnail Evacuatietrein ingezet na stremming Badhoevedorp

Nov 18th 2017, 00:04, by Marc

Een Intercity die gisteravond vanuit Rotterdam richting Schiphol reed, is omstreeks 21:30 uur gestrand bij Badhoevedorp. Bijna anderhalf uur later pas konden zij verder reizen naar Amsterdam. Omdat reizigers niet direct uit de trein mochten worden geëvacueerd, werd er eerst een poging geprobeerd om de trein een ‘reset’ te geven, maar dat mocht uiteindelijk niet baten.EvacuatietreinRond 23.15 uur k

thumbnail Cannabiszaden van Amsterdams Green House gaan internationaal

Nov 17th 2017, 21:56, by Door: Marc Kruyswijk

De Amsterdamse coffeeshopketen Green House is een samenwerking aangegaan met twee van de grootste cannabisbedrijven ter wereld. Green House kan hiermee de afzetmarkt van zijn cannabiszaden enorm uitbreiden. Het samenwerkingsverband met het Canadese Canopy Growth en Organa Brands uit de Verenigde Staten zal zich in eerste instantie richten op de Canadese markt, waar 36 miljoen potentiële klanten wo

thumbnail Zenuwen tijdens bezoekje van koning in West niet nodig

Nov 17th 2017, 21:43, by Door: Malika Sevil

De Weekend Academie in Bos en Lommer had vrijdag de koning op bezoek. De koning en de leerlingen lieten zien dat zenuwen voor zo’n ontmoeting niet nodig zijn. Nog een laatste tip, zegt een medewerker van de Weekend Academie tegen de vijf tieners die op het punt staan koning Willem-Alexander te ontmoeten: “Gewoon jezelf blijven.” Magdaline (13), Bilal (14), Ismaël (13) en de tweeling Lotfi (13) en

thumbnail Kalverstraat stijgt plekje in lijst duurste winkelstraten

Nov 17th 2017, 20:03, by Door: Het Parool

De Kalverstraat staat dit jaar op plek 16 in de lijst van duurste winkelstraten ter wereld. Dat is een plek hoger dan vorig jaar. De Amsterdamse winkelstraat bereikte vorig jaar de top twintig van de lijst die Cushman & Wakefield elk jaar samenstelt. De winkelhuren stegen er in 2016 met gemiddeld 3,4 procent tegenover 2015, zo berekende de vastgoedadviseur. Maar dit jaar blijft de gemiddelde huur

thumbnail Jubileumpenning voor 100-jarige Bond van Volkstuinders

Nov 17th 2017, 20:03, by Door: Het Parool

Tijdens hun jubileumcongres donderdag kreeg de 100-jarige Bond van Volkstuinders de jubileumpenning van Amsterdam. Het hoofddoel van de bond, die 27 volkstuinparken telt in Amsterdam, één in Almere en één in Landsmeer, is het bevorderen van het volkstuinieren. Alle parken bestaan uit zesduizend volkstuinen met een totaal oppervlak van 280 hectare.De Bond van Huurders van Volkstuinen werd in 1917 o

thumbnail ‘Onderzoek naar tweede medewerker Kemna Casting’

Nov 17th 2017, 19:17, by Door: Het Parool

Na Job Gosschalk zou nu ook naar een tweede medewerker van Kemna Casting een onderzoek lopen. Dat liet het Amsterdamse bedrijf weten in een verklaring vrijdagavond aan RTL Boulevard.Eerder gaf voormalig castingdirector Job Gosschalk al toe dat hij zich schuldig maakte aan grensoverschrijdend gedrag. Meerdere acteurs deden aangifte wegens seksuele intimidatie.’Gezien de vertrouwelijkheid van dit pr

thumbnail Operatie Pieter van Vollenhoven geslaagd

Nov 17th 2017, 18:36, by Door: ANP

Bij Pieter van Vollenhoven is vrijdag in het Antoni van Leeuwenhoek-ziekenhuis in Amsterdam met succes een melanoom verwijderd. Van Vollenhoven kon na de ingreep weer naar huis. Dat heeft de Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst desgevraagd bevestigd.Woensdag werd bekend gemaakt dat bij Van Vollenhoven (78) opnieuw huidkanker was vastgesteld. Dat was eerder dit jaar ook al het geval. Van Vollenhoven laat zich

thumbnail Minder geld dreigt voor publieke omroep

Nov 17th 2017, 18:23, by Door: ANP

Als de reclame-inkomsten van de Nederlandse Publieke Omroep in dit tempo blijven dalen, heeft de NPO in 2019 ongeveer 60 miljoen euro minder te besteden. Volgend jaar kan het gat nog worden gestopt met geld uit een reservepotje, maar dat is daarna leeg.De Ster, die reclamespotjes verkoopt voor de omroepen en daarmee in een kwart van hun inkomsten voorziet, verdient volgend jaar naar schatting 28 m

thumbnail ‘Belangen projectontwikkelaar speelden nooit een rol’

Nov 17th 2017, 18:00, by Het Parool

Micha Mos, bestuurscommissielid namens GroenLinks in Amsterdam, reageert op een eerdere lezersbrief over de bouw van parkeergarage De Nieuwe Plantage. Als een van de GroenLinksers die vorige week dinsdag voor De Nieuwe Plantage stemde, voel ik mij geroepen te reageren op de brief van mevrouw Lauteslager.Het project was voor mij om verschillende redenen een moeilijke afweging, maar de belangen van

thumbnail Te koop: een hobbelpaard gemaakt van een echte pony

Nov 17th 2017, 17:46, by Door: Laura Obdeijn

Zocht u nog een bijzonder Sinterklaascadeau? Dan is het hobbelpaard van Taxidermy Amsterdam wellicht een idee. Dit hobbelpaard is niet van hout, wel is hij gemaakt van een echt paard. Een shetlandpony om precies te zijn, en hij heet Hermès.Sinds woensdag is Hermès te bewonderen tussen de opgezette zebra’s en springbokken in de etalage van de winkel aan de Roelof Hartstraat in Zuid. De shetlander i

thumbnail Bevallen met lachgas in ziekenhuis Amstelland

Nov 17th 2017, 17:42, by Door: Het Parool

Als alternatief voor de ruggenprik, kunnen vrouwen in het ziekenhuis Amstelland nu ook gebruikmaken van lachgas als pijnbestrijding tijdens de bevalling. Zo’n zes jaar geleden kwam lachgas al terug in de verloskamers van het toen geopende Geboortehuis in Amsterdam. In ziekenhuizen werd het middel sinds 2004 niet meer gebruikt, omdat gedacht werd dat het schadelijk zou zijn voor het kind. Maar een

thumbnail Zwarte én witte Piet in Sinterklaasjournaal

Nov 17th 2017, 17:41, by Door: ANP

De Zwarte Piet is terug in het Sinterklaasjournaal. In de aflevering van vrijdagavond kwamen zowel een Zwarte Piet als een niet geschminkte vrouwelijke piet voor. De avonturen van Sinterklaas en zijn pieten zijn sinds maandag weer te zien op NPO3. Het was de eerste aflevering waarin twee pieten werden getoond, die Sinterklaas bijstaan op weg naar Dokkum, waar zaterdag de intocht is. Tot nu toe was

thumbnail AIVD: dreiging Nederlandse jihadvrouwen groeit

Nov 17th 2017, 16:52, by Door: ANP

In Nederland zijn ongeveer honderd vrouwen die een jihadistisch gedachtegoed aanhangen. Daarbovenop zijn sinds 2012 naar schatting tachtig radicaalislamitische vrouwen uit Nederland afgereisd naar het strijdgebied in Syrië en Irak. De dreiging die beide groepen vormen voor Nederland neemt toe, zeker nu het kalifaat is afgebrokkeld en uitreizigers mogelijk terugkeren. Een klein deel is bereid gewel

thumbnail Rij-instructeur moet goed gedrag bewijzen

Nov 17th 2017, 16:30, by Door: ANP

Rij-instructeurs moeten in de toekomst bewijzen dat ze niets op hun kerfstok hebben wat hun werk kan doorkruisen. Het kabinet verplicht hen een zogeheten Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG) aan te vragen. Wie rijles neemt moet zonder angst bij een instructeur kunnen instappen, vindt minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructuur). De minister wijst erop dat rij-instructeurs zelf al geruime tijd klage

thumbnail Justitie eist tot negen jaar cel voor gewapende overval golfbaan

Nov 17th 2017, 16:13, by Door: Het Parool

Justitie wil negen jaar cel voor de drie mannen die in 2015 golfbaan De Hoge Dijk in Zuidoost hebben overvallen. Ook wordt het drietal verdacht van een gewapende overval op het Levantplein en het lossen van schoten in een bakkerij in Almere. Justitie wil de drie mannen verder vervolgen voor wapenbezit, autodiefstal, witwassen en het vormen van een criminele organisatie. De twee Amsterdammers van 3

thumbnail Douane neemt 22 grasparkieten in beslag op Schiphol

Nov 17th 2017, 16:06, by Door: ANP

Op Schiphol zijn 22 grasparkieten in beslag genomen. De vogeltjes zaten in de bagage van een man die het vliegtuig van Amsterdam naar Caïro wilde nemen. Dat mocht hij uiteindelijk, maar zonder parkieten en na het betalen van 1000 euro boete.In de koffer van de reiziger ontdekte de douane woensdag drie grasparkieten en in zijn handbage daarna nog eens negentien. Ze zaten volgens de Nederlandse Voed

thumbnail Eén kaartje voor alle ov in en rond Amsterdam

Nov 17th 2017, 16:02, by Door: ANP

In de hele regio rond Amsterdam kunnen reizigers zonder ov-chipkaart vanaf begin volgend jaar anderhalf uur reizen op één kaartje van 6 euro. In die tijdsspanne kunnen ze gebruik maken van bussen, trams en metro’s van de vervoerders GVB, Connexxion en EBS. Nu moet de reiziger nog per vervoerder een apart kaartje kopen.De Vervoerregio Amsterdam beslaat behalve Amsterdam veertien omliggende gemeente

thumbnail Actiegroep tegen seksuele intimidatie tijdens concerten

Nov 17th 2017, 15:48, by Door: Hannah Stöve

Een kneep in je kont, gehijg in je oor, twintig keer de vraag of je een drankje lust: in poppodia en op festivals komt seksuele intimidatie te vaak voor, vindt actiegroep Say NO Thanks. De groep is opgericht nadat Mabel Zwaan, een van de oprichters, dinsdagavond werd lastiggevallen tijdens het concert van Future Islands in Paradiso. Een wildvreemde man ging tijdens het optreden zomaar aan haar zit

thumbnail Loontjens schreef radiodrama over ongemakkelijke kerst

Nov 17th 2017, 15:35, by Door: Hannah Stöve

Schrijver en filosoof Jannah Loontjens schreef Weihnachten met ­Nefertiti, een hoorspel over een ­verloren vriendschap en een uiterst ongemakkelijke kerstviering. In Loontjens’ radiodrama leren we Anna en Ahmed kennen, die kerst doorbrengen in Berlijn bij een oude schoolvriendin van Anna, Griswalde, en haar vriend Louis. Anna en Griswalde hebben elkaar tien jaar niet gezien en elkaar op wat vlucht

thumbnail Schoenententoonstelling Jan Jansen geopend

Nov 17th 2017, 15:28, by Door: Het Parool

In een driedaagse expositie eren 23 kunstenaars het werk van de legendarische schoenontwerper Jan Jansen (76). Zij maakten allemaal schoenen geinspireerd op het werk van Jansen. Voor de tentoonstelling Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures hebben initiatiefnemers Verstegen en Liza Snook van het Virtual Shoe Museum in Den Haag onder anderen Swip Stolk, Bas Kosters, Jasper Krabbé en Ted Noten ­benaderd. In het

thumbnail Half jaar cel voor Top 600-lid El B. voor wapenbezit

Nov 17th 2017, 15:14, by Door: Het Parool

Crimineel A. el B. (23) uit Diemen is deze week veroordeeld tot zes maanden cel voor wapenbezit en bedreiging van een politieagent. De volgens deskundigen zwakzinnige El B. behoort tot de Top 600 van gewelddadige Amsterdamse criminelen. Hij is bevriend met twintigers die van verscheidene liquidaties zijn beschuldigd, terwijl andere vrienden zelf zijn geliquideerd.Zelf vreest hij al een tijd voor z

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